TV Drama Ratings (July 19 -27)

Another week of updated Jdrama ratings!  Check out the latest chart below.

Summer 2017 JDrama TV Drama Ratings
TV St Time Drama 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ave
Fuji TV Mon, 9pm Code Blue 3 16.3 15.6 15.98
Fuji TV Tue, 9pm Bokutachi ga Yarimashita 7.9 6.5 7.29
TBS Tue, 10pm Kanna-san! 12.0 12.6 12.26
NTV Wed, 10pm  Kahogo no Kahoko 11.6 10.8 12.0 11.47
TV Asahi Thur, 8pm Iryu Sousa 4 13.1 8.8 10.9 11.48
TV Asahi Thur, 9pm Kurokawa no Techou 11.7 12.3 11.96
Fuji TV Thur, 10pm Cecile no Mokuromi 5.1 4.5 4.8 4.83
NTV Thu, 11:59pm Nou ni Sumaho ga Umerareta! 3.7 3.8 4.2 3.90
TBS Fri, 10pm Hello Harinezumi 10.3 7.6 9.11
TV Asahi Fri, 11:15pm Aino Kekkon Soudanjo
NTV Sat, 10pm Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai 11.2 9.1 8.5 9.69
FUJI TV Sun, 9pm Keishichou Ikimono-gakari 8.9 7.2 6.0 7.5
TBS Sun, 9pm Gomen, Aishiteru 9.8 10.0 9.5 9.79
NTV Sun, 10:30pm Aishitetatte, Himitsu wa Aru 8.2 8.7 8.40
2017 Taiga Onna Joshu Naotora
Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day %
1 1/8 16.9 11 3/19 13.7 21 5/28 13.2 31 41
2 1/15 15.5 12 3/26 12.9 22 6/4 12.1 32 42
3 1/22 14.3 13 4/2 13.1 23 6/11 12.3 33 43
4 1/29 16.0 14 4/9 12.9 24 6/18 12.4 34 44
5 2/5 16.0 15 4/16 14.4 25 6/25 12.3 35 45
6 2/12 14.5 16 4/23 13.7 26 7/2 12.4 36 46
7 2/19 12.9 17 4/30 11.0 27 7/9 12.4 37 47
8 2/26 13.4 18 5/7 14.3 28 7/16 12.0 38 48
9 3/5 14.0 19 5/14 13.6 29 7/23 11.9 39 49
10 3/12 12.5 20 5/21 14.5 30 40 50
1-10 ave 11-20 ave 21-30 ave 31-40 ave 41-50 ave
14.67 13.41 12.33
Annual Average: 13.53%


  • Comments

    • jking

      In spite of the low ratings, I watched Bokutachi ga Yarimashita yesterday and I found it really interesting. Too bad it isn’t picked up for english subs.

      • rshina

        bokutachi ga yarimashita is great, I really hopes a lot of people watch it more. the acting for the actor is great too

      • Selma

        I have been looking for subs everywhere to no avail 😭😭😭 really wanna watch it with subs, bokutachi ga yarimashita is already hilarious and great even without understanding everything but I want the subs

    • I dont know whether it is intentional or not but I found Code Blue 3 to have more humor than the other 2 earlier seasons. I live for all the ‘side-eye’ Aizawa gave to the interns and his constant sarcasms to them made me lol or how he psycho them with his words. I cant believe how useless they are tbh. I truly enjoyed the 3rd seasons so far which is great since I’m not even a fan of the writer. :P

      I love that Aizawa did Cardiac tamponade surgery in the ambulance — something different this time around. I need more of those in the future episodes. 8D

      • An_dromeda

        ahhh i havent watched it yet.. any sub available online?

        • You should! The 3rd season is great so far with more humour which I didnt expect at all. I didnt watch it with subs since I understand like 75% of it but the subs did fill some of the blank that I missed. Good thing Babyshazam provide the subs for the 1st episode already so you can check it out. I thought no one will pick the project but so far, we got 2 subbers interested with it.

      • miraikuru

        I really like it too. and Aizawa is really harsh to the new intern, but they’re so useless, someone really need to do that. the others just too kind

      • ennie

        My understanding is it is a different writer for this season…someone else might be able to confirm that.

        • Yes, it is a different writer this time around. The original writer is Hayashi Koji of the Iryu: Team Medical Dragon fame (which basically the best medical Jdramas I have seen from Japan :P) but somehow I dont mind the change since I really enjoy the season so far. I need to see more medical procedures or surgeries so hopefully she will give us more in the coming episodes.

          • ennie

            Ah, I’m not into medical dramas tbh, I thought the gold standard was Shiroi Kyoto. I have seen Iryu, I enjoyed the cast and the plotlines there…I could have done without the shirtless surgery-jitsu scenes in the sunset though, ha.

            • Yes yes Shiroi Kyoto will be the standard for medical dramas in Japan — even the Korean version is fairly popular as well. But when I mean best medical dramas, I mean in term of medical procedures/surgeries shown in it. Iryu has plenty of it (the surgery was shown for real instead of shooting it from far or above) while Shiroi Kyoto has more politic plotline.

    • yamakita

      I wish the Taiga genre would die, but NHK is probably too proud to let that happen. There hasn’t been a real hit since Ryoma.

      • pondloso

        Why ? it great always good and base on real history
        they should not let it a go at all.
        they still keep a lot detective and medical why should they let Taiga die?

        • Mayanee

          Many people who like Taiga think that the last Taiga were not historical enough and rather care about showcasing actors.
          Inoue Mao’s Sugi Fumi was pushed into every scene in Hana Moyu.
          Sanadamaru was awful since it pushed Nagasawa Masami’s largely fictional character into every scene and since it bashed Otani Yoshitsugu’s daughter an important young woman Sanada Yukimura cared much about. Sanada Nobuyuki’s important wife Ina was also bashed.
          Sakai Masato also didn’t fit the Yukimura role at all if you compare to Kusakari Masao in Sanada Taiheiki.
          Naotora is mostly about village characters.
          Also actors in their 40s playing teens and Taiga reusing/recycling many costumes from older productions.
          It’s no wonder why the ratings aren’t good.

          • pondloso

            well i agree with you but over all ratting of tv are drop
            and taiga it always have fictional mix in for a long time
            but it still much better for a lot of drama for me
            we have boring stupid push in actor/actress every season
            why should we give away a drama like taiga.

    • Selina

      I don’t understand such low ratings for bokutachi ga yarimashita, originality always gets punished in dramas, it is really good, funny and has great acting, it hooks you from start to finish, I hope more people would give it a chance

    • Kojima Yuka

      I really love Kahogo no Kahoko, even I just watched 2 eps but it’s really entertaining for me. I like the expression of Kahoko when she was curious about something that she never experienced. I definitely watch this dorama per episode till the end *beside Code Blue 3*

    • Liokt

      I’m watching “Gomen, Aishiteru” only because of Tomoya Nagase. Among the protagonists, he’s the only character who doesn’t piss me off… Not talking about acting, the characters themselves are pretty dumb, ugh… But he’s (Tomoya) still the best actor in it imo (and he looks soooo good, an amazing ikemen).

    • ryoko

      Kurokawa no Techo is really good and I’m watching it raw! Hoping some kind soul will sub it m(_ _)m
      Never an Emi Takei fan but she’s amazing in it. Just googled it and its a remake of Yonekura Ryoko hit drama in 2004. I need to watch that too but where???