TV Drama Ratings (Aug 4 -Aug 13)

Another week of updated Jdrama ratings!  Check out the latest chart below.

Summer 2017 JDrama TV Drama Ratings
TV St Time Drama 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ave
Fuji TV Mon, 9pm Code Blue 3 16.3 15.6 14.0 13.8 15.12
Fuji TV Tue, 9pm Bokutachi ga Yarimashita 7.9 6.5 6.6 5.8 6.78
TBS Tue, 10pm Kanna-san! 12.0 12.6 10.1 9.3 11.06
NTV Wed, 10pm  Kahogo no Kahoko 11.6 10.8 12.0 11.1 12.1 11.52
TV Asahi Thur, 8pm Iryu Sousa 4 13.1 8.8 10.9 10.8 10.1 11.13
TV Asahi Thur, 9pm Kurokawa no Techou 11.7 12.3 10.9 10.7 11.47
Fuji TV Thur, 10pm Cecile no Mokuromi 5.1 4.5 4.8 4.4 3.8 4.55
NTV Thu, 11:59pm Nou ni Sumaho ga Umerareta! 3.7 3.8 4.2 3.0 3.7 3.68
TBS Fri, 10pm Hello Harinezumi 10.3 7.6 6.6 4.8 6.7 7.36
TV Asahi Fri, 11:15pm Aino Kekkon Soudanjo 5.1 3.6 4.35
NTV Sat, 10pm Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai 11.2 9.1 8.5 9.4 8.0 8.7 9.21
FUJI TV Sun, 9pm Keishichou Ikimono-gakari 8.9 7.2 6.0 5.7 6.6 5.3 6.72
TBS Sun, 9pm Gomen, Aishiteru 9.8 10.0 9.5 9.2 9.4 9.61
NTV Sun, 10:30pm Aishitetatte, Himitsu wa Aru 8.2 8.7 9.2 8.0 8.5 8.49
2017 Taiga Onna Joshu Naotora
Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day %
1 1/8 16.9 11 3/19 13.7 21 5/28 13.2 31 8/6 10.6 41
2 1/15 15.5 12 3/26 12.9 22 6/4 12.1 32 8/13 12.0 42
3 1/22 14.3 13 4/2 13.1 23 6/11 12.3 33 43
4 1/29 16.0 14 4/9 12.9 24 6/18 12.4 34 44
5 2/5 16.0 15 4/16 14.4 25 6/25 12.3 35 45
6 2/12 14.5 16 4/23 13.7 26 7/2 12.4 36 46
7 2/19 12.9 17 4/30 11.0 27 7/9 12.4 37 47
8 2/26 13.4 18 5/7 14.3 28 7/16 12.0 38 48
9 3/5 14.0 19 5/14 13.6 29 7/23 11.9 39 49
10 3/12 12.5 20 5/21 14.5 30 7/30 11.3 40 50
1-10 ave 11-20 ave 21-30 ave 31-40 ave 41-50 ave
14.67 13.41 12.23 11.30
Annual Average: 13.32%


  • Comments

    • AoZora

      I don’t know why code blue’s rating is going down..

      • I dont understand either as the drama just keeps getting better each episode. Episode 3 was soo good. Though I dont really enjoy Episode 4 so much as it was pretty much depressing though it is still good. :P

        I cant believe they give Hiyama a love line with a married patient! I’m starting to doubt the writer despite I was impressed with her for the past 3 episodes. >:( But I like the part where the script is saying how a doctor’s smile can heal a patient’s heart as it is so true. Aizawa keep giving us a smile this season which is awesome as we cant even see his teeth in the past season lmao

        • AoZora

          I have watched only 3 episodes and so far it’s good.. Let’s see what happens next.. :)

        • pondloso

          I really hate writer for give hiyama this kind of love develop
          first ep she throw aizawa into shiraishi and now she just destroy all of hiyama team hope.

