Is the “on-mayu” the look of Spring/Summer 2016?

Still hesitating how to refresh your look this Spring? Seems that the on-mayu – short fringe that ends above the eyebrow line – is the big trend for the season in Japan! While both the look and the term is nothing new, with the growing number of stars and fashionistas who decided to cut their bangs short, it is definitely a style worth checking. 

On-mayu, or it full form on-za-mayuge was a term coined in the 90s and spread widely by the pop-singer Tomoe Shinohara, who was also a proud owner of a very short fringe. Its literal meaning is simply “on the brows“. Stylists accept many variations of the cut: straight or asymmetrical, long ones that almost cover the brows and extremely short ones that barely show on the forehead. Depending on your face shape and personal preferences, you can choose the on-mayu look that suits your needs!

Who got the look?

Suzu Hirose might have been the harbinger of the on-mayu revival, when she chose to cut her long bangs shorter last December.

Actress Nana Eikura changed her look just in time for promotion of her newest movie Takahisa Zeze’s two part ‘64‘. On-mayu bangs with a black wavy bob look girly, but classy, complimented by a black, simple dress. Here, she can be seen with the main star of the project Kouichi Sato, after the promotional first screening of the movie. Both look satisfied with the standing ovation offered by the viewers. (Mr. Sato is not following the on-mayu trend, it seems…)

Mirei Kiritani
usually goes with the thick bangs almost covering the eyes or slightly side-parted. One month ago, she also followed the on-mayu trend to the delight of her fans.

前髪切った。いつもより短め。 @araishunsuke @xelha_official   A photo posted by 桐谷美玲 (@mirei_kiritani_) on


Yuko Oshima might be the latest addition to the on-mayu family, as she posted a picture of herself with newly-cut short bangs on Twitter on 22nd of April. Yuko is currently on rehearsals to a stage-play ‘Miyuki‘ with Kousuke Suzuki. The play, written by Osamu Suzuki will be shown in Tokyo and Osaka in May.

On-Mayu + Futomayu

Among the number of fashion icons active on Instagram, Mai Inubushi is the epitome of the on-mayu trend. She is even called the “on-mayu / futomayu beauty” in the media, for her on-the-brows cut and fuller brows. Mai’s career started on Instagram, but now she can be seen also in magazines and fashion shows.

A photo posted by 犬伏 舞 (@mai_inubushi) on

On-mayu + Megane

Take the on-mayu hair, add some round glasses and you will get a cute and a little nerdy look that reminds of Arale from “Dr.Slump“. Here, stylist Shunsuke Arai presents us with his work on Mirei Kiritani‘s bangs. Yes, one of the pains of the perfect on-mayu fringe is that you need to cut it and re-cut it much more often.

美玲バング! 前回より短くしてみた(^ ^) #桐谷美玲 #前髪 #XELHA #シェルハ   A photo posted by Shunsuke Arai (@araishunsuke) on


Suzu Hirose (yet again) with her friend Marie Iitoyo of “Mars” fame. Sorry, which one is which?

Last but not least, Fumino Kimura. The actress for a very long time was faithful to middle parted long hair, until she appeared with a very short, asymmetrical fringe in the drama “Siren” in autumn 2015.

How do you like the on-mayu look?

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    • U

      Lol but Ishikawa Saya (the half model in the banner) has had that fringe for a while.

      I think it’s awful…

    • Ryusei

      As long as it doesn’t look as awful as on natsume this is fine

    • Sou

      I’d like to know Natsume Mito’s thoughts about this style getting popular exactly one year after her debut… poor girl, I genuinely like her… :(

      Mirei Kiritani is definitely rocking this look <3

      • Krys

        Natsume had her music debut last year but she’d been working as a model for a few years prior, so I doubt she had much influence over this becoming a trend now. Her take on this hairstyle is the “extreme Harajuku-ified” version of it; other models who appear in the same magazines as her (like mer) have a similar hairstyle that’s closer to the examples in this article.

    • Gerdy


    • NoName

      Mirei Kiritani’s looks good with it, some people can pull it off while others can’t..

    • Jo

      Gosh this trend is 1 year late. I had the same bang last summer.

    • nothingsover

      Hirose Suzu looks cute with it, and of course Inubushi Mai looks amazing, but I don’t love this look on most people. I think you have to have a small face and be pretty young(looking) to pull it off well.

    • satomilove

      it looks awful on them all. and mirei’s can’t really be considered onmayu since it toouches her brows almost. the look for fringes that is most popular at the moment is the one ishihara satomi and ueto aya have launching

    • Momochan

      Celebrities trying too hard to be trendy and They all end up looking terrible with this bang…
      They were better without this fringe…

    • hotaru hime

      they all look cute and pretty with this new look! i guess it highlighted their facial features and showing the eyebrows made them looked lively. But unfortunately, i doubt this hairstyle is suitable for everyone ;A; it looks good on oval face shape and people with a pretty face… but it’s not at all flattening on square face shape *sobs* (my hairdresser once did that to me by accident and… it was terrible x__x)

    • ponpiri

      It looks cute on people with a reasonably sized forehead. Fiveheads need not apply.

    • ʘ⊖ʘ

      It’s obvious who started this trend though

    • guest

      Such an awkward style. It really only looks good on people with a very specific sort of face shape and most people really can’t pull it off at all. Hope this trend dies quick.

    • lwavesurfer

      Let this trend die.

    • elsupertai

      I like it! :P