Nikkei Entertainment Releases Its Concert Mobilization Power Ranking for 2016

Every year, Nikkei Entertainment magazine releases a series of rankings which arrange celebrities in various fields according to familiarity and interest. Later in the year, the magazine also releases a ranking based on concert attendance in Japan, ranking acts based on the overall amount of people whom attended their performances over the course of the year. This ranking is based on seating capacity for venues, not necessarily tickets sold.

Nikkei Entertainment made the decision to include fanmeet events in the totals this year, breaking with tradition.

That being said, Big Bang topped the ranking this year with 1,859,000 attendees at 60 concerts. They were followed by Arashi with 939,000 attendees at 32 concerts. Third place went to Kanjani8 with 875,000 attendees at 35 concerts.

Check out the rest of the ranking below!

Nikkei Entertainment Concert Mobilization Power Ranking 2016

1. Big Bang / 1,859,000 attendees / 60 concerts

2. Arashi / 939,000 attendees / 32 concerts

3. Kanjani8 / 875,000 attendees / 35 concerts

4. Momoiro Clover Z / 636,000 attendees / 21 concerts

5. Sandaime J Soul Brothers / 634,000 attendees / 13 concerts

6. Hey! Say! JUMP / 546,000 attendees / 36 concerts

7. Kis-My-Ft2 / 543,000 attendees / 11 concerts

8. EXILE ATSUSHI / 501,000 attendees / 12 concerts

9. AAA / 489,000 attendees / 30 concerts

10. Oda Kazumasa / 467,000 attendees / 49 concerts

11. EXO / 465,000 attendees / 20 concerts

12. Shinee / 458,000 attendees / 25 concerts

13. GENERATIONS / 444,000 attendees / 40 concerts

14. DREAMS COME TRUE / 422,000 attendees / 29 concerts

15. Perfume / 397,000 attendees / 20 concerts

16. Kobukuro / 358,000 attendees / 30 concerts

17. Himuro Kyosuke / 354,000 attendees / 7 concerts

18. BUMP OF CHICKEN / 349,000 attendees / 7 concerts

19. iKON / 341,000 attendees / 30 concerts

20. Kinki Kids / 339,000 attendees / 17 concerts

21. THE YELLOW MONKEY / 328,000 attendees / 41 concerts

22. SEKAI NO OWARI / 325,000 attendees / 27 concerts

23. Hamada Shogo / 315,000 attendees / 27 concerts

24. 2PM / 307,000 attendees / 17 concerts

25. NEWS / 301,000 attendees / 18 concerts

26. Nishino Kana / 294,000 attendees / 36 concerts

27. E-girls / 279,000 attendees / 21 concerts

28. Nogizaka46 / 259,000 attendees / 28 concerts

29. Namie Amuro / 257,000 attendees / 63 concerts

30. back number / 246,000 attendees / 50 concerts

31. ayaka / 246,000 attendees / 21 concerts

32. Naoto Inti Raymi / 240,000 attendees / 59 concerts

33. Fukada Kohei / 237,000 attendees / 158 concerts

34. Ayumi Hamasaki / 233,000 attendees / 36 concerts

35. Hikawa Kiyoshi / 227,000 attendees / 126 concerts

36. UVERworld / 203,000 attendees / 41 concerts

37. Bodan Shonen Dan / 201,000 attendees / 16 concerts

38. Sexy Zone / 198,000 attendees / 21 concerts

39. THE ALFEE / 189,000 attendees / 56 concerts

40. CNBLUE / 187,000 attendees / 18 concerts

41. Nana Mizuki / 186,000 attendees / 6 concerts

42. Golden Bomber / 171,000 attendees / 51 concerts

43. HKT48 / 161,000 attendees / 165 concerts

44. GLAY / 154,000 attendees / 47 concerts

45. EXILE THE SECOND / 147,000 attendees / 29 concerts

46. Seiko Matsuda / 147,000 attendees / 13 concerts

47. Morning Musume. ’16 / 144,000 attendees / 70 concerts

48. AKB48 / 141,000 attendees / 289 concerts

49. Superfly / 139,000 attendees / 11 concerts

50. Hata Motohiro / 138,000 attendees / 26 concerts


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    • Ryusei

      AAA has grown so much I’m so proud of them.

