E-girls announces new album “E.G. Time”

Today it was revealed that girl group, E-girls will be releasing their third album, “E.G. Time” on January 1st. The album will include singles Odoru Ponpokorin (Chibi Maruko-chan OP), Highschool ♡ love (GTO theme song), and Mr. Snowman (CM tie-up song). It will also include special versions of E-Girls’ most popular songs Gomennasai no Kissing You and Follow Me. Thus bringing the album to a total of 15 songs.

The album will come in five versions, CD + 3Blu-rays (Type 1), CD + 3DVDs (Type 2), CD + Blu-ray (Type 3), CD + DVD (Type 4), CD (Type 5). Of Type 1 and Type 2, the discs will contain their video clips + documentary, and part one and two of their COLORFUL LAND Tour. Also the first press edition will include a special remix CD of E-Girls’ RYDEEN.

Please check out the tracklist and covers below!!

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Type 1 + Type 2

Type 3 + Type 4

Type 5

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  1. -Introduction-
  2. E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS-
  3. Mr.Snowman
  4. Music Flyer
  5. Move It! -Dream & E-girls TIME- / Dream & E-girls
  6. Rock ‘n Roll Widow
  7. Highschool ♡ love
  8. Odoru Ponpokrin
  9. Jiyuu no Megami ~Yuvuraia~
  10. Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki!
  11. Again
  12. Chocolate
  13. Gomennasai no Kissing You (E.G. TIME version)
  14. Follow Me (E.G. TIME version)
  15. Kibou no Hikari ~Mirai wo Shinjite~ (Dream & E-girls version)

DISC 2 (DVD/Blu-ray)

– Video Clips-

  • Move It! -Dream & E-girls TIME- / Dream & E-girls
  • E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS-
  • Highschool ♡ love
  • Mr.Snowman
  • Odoru Ponpokorin
  • Odoru Ponpokorin (Animation Clip)


  • 「E-girls LIVE TOUR 2014 “COLORFUL LAND”」Documentary

DISC 3 (DVD/Blu-ray)

– E-girls LIVE TOUR 2014 “COLORFUL LAND” in Nihon Bodoukan 01-

  1. RYDEEN -Dance All Night-
  2. Gomennasai no Kissing You
  4. One Two Three
  5. Diamond Only
  6. Suki desu ka?
  7. Chocolate
  9. Show Me Your Heart
  10. We Can Fly
  12. Only You
  13. Shiroyukihime
  14. Nettaigyo no Namida
  15. Taiyou to Himawari

DISC 4 (DVD/Blu-ray)

-E-girls LIVE TOUR 2014 “COLORFUL LAND” in Nihon Bodoukan 02-

  1. Seifuku Dance Medley
  2. Celebration!
  3. Gurguru
  5. Follow Me
  6. THE NEVER ENDING STORY ~Kimi ni Himitsu wo Oshieyou~
  7. Himawari (E-Girls Version)
  8. E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS-
  9. Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki!
  10. Odoru Ponpokorin
  11. Yakusoku no Basho

BONUS DISC (First Press CD)

  1. RYDEEN -Dance All Night- m-flo Remix
  2. RYDEEN -Dance All Night- DJ DARUMA & CHAKI ZULU Remix
  3. RYDEEN -Dance All Night- Yellow Claw Remix
  4. RYDEEN -Dance All Night- HABANERO POSSE Remix
  5. RYDEEN -Dance All Night- WATAPACHI Remix
  6. RYDEEN -Dance All Night- m-flo DnB Remix


  • Comments

    • sumomona

      i stopped keeping up with them after egirls anthem, any fans have any recs / thoughts on their current momentum/position

      • surfboardt

        Their recent releases as EG has been pretty lackluster tbh. The recent singles from each of the groups EG were good though.

      • Vivaldi

        Odoru Pompokolin had a good Seifuku dance scene. Otherwise I haven’t been very impressed with their recent A-sides. I also wasn’t impressed with Colorful Pop’s A-sides but liked the album overall, so take that as you will.

      • Guest

        I’ll get hate for saying this but E-Girls really have become no different than AKB and family.
        Given that they’re EXILE’s little sister group I had mad hopes in them when they debuted and I absolutely loved 1,2,3 and Rydeen but the rest of their tracks are lackluster.
        If it wasn’t for their dancing and expensive PVs I don’t think they would get half the praise they do.

    • shounenwave

      so this is basically a repackage of COLORFUL POP? This tracklisting looks similar to that.

      • not really. There are only two tracks that repeat from there and those will have probably a different mix with a new instrumental. A little bit repetitive to include another new version of Follow Me, but the Gomenokiss track only had the COLORFUL POP one. Besides those two tracks that are from the previous two albums, there are this year’s 4 singles, 4 of those singles b-sides plus 4 new songs. For those like me whon’t canno’t keep up with also buying their singles and like their songs, the tracklist is quite good. It’s even better than Flower’s first album, that barely had new songs that weren’t previously released.

    • What

      The Rydeen remixes tho..

    • wealthyriver

      Is it Karen on the cover?

      • Dtt Jenny

        look like Shuuka more

      • Midori

        Mhm…I don’t think it’s any of the e-girls. It’s a painting, so I guess it’s just a random female side profile…
        But I LOVE the covers. They look soooo great! <3

    • yanderenightmares

      Yes, they’re releasing in blu ray!!! Kind of want the first press edition.

    • killercroc

      “It will also include special versions of E-Girls’ most popular songs Gomennasai no Kissing You and Follow Me.” follow me?? again??

    • Guest
    • Midori

      GREAT! I’ve really liked their recent releases, so I’m definitely buying one of these versions!!! <3