UVERworld and TWICE Top the Streaming Charts for the Week of 7/12 – 7/18

Hello Arama! Japan readers and welcome to the second edition of our streaming charts! Notice that I said “charts” and not “chart”, because something new has been added this week! Last week, we debuted with just LINE MUSIC, but this week we’re adding YouTube!

There are some things to note about YouTube. Since it is a free service, unlike the other music charts we post, it’s going to be a bit different compared to the other charts. And as was noted by readers last week in regards to LINE MUSIC, YouTube views are sometimes manipulated.

Check out the new and improved Arama! Japan streaming charts below!


1. UVERworld – DECIDED


3. TWICE – TT -Japanese ver.-


5. Inoue Sonoko – Namida

6. KANA-BOON – Baton Road

7. Dream Ami – Kimi no Tonari

8. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

9. UVERworld – RANGE

10. Non – Aliens


1. TWICE – TT: 4,127,309 total views

2. TWICE – Signal: 2,023,449 total views

3. TWICE – Like OOH-AHH: 1,701,215 total views

4. Ono Masatoshi – depature! (TV size): 1,693,549 total views

5. Hoshino Gen – Koi: 1,624,943 total views

6. Yonezu Kenshi – Peace Sign: 1,527,179 total views

7. Sawano Hiroyuki – UNICORN: 1,506,804 total views

8. TWICE – KNOCK KNOCK: 1,493,274 total views

9. BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last: 1,482,284 total views

10. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You: 1,261,653 total views

  • Comments

    • What

      For youtube views, does this chart only count videos that have the full version up or will it count the short versions as well? I also couldn’t find official videos for departure and unicorn, is it because it’s blocked outside Japan?

      • Lemon

        It uses content ID recognition (that is also used to remove illegal uploads) to track “total views” of videos that use all or part of a track including official videos, live videos, fan videos, and commercials

        • What

          Woah, I didn’t even know that was a thing

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      I think Line Music shows a pretty good representation on what the youth are listening to. I noticed a lot more people around me are starting to stream and if they’re not using that 3rd party app (which ngl I use too LOL) they’re using LM. I guess the familiarity of Line really helps.

      • Guest

        What is the 3rd party app? Is the one where the cover art is in a circle? Cause I see Japanese people streaming from it ALL THE TIME in social media (including songs that are not available for streaming) and I have no idea what that is lol

        • cheng xiao’s forehead

          LMAOO yes. the cover art is in a circle and it rotates. and i use it for songs that arent available for streaming. its called music fm but i think it finally got deleted out the app store. these type of apps get deleted eventually but there will always be a new one out thats similar lol

          • Andre Perez

            LOL I was shook when I saw Japanese people streaming Mr. Children from music.fm. There’s a music.fm available for iTunes internationally but it is not the same as the one in Japan judging by the lack of Japanese songs.

    • DT

      interesting that GENERATIONS went from having 6 songs in the top 10 for LINE down to just having 1 song. Obviously only the past 2 weeks charts have been posted, but first impressions so far makes it seem rather volatile.

      • The chart flucuates a lot. GENERATIONS released their new album and listeners were about it the week it was out. The second week it was out, listeners had moved on.

    • Anita

      Actually the movie with “Sora” as the theme song is still being screened.