Crystal Kay and Namie Amuro make a ‘REVOLUTION’ in new full music video

As reported before, Crystal Kay will be releasing single, ‘REVOLUTION‘. This release has been gaining a lot of attention due to the collaboration with J-pop queen, Namie Amuro. And today, they have released the highly anticipated music video.

To further drive home the theme of empowerment, the video features about 500 women surrounding the two songstresses, fist pumping to the beat of the song. We also get to see Namie and Crystal dance together, in this beautiful, dream collaboration.

According to the source, Crystal Kay worked out and practiced prior to the photoshoot. Hence why fans were seeing glimpses of her in the gym and after dance sessions on instagram. According to Crystal it was because she didn’t want to drag down Namie and therefore tried her hardest to keep up. In total the video took 12 hours to shoot and looking at the end product, it was definitely worth it.

Don’t forget to check out the video below and tell us your thoughts on it!

via Natalie

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    • I was afraid Crystal Kay would look huge next to Namie, and she does…. but she looks and sounds amazing in the MV.

      • mak

        namie is extremely tiny even for japanese standards. there’s an infamous picture that 2ch always posts in namie threads where she posed with speed when they debuted and she made those girls who were 12-15 at the time look HUGE even though they weren’t that much taller than her.

    • Not special at all.

    • Guilherme Teruya

      Very beautiful video, they look gorgeous.

    • Gabrielle Willis

      The song is pretty good, but the video was okay at best.

      Still, you keep it up Crystal. I don’t really listen to your music, but I’m rooting for you. I’ve known about her since middle school; I’m in my early 20’s now and it’s a shame to see that she’s still on her journey for a debut. Especially when her voice, music and lyrics have more originality and flare than most top Oriconer’s do in Japan- at least from what I’ve heard. The level she’s currently at ain’t bad: doing a collab with Namie isn’t something to sneeze at, yet Crystal deserves a lot more than what she currently has.

    • Tommy

      For me, the video makes the song so much better than when I first heard just the audio. Makes me wanna scream “YAAASSSS QUEEENS!!”

    • eplizo


      • Ohh, you changed your picture!

        • eplizo

          Lmao yes! It was long overdue. I just get so lazy nowadays to change stuff like avatars for some reason lol.

    • I know it’s technically Crystal’s song with Namie featuring, but…looks, feels, and sounds like a Namie song tbh. (Which may be why Ronald doesn’t like it, haha.)

      • I’m not a fan of generic EDM in general, hence why I’m not fond of LDH anymore.

    • pondloso

      So disappoint with this song .

    • I hoped for something better… the song has some fine parts, but as a whole it is just not good and catchy enough.

    • Jo

      The song is okay, a bit underwhelming for me.

    • yanderenightmares

      Was Crystal’s last single a success?? I don’t remember the rankings for it.

      • mee-KE-le

        No, it wasn’t. But remember that she’s not a top tier act and that her previous physical singles barely crack the top 200 or didn’t chart at all (like Forever).
        Kimi ga Ita kara charted at #27 which is more than good for her. This one will definitely chart higher since some Namie’s fans will buy it too.

        • yanderenightmares

          Are you talking only about physical ranking?

          • mee-KE-le

            Yes. Kimi ga Ita kara did good digitally (and entered the daily top 10 more than once), but unfortunately we don’t know the numbers since it hasn’t been certified.

            • yanderenightmares

              I see. Thank you. I’m glad she did good digitally.