Crystal Kay signs to EXILE’s agency, LDH?

Recently, on an EXILE Mobile post, EXILE leader and LDH president, HIRO, confirmed that Crystal Kay signed to his agency in October. While not officially confirmed in news or their website, many have taken this as an official confirmation. This is not the first time that Crystal Kay has collaborated with artists from the agency. In 2013, she sang on the Dance Earth Party single Inochi no Rhythm. Also J Soul Brother’s ELLY backdanced for the singer pre-debut, during her 10 year anniversary tour.

Crystal Kay is a J-pop female soloist who made her debuted back in 1999 under Sony but switched over to Universal Music Japan in 2011. It should be noted that one’s agency is seperate from one’s label. So while LDH will manage her activities in Japan, UMJ will distribute her music.

Check below the cut to see EXILE HIRO’s blog post, as provided by Twitter user @Weselan33!

Today I held a brief meeting about each artist’s songs and then I attended Crystal Kay’s welcome party!

I think many people have known that.
Crystal Kay joined LDH since October. She is a new member of LDH now (^^)
She is so talented and I am really happy that she can join us here in LDH.
With these carious “chemical reactions”, I started to be really excited now at the thought of a more glorious LDH.
She is not only gifted with all the talents but she also is a great person.
Crystal Kay has a very awesome personality!!
I think she is really the artist who is perfectly suitable for LDH!
So I am pleasant that I can share dreams with her in the future!
She has already created many famous songs, but I still hope that we can keep working hard together to aim at a better stage!
Hope all the fans can enjoy and get excited together! (^^)

Crystal Kay fans and LDH fans alike are excited to see the new addition to the agency. Popular Twitter accounts that distribute LDH news have also announced it for Japanese fans.

We at AramaJapan will update you on more information as it becomes available!

Source, via Weselan33

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    • Bad Kid

      get it girl!!!

    • Sarah Mendoza

      YAS !!!
      Go girl !

    • Fey

      Nooooo. LDH has always struck me as a terrible company when it comes to handling female artists. Kana, Love and Cassis all ended up biting the dust and Shionoya Sayaka can’t even sell 10k copies of her singles.
      I hope they prove me wrong and resurrect Crystal’s career but I’m not keeping my hopes up.

      • yacchaitai

        Shionoya Sayaka is so good and terribly underrated. Do they promote her at all?

        • they do try having her involved in promotional showcases and such all over the country, and King Records seems to treat her well too. It’s all a matter of audiences.

          Kana’s project never kicked off, to start with. While it was more disatsrous they could never handle to make famous someone like NaNa or Cassis, but then, I must admit groups like Cassis had never have it easy in Japan.

        • Guest

          They do but their promotions suck just as much as Avex’s. All they do is hold lives in small avenues across the country. That’s not gonna get her anywhere anytime soon. She needs to go on variety shows, talk shows, morning shows, music shows, appear on magazines, perform at big events and festivals, stop by radio stations, etc. etc.
          Stans are gonna say otherwise but LDH really doesn’t know how to get their artists out there. Aside from EXILE, Sandaime, E-Girls and maybe Flower the rest of their groups and soloists aren’t doing great, nor are they relevant to the general public.

    • iGleaux

      Hopefully he can get something done for her.

    • Guest

      Maybe she gets some actual promotion now.

    • semperINA

      LDH takes priority on the EXILE related groups. So, I don’t really see anything happening for Kuri. :(

    • Vanora

      To be frank, I don’t think LDH is good at managing female artistes…

    • Seekaii

      Torn because LDH strikes me at having bad management but I love Crystal Kay

    • Navin

      LDH is a huge company with a lot of clout right? I can’t really see the downsides to this move, because LDH music is already up Kuri’s alley and there’s the possibility that she’ll get to promote alongside of EXILE. At least she’s doing something.

      • Guest

        LDH is not a huge company at all. On the contrary, it’s very small, young and not quite as influential as other labels but I agree with you. If they attach EXILE’s name to everything she does and make her promote at their concerts that will help put her on the map again.

        • Navin

          Aha, I always thought they were big because they’ve become a brand like Johnny’s and AKB, like there are certain traits that are associated with “being a LDH artist”. But as you said, maybe not that big of a brand.

        • Exile_Girl

          LDH is huge because of the EXILE related acts

    • whateverwha

      That’s great for her!
      Edit: well, after reading the comments…not really lol :-/

    • Diana’s MovieReviews

      Yes yes yes yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! Great news!!!

    • kazu_no_ko

      I think this could be a nice change for Kuri. She was doing what she wanted in the U.S. and maybe LDH will give her the opportunity to do what she wants in Japan while fine-tuning her image. One of the biggest problems with Kuri’s management team is that they don’t know how to package her for consumption and I think that hurts her ability to be as successful as her late 90s counterparts. She’s clearly blessed with outstanding vocals (I’d love her and Atsushi to do a song together.), beauty, charisma, and all that other good stuff, but all this seems lost on her previous management teams.