E-girls, globe, Nakamaru Yuichi, Shimabukuro Hiroko, and More Added to TV Tokyo Music Festival 2017 Lineup

On June 28, TV Tokyo will air its annual mid-year music special, TV Tokyo Music Festival.

The second set of performers has now been announced! LDH’s acts EXILE THE SECOND, E-girls, GENERATIONS, and THE RAMPAGE will perform on the show. KAT-TUN’s Nakamaru Yuichi will sing “Otsukare Sankusu”, his solo song which serves as the theme song for his TV Tokyo drama “Massage Tantei Joe.” Tetsuya Komuro and Marc Panther will perform as globe, in collaboration with SPEED’s Shimabukuro Hiroko. See who else is on the second list of performers below!

Nakamaru Yuichi





globe (Tetsuya Komuro & Marc Panther) x Shimabukuro Hiroko

Thelma Aoyama


Inoue Sonoko

Morning Musume. ’17


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    • nothingsover

      NakaMARU Yuichi!

      LOL it’s funny to see this mistake being made 10 years later. It used to stress him out so much because there’s an actor AND voice actor with the names Nakamura Yuichi (different kanji).

      I got really confused because I was wondering why either of them would be performing at this.

    • sandra ☆

      Nakamura? Nakamuru??

      seriously, arama. this is kinda shitty.

    • Niigy

      WTF like really???? it´s Nakamaru !!! -_-

    • angel223_

      uhm… lol but Yuichi Nakamaru is mistakenly written 3× or more.
      there is google to correct it.

      don’t spread the obvious pls.

    • guest

      I get reading it wrong, but you’re not even consistent, lol.

      I kind of want you to fix just the one on the list and leave the 2 other mentions as they are

    • Bubi.

      yall need to get laid

      • angel223_

        huh!!! do we all need to broadcast that?
        the next time me and my bf will do it, we might get some threesome.😜

        • Bubi.

          yes girl gimme ALL the details!