The short version of new single from EDM trio DANCE EARTH PARTY entitled “POPCORN” has been released to the official Avex YouTube channel.

The unit DANCE EARTH PARTY is part of EXILE USA’s solo project DANCE EARTH and bridges EXILE TRIBE with new E.G. Family as a mixed-gender group. EXILE USA is joined by EXILE TETSUYA as a performer and Dream Shizuka as vocalist.

EXILE USA commented, “This single is filled with songs to be performed on “DANCE EARTH FESTIVAL”. As the title of the new song suggests, this song is created with the idea ‘burst like popcorn and release a power.’

With previously released digital single “Wave” as a coupling track, DANCE EARTH PARTY’s single “POPCORN” will be released August 30 in 3 versions: CD, CD+DVD and a 500-yen CD version.

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    • zephyr

      Eh, song is mediocre.

      I still can’t believe that Dream is actually gone tbh. Like… they had been around for 17 YEARS and that’s it? No farewell single/best album/last tour as Dream not E-girls before they departed? And to think that Ami, of all members, has the most flourishing solo career is just kinda sad :/

      • Ikr ! No last memory of those gals sucks
        To me Ami was the least favorite member as a vocalist /dancer .
        I wished Aya was more popular though :(

    • Anita

      Not only EXILE TRIBE, “” started the new formation as the family of the girls groups.
      The members of DANCE EARTH PARTY belong to two groups working as a bridge between both.
      You will feel happy just by listening to the new song “POPCORN”♪