Daichi Miura Releases Short Lyric Video for New Single “music”

On June 17, Daichi Miura is set to release his 18th single, “music.” This single is part of his 10th anniversary celebration. “music” will be released in 3 editions: 2 CD-DVD editions and a CD only edition. One of the CD+DVD editions will have the music video for “music”, while the other will have the choreography video.

Daichi recently released a short lyric video for “music.” It’s a happy midtempo song, which is something new for him. The video features him and some friends just hanging around on a rooftop. Check it out after the jump!

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    • I’m a big Daichi Miura fan. I can hardly wait for the MV and choreo video! The songwriter is probably STY. He’s been tweeting about this song. And my guess is that the lyrics are written by Daichi himself. People you see in the video are s**t kingz (Shoji, Oguri, Kazuki, Noppo), Puri, Shota and Daichi’s hairdresser. I guess they are also dancers for the MV except the hairdresser. This year Daichi kept saying he wants challenge and start something new just like he did last year. He also said his theme for this year is positiveness. So this must be one of them. 2015 marks his 10th anniversary since his solo debut. He will start his fan club concerts soon. No announcement about his tour is released yet. But he said he’s planning various events for this special year. Daichi will be on “Music Festival on Wednesday” this week (third time) and is schedule to perform on
      “Music Japan” on NHK soon. He is finally appearing on NHK. I’m so happy for him.