    • Midna

      Ronald, you accidentally wrote Arashi twice xD

      • yacchaitai

        arashi doing so good they taking 2 spots out of top 3

        • oh yes


      • ミカ♡( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)✧

        They had an arena tour at the beginning of the year and an upcoming dome tour so it’s probably separated for that reason lol

        • guest

          #3 is actually Kanjani8 lol

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Looks like Kanjani8 should be number 3.. xD

    • Guest

      HKT again demostrated to be the queen of the 48 groups when it comes to concerts.

    • honey girl

      Kana got more venue capacity than Namie….what type of travesty? Kana is literally an irl Jiggypuff. Did she use a marker to wake them up after the first song???

    • Nikkei

      Unless Nikkei did mention it and something more is going on, we should understand that they are including Domes in the same department as small venues, plus the 48 groups have theatre concerts (which I believe count on this list).
      Namie Amuro did very well considering most of her 60 concerts were on small venues and still she was able to attract 250k people, for example.
      BIGBANG basically only performed on the biggest venues and continue to demonstrate their power in Japan (of course they are on their 10th anniversary, but they have only released 8 new songs) – compared to other K-Pop acts, they did far better, specially considering the other ones on the list constantly release new albums and singles and they also attract foreign public (well, mostly Korean).
      Nogizaka46 are basically the only ones that make me confused here – they don’t do theatre concerts, as much as I know, so… Compared to the 48 groups, what does their success mean? Are they doing better? I don’t understand (nor do I really care to think about it, so if anyone wants to justify their success, feel free to do so).
      So, in conclusion, I think the list really translates how big each act is, with some exceptions here and there. Plus, we have to consider small venues for it to make more sense.

      • pk@fire

        1. Theater concerts don’t count. They’ve been frank about that in the past, the reason why the count is so high is because they do live house tours around the country.

        2. Fan events count, but the number for all 46 48 are basically just their live house events – their count hasn’t really changed from last year which is strange? So they’re using a definition for fan meets they’re not releasing

      • Kanjo Maru

        Nogizaka did a 16-show arena tour this summer. They do it every year but a little bigger this time, I think. They also have Budokan booked for 5 days in December which I believe are already counted (even though I’m 100% sure the last day won’t be using anything near capacity)

      • Ahmad Ridwan

        nogizaka is the thing in female idol scene right now. they toured a lot, so the number is justified.
        also 28 concerts with 290k attendants make it an average of 11k per concert. that numbers aren’t that great to be honest not to mention the real sales are probably only 70-80% of that number.
        so not to be confused, those numbers are just expected of how well nogizaka doing these days

    • FrozenSoul

      Things to note:
      1) This is not the exact number of tickets sold
      2) Estimation based on optimum venue capacity
      3) Estimation included shows that have not even started yet (Nov & Dec shows)
      4) Fan events with shows are included (scroll down)

      And as I’ve mentioned somewhere else, real capacity needs to consider layout (main stage, hanamichi, sections to be blocked for acoustic quality, etc) as well. Have you seen how elaborate some stages are/were? Big main stage, plus long and many hanamichis. Just imagine how many seats can be lost.

      Available tickets = Optimum capacity – seats lost from production (i.e layout)
      Tickets sold = % available tickets (i.e 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%)

      People who knew me from JPC knows I can get the real numbers, but of course ethically I can’t expose anything anymore (I already received warnings, hence why I’ve been staying under the radar nowadays).

      As BB is #1 on this list, so I’ll take that as EXAMPLE. Right now if we just take Ticket Pia (there’re some other ticket agents, but just for a perspective), it’s already ippan hatsubai & there are still many tickets available:

      Please note it take many rounds of tickets selling before you reach ippan hatsubai (eg: If you can’t sell during ippan hatsubai, good luck on convincing smart people over your sold out claim. Furthermore, if there are still many available ippan hatsubai tickets with ticket agents (Pia, Lawson, eplus, CN, etc), you actually can get cheaper tickets from the resellers such as (of course this is morally challenged)

      How I wish JRA or Nikkei or others could stop taking money so that the public could have some legit references for once. Sadly corruption & shady interventions are too ingrained in their way of life. Soundscan, JRA & Nikkei are just few examples. There are more.

      • Guest

        lol i knew you’d be around with this

      • pk@fire

        Most fan events weren’t even counted properly, or at least that’s how I’m reading it.

        There’s no real good singular source either, even if they weren’t taking the money, lol

      • If anything, it seems like things are getting shadier rather than more transparent. It looks like a lot of the industry is trying to cover its ass and keep up appearances.

        • FrozenSoul

          Yes, sadly… in every corner of Japan; politic, business, entertainment and so on.

