Did Shirota Yu Come Out as Gay?

On December 17th, actor Shirota Yuu (28) tweeted the statement “I like men more than women” on his personal Twitter account, leaving fans in shock.

Before the tweet in question, Shirota made an annnouncement about the drama that he will star in, but he suddenly made the tweet that could be taken as his coming out as gay. Fans on Twitter were left to speculate the real meaning of the tweet. Was it in character for his upcoming role, or was it some sort of joke?

However, on the same day, Shirora cleared up the intent of the tweet after all of stir it caused, saying he was simply referring to friendship. He stated:

“It was just, while I was drinking I was talking about the friendship of men. I apologize for causing such a stir.”

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    • Luna

      This made me lol

    • ^^

      Oh… that’s why Jin tweeted “男より女が好きです。”

      • Diana’s MovieReviews

        oh please translate it XD

        • “I like women more than men.”

          • Jurippe

            Could be sourness from when Yu and Kuroki had a roll in the hay in Jiu.

            • M. A. E.

              Their bed scene in “Jiu” was THE STEAMIEST scene that I have ever witnessed in a JDrama. EVER.
              …Sadly, it wasn’t even that steamy…=P

              • Jurippe

                That says so much without actually saying anything at all. Perhaps the Japanese tradition runs within your veins. :P

                • M. A. E.

                  …Not really sure how to respond to that…

      • sakura kou

        is jin you mean akanishi

    • Jo


    • Taima-kun
      • _yatta_

        I’m sure it because that “KISS” LOL

    • Ash

      At first I was like ‘Yaaaassss papi’ and then I’m like ‘.. oh.’ :/

    • Ryusei

      well that was anticlimactic

    • snow anaya

      If I didnt have such a crush on him I wouldnt care, but my fuckin heart just jumped when I saw the title of the story. Likee my ass gots some shot at him lol. Hey a girl can dream.

    • crest

      Nice dodge, this way people will only think he is a misogynist. That’s socially acceptable =)

      • snow anaya

        Now that you mention it ….wtf.

      • guest

        “I like (friendship with) men over (friendship with) women” = misogynistic? No.

      • Seekaii

        I like women more than men does that make me a misandrist lol?

    • Me

      Tweet or not, I think he is gay.

    • Diana’s MovieReviews

      I am not that surprised… XD

    • sakura kou

      Nice this way we don’t have to worry about him getting in Prostitution scandal or Shot gun Marriage , Perfect , New Logic stay single and Fuck whoever you want while pretending to be Gay ;3

    • Guest

      No wonder women in Japan , hate pretty men :( …. they all turn out to be Gay -_- !

      I feel sorry for Japanese women , seriously Girls I don’t mind sharing western men with Asian girls , come to our side babies ;)

      • Al


      • Al

        well, some hot Japanese men are actually married to women or have girlfriends, care to explain to me why your theory has any significance?

      • sarah

        You make no sense and I feel sorry for you.

      • Eww

        Japanese men are hot. And you are creepy. If you don’t fix that quick, you’ll never get any girls.

      • OhSnap!

        I do mind sharing this planet with someone as stupid as you. I hope you are a troll

      • Taima-kun

        What are you smokin?

    • morning glow

      Wouldn’t be surprised tbh!!

    • secretly straight

      Nice this way we don’t have to worry about him getting in Prostitution scandal or Shot gun Marriage , Perfect , New Logic stay single and Fuck whoever you want while pretending to be Gay ;3

      • omg

        are you serious? as if there is NO gay prostitution in Japan??

    • Gabrielle Willis

      Somewhere in my innards there’s a laughing troll.

    • sparkling

      Well…that was some news to wake up to.

    • Bell

      Shirota is quickly becoming king of non-news. What unimportant revelation will he share next?

      • OhSnap!

        he has always been the king of irrelevancy tbh

    • omg

      HE IS GAY but can’t admit it because Japanese society won’t allow it. Come to think of it, he’s hardly in any dating scandal. And even if he marries a woman now, I still believe HE’S GAY.

      • guest

        HE’S GAY. All in CAPS mind you. HE’S G.A.Y.

      • A

        Everyone knows Oda Yuji is gay (like, even Japanese TV reported how he invested in “lots of property in the Castro area of San Francisco” lol) and yet he is married and with a baby

        • Geeboo7

          Really?! Anyone else?

    • Seekaii

      I don’t think that’s what he meant. I think he means that he likes men more than women when it comes to social stuff sort of like the way I like women more than men.

    • OhSnap!

      And no one would be surprised

    • l3012

      Gay or not, always one onf my teenage crushes.

    • eplizo

      lmao I wouldn’t be surprised if he was.

    • guest

      Yu tweeted while drunk, but it’s nice to know he has strong friendships with his male friends. :)

      Even though this was a false alarm, good on Japan for seemingly being very supportive of Yu if he did actually come out. Over 35,000 retweets and 27,000 favorites? I like this direction. Maybe closeted Japanese celebrities might feel more encouraged to come out publicly.

    • christinanolanXD

      Ah fuck.
      Still think he’s gay tho lol

    • trufax

      Now that just sounds a tad sexist