Domoto Tsuyoshi makes a comeback, KinKi Kids to attend “Dream Festival 2017”

Domoto Tsuyoshi will be returning to the live stage! This comes after 4 months since he has been hospitalized and diagnosed with sudden deafness. Tsuyoshi, who had to pause music activities since June, will be returning to the stage on October 29. KinKi Kids will be attending the “TV Asahi Dream Festival 2017” which will be held at the Saitama Super Arena. The duo marked their 20th anniversary last July 21, but due to Tsuyoshi’s illness, they are unable to perform as a duo. “Dreamfes” will be a good place to repay fans.

Tsuyoshi was hospitalized last June 27. After his discharge last July 4, he has cancelled participation in several music activities such as “SUMMER SONIC” in August, solo “Kyoto Heian Jingu Shrine Live” from Sep 1 -3 and other music show performances. In mid September, he received diagnosis from his doctor and was permitted to resume his music activities.

In addition, fans can also anticipate a new music release from the duo! KinKi Kids new song “DESTINY” will serve as the opening theme song for the “Time Bokan Gyakushu no San Akunin” anime, which starts airing October 7. To ensure that fans can enjoy the opening theme even more, 3 special versions have been prepared for broadcast.

October: Domoto Koichi solo version
November: Domoto Tsuyoshi solo version
December: KinKi Kids version

(via NikkansportsJ-net)

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    • james

      So he’s ok now?

      • WD79

        His doctor permitted him to but we’ll see. It’s almost impossible to recover 100%. He’s actually returning to stage before Dream Fes starting in 2 weeks for his solo recital (Kogiri no Watashi), some sort of fun talk event that he has held annually (though he skipped last year), but the event doesn’t involve live music. And he has already returned for his radio shows and Kinki’s TV show much earlier.

        • I wonder how he gonna handle KinKi’s annual Dome tour this year. Even if he doctor said it is okay, it is okay to handle a live tour with his situation? I’m really worried tho I’m gonna miss his beautiful live voice.

          • WD79

            Let’s just wait and see. This Dream Fes is probably a test to see how well he can handle a 3-hour concert.

    • Mei

      lort, tf happened to tsuyoshi’s face, he needs to tone down the smoking and alcohol

      • WD79

        …How to tone down the alcohol when he’s very bad at it? He can’t even handle 3 shots of glasses.

      • selena

        Tsuyoshi has already quit smoking quite some time ago, and I believe he doesn’t drink much alcohol as well.

      • XIC97

        he said that himself, the face was mostly because of the drugs that he has to take while he’s hospitalized.

        • WD79

          This! Not to mention the years of medication he has had to take due to his previous medical conditions.

      • He didnt abuse both and he has quit smoking for years now. I believe its the hair. He had a short hair in 2015 and he looks 10 years younger. :P

        • houseofshi

          I always like him with short hair. The Bara to Taiyou hair is also cool. Now his hair is longer than mine :P

          • WD79

            That stubborn guy said on the radio that he wants to grow it until the nipples lol!

    • WD79

      In the Oricon article there are comments from both of them. Maybe you’d want to add those as well.

    • I want to be relevant :(

      Welcome back king!❤️

    • Sheila Del Mundo

      This is great news. I can’t imagine not hearing that beautiful voice.

    • houseofshi

      This is great news. I can’t imagine not listening to that beautiful voice.