“Code Blue” Returns for 3rd Season after 7 Years

On March 10, it has been announced that the 3rd season of “Code Blue” featuring Tomohisa Yamashita, Yui Aragaki, and Erika Toda will air during the Getsu 9 slot starting this July.  Yosuke Asari and Manami Higa have also been announced to reunite.

The series began in July 2008 depicting young men and women aiming to become doctors part of the “Doctor Helicopter” system.  After a 1-episode special, the 2nd season aired from January 2010, making this new season a 7-year reunion.

The 5 main cast members were up-and-coming when the series began, but they have grown to become leading-class actors.  Yamashita commented, “I’m very happy to be able to get together as 5 again, and to be able to play Aizawa’s role once more.  I hope to be able to show my growth to everyone.  The ‘Doctor Helicopter’ system first deployed 14 aircrafts but that number will go up to 50 next month, and I’m honestly very happy and proud to have been able to spread awareness of these doctors through this drama.  I hope to be able to contribute more through this new season.  I will put in everything I have.”

Additional cast members including roles of new juniors will be announced at a later time.


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    • TruthSpeaker

      Cant express my happiness over this news.. Looking forward to season 3. Hope it will be much more exciting than the previous seasons…

      • MyNameIsFire

        Is that even possible? LOL, the Special and the two seasons were hair-raisers.

    • Chae

      I see what fuji tv doing so desperate for ratings and save getsuku slot- have Yamapi again and again, this time seems stronger they also have Gakky and Code Blue series is a hit. Good luck. I want good script and they will fine.

    • Jurippe

      Holy shit, I’d watch the shit outta this.

    • An_dromeda

      finally yamapi’s drama is here!!!! and i love code blue .. even the OST of the drama is awesomeee

    • TY JH

      I’m so excited!!! >< I miss yamapi as Aizawa Sensei<3

    • Guest

      Code bluee!! I really love all the cast. My first and favorite medical drama.

    • Goi

      7 years? LOL

    • ollamolla

      Sooooo exciteeeeed! So happy to see yamapi and erika in the same dorama again.

    • light

      Sounds like they are desperate for ratings lol oh well, i liked code blue, it could be nice =)

      • Geku

        They should be desperate. Getsuku is a valuable brand and their ratings have dropped a lot. I think besides getsu9 getting 5% ratings, their Saturday drama slot and smapxsmap fill ins are looking abysmal as well.

        • light

          Yeah, i don’t know about the drama but didn’t the new show get something like 3% rating? That’s awful

        • Which drama get 3/5% in ratings? :O This is Gatsu9 we’re talking about. Not midnight drama. No wonder they’re panicking.

    • Reileen

      Suprisìng this was announced even before the next getsu9 airs
      Dr Yamapi and the troop is back! I can’t believe the rumors came true lol
      If the rumors follows thru, it’s a Kimutaku drama for the fall getsu9 after Code Blue 3

      • Geku

        Hopefully they won’t give up on romance genre but I don’t want another poorly written storyline like Tsuki no Koibito or Cain&Abel

      • guest

        Kimutaku after Yamapi?wow. really?what happen with getsu9 and johnny’s?lol

    • Buzz

      I haven’t watch both season of Code Blue before but it seem a drama with a very strong reputation ( high ratings + good reviews ) I ‘m excited to start watching it before season 3 will air on screen.

      • TruthSpeaker

        please watch the first two seasons.. I liked both,. they were well made..

        • Buzz

          It’s already on my watch list :))

    • rez

      seems attempting for getsu9 revival with Yamashita’s brand and gakky is one of the most popular female actress now and toda seems to be working in movies and drama sps only ,after SPEC series she needs a good drama comeback

    • Karen Khoo

      WOWWWW my fav trio! Yamapi, Gakky & Erika Toda

    • Step Rivera
    • shohoku

      I’m so so happy and excited about this. I watched both seasons just a few months ago – the end always felt uncomplete and that had me rewatch the show at least three times. The characters are well written and it was a good mix between medical dorama and character background story. Even most of the smaller character had a background. One of my favorite dorama – looking forward to watch this.

    • Key

      Code Blue is one of my favorite drama. I can’t believe this news

    • MyNameIsFire


    • yurisakura


      Really hope the script would be good. And a teeny bit more hints for Aizawa x Shiraishi? Coz its been 7 years they can’t all possibly not think of romance at all, even if they’re doctors. Gah pleasee I need Yamapi x Gakky <3