      • An arashian, not a BB fan

        BigBang fans here are posting pictures proving their sold out concerts though:
        Their tickets are probably cheap in Japan but they filled the domes anyway. Their hanamichi and staging didn’t look that elaborate either? The fan meets capacity was also not that much, just 300k. I agree with you the numbers are inflated and inaccurate but the calculation also shows BB still getting top spot by booking big venues.

        • Not Bb fan
        • :)

          ..and both Arashi and Kanjani8 would easily get top spot had they held big tours instead of small arena tours. Like I understand talking about BB doing dome tours which is cool, they can get people to come to their concerts but they’re so hung up on them being #1 when it literally doesn’t mean anything lol

          • Not Bb fan

            Well…being #1 is pretty noteworthy even for a group that has topped a lot of sales rankings for years like Arashi. It is something to be proud of. Unfortunately some ignorant Bb fans belittle other artists with their inflated number.

            • :)

              How is it “noteworthy” when all this ranking tells you is how many tickets an act could theoretically have sold this year? Someone could book enough venues to hold 2mil attendance and then sell like 20% of those tickets, would you still consider that “noteworthy”? Now I’m obviously not saying BB did that, but the only reason they are #1 is because they happened to have the biggest tours (and fanmeets). All it means is that they potentially had the biggest number of tickets available this year. Again I’m not implying they’re not popular or that they can’t do concerts, just that it’s very meaningless to talk about them being #1. I would say the same if Arashi or Kanjani was #1 and people tried to brag about it (although I doubt that would’ve happened).

              • Not Bb fan

                Sales is sales and based on calculations excluding the inflated numbers + fair estimations, they still topped the ranking. Their achievement is pretty justified. To me it’s not a big of a deal if fandoms celebrate their faves slaying #1 even if it’s just stupid internet polls. I guess our level of tolerance differs.

                • :)

                  ..Yes, they topped, and…? I just don’t see the point in celebrating and bragging about topping a meaningless ranking, but then again, I’m not a kpop fan.

                  • Not Bb fan

                    ..and they mobilized a hella lots of people to see their concerts in Japan. I’m not a kpop fan either but, while this ranking is inaccurate it’s not meaningless. If their #1 is meaningless, so is Arashi’s #1 sales ranking. We aren’t ignorant kpop fans who can’t see through Avex media play and inflated numbers but take the shadiness away, the demand for BigBang is there. It’s common sense to expect some celebratin’ (not bragging). Tolerance.

                    • :)

                      I’m not trying to discredit Big Bang, I’m not saying they aren’t popular or can’t mobilize people, all I’m saying is that this is a very useless and pointless ranking that has very little informative value. If it ranked, idk, % of available tickets sold, Id see some point in it but literally all this tells you is the amount of concerts an act had and the kind of venues they did them in. Sales rankings are different because you can choose to have ten concerts in Tokyo Dome (it’s a different story whether or not you should, but if you have the money, you can) but you can’t just decide to sell 300k albums or whatever, someone actually has to buy them (or the gimmick that comes with them). I’ve said multiple times I would say this even if a Japanese act topped the list because, like I said, it’s POINTLESS. You genuinely sound like one of the OH Big Bang fans who picked up a few things from the J-section people lol. Anyway I’m done with repeating myself, if you genuinely wish to believe it’s somethin incredible to top this ranking feel free to do so.

                      • :)

                        I’ll just tl;dr this for you since it will probably make it easier for you to digest: I have no problem with them celebrating BB’s touring success. I have a problem with them going on and on about them topping an irrelevant ranking and saying stuff like “even if you combined 2 and 3 they’d still be number one”. I have a problem with them not understanding what this ranking actually measures and just losing their shit about being #1.

                      • Not Bb fan

                        Then we are on the same page lol.

                      • Not Bb Fan

                        I’m not saying you’re discrediting them either, nor did I ever said its something incredible. Simply its natural to be proud of your faves getting #1. I think the data is helpful so the ranking does has some meaning. Its not actually pointless for marketing people especially studying the numbers and eliminating some factors.

                      • :)

                        You literally just told me to “take the shadiness away” lol but seriously, whatever floats your boat.

                      • Not Bb fan

                        Aiya.. “take the shaddiness away” meaning calculating off the inflated numbers lah. Like, they still tops by 125k, not the media play 920k difference.

