ONE OK ROCK’s documentary to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray disc

It has been revealed that ONE OK ROCK’s documentary film ‘FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM‘ will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray disc on November 12th.

The film followed their ‘Who are we?? Who are you??‘ tour in Europe and Asia and had a limited 3-week theater release starting May 16.

During filming, director Hiroyuki Nakano took inspiration from his favorite manga beck ‘BECK‘, a story about a boring young boy whose life gets turned upside down after he becomes friends with a wild American boy in a rock-and-roll band. Nakano wrote:

“When I got into music comic series called ‘BECK’ and read them from cover to cover, I thought it captured a sense/feeling of young band members who were strongly influenced by music so well and at the same time it made me feel the music is great. I hoped one day a Japanese band is embraced in overseas with their music.

And now, it becomes true and is happening in front of me in greater scale. A fan of ONE OK ROCK communicates each other through Facebook and builds their own network in each their country all over the world. This phenomenon is beyond my imagination.”

(Via Natalie, ONEOKROCK)

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    • l3012

      I feel weird for not being interested in them at all: listened a few songs, found some of them cool but not enough to follow their releases or know more about the members.

      Might see this just to understand better the boom.

    • Barbara Duarte

      its great that it’s got english sub :) my japanesse isn’t that great.
      right now i’m really exited about everything thats got anything to do with
      them. I’m going to their live in Argentina and Brasil :D

    • eplizo

      I reallyyy want to watch this.