          • IKR. Why she is so into giving everyone a loveline? I dont mind the subtle scene but then when she gave Hiyama too I was like ?????!!

            lol I dont think she throw Aizawa into Shiraishi as the ‘interesting’ part could be how Aizawa finds Shiraishi interesting as she still write her wish on Tanibata strip despite being an adult. Or he just find livesaving team (including Shiraishi) as interesting as brain surgery . I dont really mind that as it could mean 2 different things. But I really thought the Hiyama thing is unnecessary. Pairing her with Shinkai would be more interesting imo.

            • pondloso

              in girlchannel the love thing is big negative for 3 season
              that why rating not so good i’m not surprise judge from past work of the writer.

              • The reception of the new season is actually pretty awesome. Its FujiTV best dramas in years.

                Here more information on it:

                Translation by Babyshazam

                • pondloso

                  Thank you happy for them i don’t like 1-2 season much but 3 season really good for me.

                  • I enjoyed the series since I just love medical dramas in general. I thought season 2 is better than season 1 and with how things are going at the moment, I think season 3 will be better than season 2 as well.

                    I just watched the new episode this morning, I cant believe the writer did that! :(

                    • pondloso

                      if you talk about saejima…that it really surprise and in the bad way for me
                      fujikawa even say that “why it happen to her first the love on and now kid”
                      i cant understand what point you get for kill they kid?
                      if writer want to talk about pain is not more than enough
                      from a lot of thing that happen in last ep?
                      but i really like the ending when i just though it will be boring if that kid heal
                      every thing just turn upside down with hand trembling.

                      • The writer has to kill the baby as I believe Tachibana & Mitsui’s boy would be saved later with a heart transplant — you know how dramaland works, there have to be a sacrifice. >.>

                        I know Code Blue has a lot of death and unfortunate events since S1 compared to other medical dramas out there but they give Haruka TWICE. I mean whyyyyy~!!

                        Aizawa desperately wants the girl to be okay, his face says everything — I guess he needs good news after what happened to Fujikawa & Haruka. But then her hands trembled, I say NOOOOOOOO for him lol. I dont want him to go through Hiyama route in S2 with the lawsuit and all. OTL I thought E4 is depressing but E5 is even more depressing. :P

    • Himi Tsu

      Keishichou Ikimono-gakari’s rating are pretty low. I quite like this drama to be honest. It’s light and interesting. It’s not the best detective drama out there, but it merits better ratings :o

      I started Bokutachi ga Yarimashita, but the first episode left me o_O . Probably not my type of drama. Too bad because part of the cast is pretty good. Will still give it a chance with episode 2 :)

    • I havent start Gomen, Aishiteru yet but I think I will now. I hope it is as good as the Korean version since its been quiet a while since I last shed a tear while watching a drama.

    • goingtojpn

      Ep. 1 of Kahogo no Kanoko left me like MEH since the girl, while being in college, seems like a little girl, mental and physically. But it got better and better and I found myself laughing out loud and overall, enjoying this dorama very much.

      • REMISU

        Agreed! I thought it’d be a mediocre drama, but I think it’s one of my favorites out of the summer dramas!

    • buta_neko

      I’m so glad Kahogo no Kahoko has been having good ratings. Takahata Mitsuki’s acting has caught my eye since I saw her acting for the first time in A Restaurant with Many Problems (apparently she sings very well too!). Her portrayal of Kahoko is definitely beyond my expectations and I look forward to each episode every week. I’m also impressed by Takeuchi Ryoma’s portrayal of Mugino in the show. At least there’s someone fresh and different; I’m tired of seeing another Yamazaki Kento!

      • ennie

        She sings sometimes in commercials she’s in too, I liked the JP Insurance one.

      • rs34

        But YamaKen is active in mostly movies. How come you are tired of seeing him? 2 hours of movies 3 times a year is only like 6 hours..

        Or do you mean you are tired of seeing good looking love interest in Jdrama? So you want normal looking love interest for the heroine?

    • yurisakura

      Code Blue keeps getting positive articles and the measure of satisfaction is high too, comparable to even NigeHaji.

      Hopefully with ep 6 having an intense accident on location, the ratings increase. I love drama but I love the thrills and intensity Code Blue has to offer.