                      • :)

                        I may have spent a bit too much time in the kpop section reading about someone being “shady” LOL

        • FrozenSoul

          This apply to any act, for mid-range and big-range venues such as arena, dome and stadium, 60% and above capacity can already look full as the lottery system was designed to distribute crowd randomly and evenly. While it’s a good thing because we’ll get a nice image, it’s mainly for safety reason just like passengers distribution on a plane to balance the plane. For venues, it’s part of fire and safety regulations, so that if anything happens, the crowd can disperse safely and evenly. It was also why BABYMETAL couldn’t have their signature mosh pit circle at Tokyo Dome, which disappointed their many foreign fans (and criticized by foreign media). Still, Japan is a disaster prone country, so a rule is a rule.

          As for the stage figuration, there’ll be around 25% capacity difference between end-stage and center-stage because end-stage will not just eat up the arena space but also all the stands behind the stage (I use Jo-hall image just for example).

          And this percentage can increase depending how front you want the stage to be (probably for closeness reason or based on your tickets selling track records). This was my answer when some people approached me before and asked why 2 different acts with the same end-stage but the venue from act A looked bigger than act B, or why different shows of the same act at the same venue with the same stage figuration but the photo from show A looked bigger than show B. Stage and lighting perception can give you that illusion. The only way to actually see this is from the production venue plan or fly a drone on the stage and see how it looks from above. You can’t really see it from recording camera or audience perspective.

          Yes, BB is still #1 (see my other reply).

          • Not Bb fan

            Thank you :). I’m not certain BB’s concert layout whether its end-stage or centre-stage based on the pictures but if it’s Tokyo Dome, there’s no end/center since it’s diamond shape. The possibility to fill up TD is easier since it’s central. Not sure what’s their situation with other domes/stadiums.

            • FrozenSoul

              For Tokyo Dome, it’s always end-stage. You can google its image and see the stages for some concerts were really pushed back in order to increase the capacity as optimum as possible and for some concerts the stages were moved to the front according to the productions (sometimes just a bit, sometimes almost horseshoe-like shape). From my own experience, using its space is not really a problem, but not all act can 100% filling it out. As I mentioned before, it (or any big venue) can already look full if you manage to fill over 60% of the space evenly and that’s all you need to gain profit as there’ll be also profit from the merchandise. Profit margin for popular acts can be higher though, usually they can fill in above 75% depending on the show day (public holiday or weekend or weekday). It’s usually above 95% during weekend/public holiday for the majority of the acts, you gotta love Japan for its LIVE culture.

              • Not Bb fan

                Yeah Tokyo Dome stage pretty much the same position. Thanks again for the info :)

              • Are you saying that by filling 60% of the capacity they already earned a profit?

                I once heard that Tokyo Dome concerts always resulted with losses. I wonder which one is true.

        • Ashley

          Tickets are pretty expensive for BB. I went to yesterday’s Tokyo dome concert and the tickets were ¥12,000 a peice. And the concert was definitely sold out. I was actually surprised.

          • Not Bb fan

            Not really a surprise imo being its weekend and in Tokyo. How about concerts outside of Tokyo or did they had any?

            • Ashley

              They are doing a six venue tour. Tokyo is the first stop so we will have to wait and see.

              • Not Bb fan

                Thank you :)

          • FrozenSoul

            First day, finale, weekend and public holiday tickets are the most sought after. I don’t really like finale shows though because it’s usually the recording day (my face is too valuable LOL), but people always offer me the finale passes/tickets.

      • monica_monami

        “People who knew me from JPC knows I can get the real numbers, but of
        course ethically I can’t expose anything anymore (I already received
        warnings, hence why I’ve been staying under the radar nowadays).”

        ^ i surely am so very interested in the real numbers instead of the estimation of the whole venue capacity. you don’t hv to reveal the numbers but i certainly would like to know how valid is the list at least for the top 3 ^^ would it change the ranking? I doubt it since BB has like 60 ne compare to 32 and 35.

        • FrozenSoul

          Sales number can be obtained either from the organizer/promoter association or the labels/agencies. For raw data, compilers such as Billboard or Forbes can pay the association to obtain it, you need to pay for most things in Japan, just like how you have pay for a complete list of Oricon charts. I’m not a compiler, so I have no proper list as I can only get how many X act sold for Y show/tour from the labels/agencies (indirectly, LOL. I’m not a staff, someone else normally leaks them to me) and the numbers are latest/to-date numbers. To make story short, for any act, if they still have shows before the end of the year, yes, the gap between estimation and real number is pretty big (plus other reasons I mentioned in other reply). As for BB, yes they’ll still #1 but the number is not crazily high at the moment, though avex (YGEX) will use this list for their future narratives. They already use the 1 mil applications information few days ago. Actually many acts receive over 1 mil applications during the lottery period, it’s a norm (applications =/= how many people), someone close to me received that many for only 80k spots as well, but musicians/bands tend not to glorify this information. It’s a double-edged sword actually, at least for the fans/public, because agencies/labels who use this to mediaplay would have records in the open, meanwhile it’s hard to backup/defend those who don’t bother.

