Kawaii Couple Peco and Ryucheru Do a Style 180° in November’s Numero TOKYO

Harajuku power couple Peco and Ryucheru are showing a different side of themselves in November’s issue of Numero TOKYO, due out the beginning of next month. The pair, that are widely known for their colorful harajuku-kei in all it’s bright glory, are going for a more mature and sophisticated look. The first image released from the shoot shows Peco in a floor length strapless gown with her wavy blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, while Ryucheru is wearing a black velvet suit. This is not the only photo we’ve been able to see of the spread though. Read on to see the photo Ryucheru posted to his twitter and the bts video Peco had posted on her’s.


Do you think that this is a good look for them?

Via ModelPress and Twitter

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    • yacchaitai

      he looks completely different

    • Kon

      Out of curiosity how did these two become famous?

      • Cherucheru

        All i know is PECO became famous first and Ryucheru gain popularity later. I’m guessing it’s intriguing to see Ryucheru as her boyfriend because of his “cherucheru” personality. People do question if they are real lovers. I think they are a cute couple and Ryucheru is pretty entertaining.

        Would you date Ryucheru arama?

        • Bubi.

          Yes, he seems subservient and I have issues with control.

          • Cherucheru

            I can relate :)

      • REMISU

        Variety shows + modeling.

      • cookie_monster

        I think from what I read they are famous because Peco is a fast rising model since she has this cute image with her big-anime like eyes and she also models for one of the famous trend shop boutique in Harajuku called Bubbles. As for Ryucheru, he is Peco’s boyfriend who is also a model who portray genderless-style fashion which is right now are very famous in japan especially in harajuku and there is this new trend that are popular among teenager called genderless-kei or genderless danshi.

        • Cherucheru

          Thank you! this is very informative.
          I remember another model named Peechan who openly genderless and didn’t know they wear the same style as ryucheru lol. What is the term in Japanese?

          • cookie_monster

            Did you mean p-chan from tempura kidz? he is cute, i thought he was a girl at first. Well, from the article i read they use the word genderless danshi to describe them…because i saw a photobook that have toman, yohdi kondo and other genderless-kei icon in it and the photobook write the ‘genderless’ word in katakana so i don’t know if they have other term to describe them since i myself didn’t follow much of this trend. i come across this trend when i was planning a trip to go to japan especially harajuku so i pretty much doesn’t know much about them. this the link to the article i read about them you can check out if you want they also inserted other genderless kei icon in it https://medium.com/@TokyoFashion/genderless-kei-japan-s-hot-new-fashion-trend-9e25a2c559c6#.33nz25mml

    • eplizo

      That look makes him look sooo different lol.

    • i was watching this press conference with him yesterday, which i only clicked because from the thumbnail his face looked exactly like beyonce’s to me?? IS IT JUST ME??

    • Satowwwshi

      Okay ryucheru looks damn DIFFERENT. And he looks sooo good here wow

    • light

      I wouldn’t have recognized him, he looks good like that though

    • pandaapple

      he looks so GOOD like this…damn

    • bailey darbii

      the second coming of Okinawan idols

    • FromTokyo

      No. Looks awkward, like a costume.