EMPiRE, WACK’s new anti-idol group, releases first song for free – kinda

WACK, idol management agency behind BiS and BiSH, has set the big wheel on motion when it comes to their newest group, EMPiRE. The five-member group began as a hooded mystery group that was supposed to reveal their faces only after each member had reached 10 000 followers on Twitter. However, it turned out that some of the followers were bought bots, and the bar was raised to 15 000. Apparently WACK and/or the participating record label Avex realized it was a crappy idea, since eventually the profile pictures for all the members were revealed, even though only one member had reached the goal.

After a few months of quiet and peace, WACK is finally properly launching the group. On October 6th they released a statement declaring that EMPiRE’s first song would be available for downloading and streaming – for free. However, the track, titled ‘EMPiRE IS COMING’, is not quite what one would expect. Instead of the girls themselves performing the song, the lyrics are sung by Junnosuke Watanabe, the producer of the group. He is also credited as the lyricist, collaborating with Kenta Matsukuma. The gimmick is probably annoying the living daylight out of all the fans expecting to see if the vocals match the spooky visuals of the group, but at least the marketing trick did what it was supposed to do – and that is to get the idol community talk about the new group.

The song can be downloaded via EMPiRE’s official homepage or streamed on SoundCloud.

(Via Barks.jp)

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    • maguro part deux


    • SlyMoonFox

      Lmao only one member reached the goal.

      Also what’s the difference of idols and anti-idols. Is the difference only the dark concept or……

      • Me1

        I think it is just the dark concept. They also do crazy shit when performing live.

        The music always seems to be different than Aki-P/H!P/avex idol stuff, doing genres like metal and alt rock, but the gimmicks and members are the still the same as any other idol.
        By members, I mean any of the girls in these ‘anti-idol’ groups could just be just as likely to end up in AKB group.

        I use to really like BiS during their avex era before disbanding, but they’ve probably only reformed to get the money train that BiSH is on, or something like that.

    • yacchaitai

      wow more edgy idols

      • SleepyBojio

        Always preferred them to idols selling the cute fantasy. Yes, they are selling an edgy fantasy here, but that’s more interesting to watch and listen to than the cute fantasy.

    • hasawa

      If they wanted to do something ‘anti idol’ why making ANOTHER idol group to begin with? We’re TIRED.