Perfume Preview New Single “If you wanna” in Ora2 CM

Earlier this week, Electro-pop trio Perfume announced they their plans to release a new single on August 30. Titled “If you wanna,” it will be the group’s 24th single overall.

The song will be used as part of the advertising campaign from Sunstar’s oral care and body product line Ora2, which gives three different settings their line of products could be useful. A-Chan shows off the “CITY” taking public transportation, Kashiyuka is in charge of “TRAVEL” with her suitcase, while Nocchi becomes an office lady for the “OFFICE” segment.

The CM’s visual aesthetic takes on a flip-book approach, carefully planning out each member’s motions for 19 frames of each of their 2 second individual scenes.

Check out the new CM below to hear a snippet of “If you wanna“!

Perfume’s 24th single “If you wanna” will be released on August 30 with coupling track “Everyday” which is being used as the image song for the latest line of Panasonic washing machines.

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    • Sounds like a Kyary reject, she needs it after that sad excuse of a last single. They honestly need a new producer, Nakata hasn’t had a good song this year except that bucky bang girl’s single and album, Ken Hirai’s song too if we’re feeling messy

      • starlightshimmers

        Houseki no ame is amazing.

      • Bubi.

        He has to have some sort of blood oath to keep his artists from dabbling with other producers. I’m STILL waiting on that KYARY x SOPHIE song.

        • Just Tim

          LOL at such ‘blood oath’ exaggerations, to the point Howard Carter, engaging in necrophilia with King Tutankhamen, is rather credible to believe. And yes, Howard Carter was best known for kickstarting The Curse of King Tutankhamen.

          If anything, a Japanese version of American rap’s battles need to happen between Daisuke Asakura and Yasutaka Nakata, just to reawaken Nakata’s creativity.

          I just do not want for Nakata to become Japanese pop music’s version of Naoki Maeda, an overworked videogame musician during his time with Konami/J-pop producer back when BeForU was around.

          • Bubi.

            I wasn’t exaggerating. I actually believe Nakata is into some freaky shit and made a deal with the devil. Blood was involved.

            • Just Tim

              Bubi., please. While you believe in spiritual red herrings, I bet you did NOT know that the Book of Revelation was pretty much a politically hijacked book. The so-called Number of the Beast was actually the year Rome was planned to be burned down. And yes, I’m a *Roman* Catholic.

              Also, the fact that Lust is the easiest mortal sin to be forgiven was actually part of an integrated religious AND political movement to absolve pre-Crusades Englishwomen for cucking their own men with the Vikings.

              Also, it’s as if you never heard of the term “blood brothers”.

    • H

      Haven’t been impressed with them in 4 years. I want better music for them, they deserve it.

    • Welp

      Why do a lot of Japanese commercials and TV music shows look like they belong in the early 2000s?

      • ???
        • Welp

          Not hating, just curious

      • Bubi.

        Japan used to be more visually inspired with the West but their stylistic taste diverged and sort of stagnated. I quite like it though, it makes me feel nostalgic with its creativity over glossiness.

        • starlightshimmers

          You’re acting like the West isn’t stuck in the mid-2000’s with the Kim Kardashian clones and the music shows which all look like Simon Cowell creations.

          • Bubi.

            Except I’m not acting like that at all? I’m talking about commercials Bye.

    • Brett
    • samaheux_1013

      A shitty song that will end up on a shitty single coupled with a shitty B-side, priced at ¥2,400.

      R E T I R E A T L A S T

    • Owari Konoyono

      Orally, “Ora2 TO DEKAKEYOU”.
      In document, “Ora2 TO DEKAKEMASYOU”.
      Japanese is difficult.