          • monica_monami

            I see, thank you for the explanation:D

          • Not Bb fan

            “As for BB, yes they’ll still #1 but the number is not crazily high at the moment, though avex (YGEX) will use this list for their future narratives.”

            Based on your info, I’m going to do some maths :P

            1) Big Bang
            1,859,000 – 300k fanmeet x 75% capacity x 75% tickets sold = 876,938 attendees

            2) Arashi
            939,000 x 80% capacity x 100% tickets sold = 751,200

            Difference = 125,738. That’s pretty significant when compared to the whopping 920,000 difference being media played.

            “They already use the 1 mil applications information few days ago. Actually many acts receive over 1 mil applications during the lottery period, it’s a norm (applications =/= how many people),
            I saw someone posted that in that in the OH thread and never knew lottery applications numbers is a thing.

      • Reileen

        can you spill who is doing Osaka Kyocera Dome Countdown this yr? lol jk

        My friend is a BB fan who was thinking of going to their JP cons but is hesitating bec she heard it was hard to get tickets. But I’m like, girl…if you know how to do the tricks to get Johnnys tickets, it isn’t gonna be harder to get BB tickets. BB fans have that notion tho so I shut up instead.

        • Ashley

          I’ve been in the FC for 5 years now and have never had an issue getting tickets to their concerts. Unlike my 5 years in Arashi’s where I’ve only gotten tickets twice.

          • Reileen

            you’re an FC member of? BB?
            I’m not an FC member. I think most overseas fans of Johnnys who are not in the FC or can’t hit, usually get their tickets thru online resellers. But of course, you have to know someone in JP who can help you, bec you have to bid for the tickets and have it sent to a JP address.

            • Ashley

              I am in both Big Bang’s and Arashi’s fanclubs.
              The online resellers really mark up for Arashi so I refuse to buy them. Since it’s because of the people who join the FC just to resell the tickets that make it so hard for real fans in the FC to get them.

    • monica_monami

      Fanmeeting is considered concert now huh. YG succeeded to mediaplay how big BB in japan, making it look like BB is bigger than Arashi. Should i congratulate them? XD

    • Reileen

      bruuhhh KAT-TUN is not even on there, I’m pretty sure their 5 Dome dates can ensure >200K attendees, even if based on capacity alone.
      that’s all i care abt bec I got to attend lmao

      • monica_monami

        damn this list is inaccurate then.

      • me

        and we didn’t even wanna go home no matter how many times the announcer told us that the concert is over on last May 01, 2016! XDDDD

      • Yui223

        im a hyphen too but if kisumai has 543,000 / 11 con…. i think 200k in 5 is impossible… unless every up there in accurate..

    • kamben is here

      “42. Golden Bomber / 171,000 attendees / 51 concerts”

      LOL, for real?
      It always seems to me that they got so much more people coming to their concerts, srsly.

      Whatever, I’m happy to see their name on this ranking.

    • MJBeatles

      It is very hard to believe a group like BigBang can sell out over 900,000 seats in Japan when their musical sales don’t prove anything at all…. Still doubtful even though Japan is a live-loving nation….

      • Overseas fans. I would love to see the breakdown as far as how many Japanese people are actually seeing them.

        • MJBeatles

          I mean I understand BigBang is popular in Korea and world-wide. No problem there…. But even with the overseas fans…. Considering BigBang is already holding concerts overseas…. When was the last time they released a Japanese single? #2010 And it did horribly on charts too….

    • mikochan

      Really?not Arashi? can’t believe

    • lymli

      glay the pride of visual kei, ayumi hamasaki that’s why she cancelled live cos of “feeling bad”, I’m surprise the millions sellers akb48 are flop where are their creepy old men?

    • MJBeatle

      Well, first of all, the pictures that I posted are the pictures from a BigBang fan during BigBang’s Fukuoka Dome Concert on December 9th, 2016 (said that the seats for 2nd level were pretty much empty during the concert as it is shown in the picture)…. Also, it appears that their concerts on december did not reach a sell-out status…. So when this kind of scenario is counted as a full capacity seating, you know that it’s nonsense….