NGT48, D-LITE (from Big Bang), and Wild Speed: Ice Break Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 4/10 – 4/16

This week, NGT48 topped the Oricon single chart with their debut single “Seishun Dokei”, selling 160,271 copies in its first week.

D-LITE (from Big Bang) topped the Oricon album chart his new mini album “D-Day”, selling 38,016 copies in its first week.

The “Wild Speed: Ice Break” soundtrack topped the Oricon digital album chart, selling 3,454 copies in its first week.


1. [NEW] NGT48 – Seishun Dokei: 160,271

2. [↓1] Keyakizaka46 – Fukyouwaon: 36,558

3. [NEW] After the Rain – Anti Clockwise: 34,396

4. [NEW] After the Rain – Kaidoku Funo: 34,010

5. [NEW] Mai Kuraki – Togetsukyou ~Kimi Omofu~: 29,846

6. [NEW] GENERATIONS – Taiyou mo Tsuki mo: 23,037

7. [NEW] Mimori Suzuko – Saki Wafuhana: 17,025

8. [NEW] SOLIDEMO – Happiness: 14,213

9. [NEW] Takahashi Yu – Road Movie: 14,138

10. [↓5] Nogizaka46 – Influencer: 11,090


1. [NEW] D-LITE (from Big Bang) – D-Day: 38,016

2. [-] Sandaime J Soul Brothers – THE JSB WORLD: 19,068


4. [↓3] Superfly – LOVE, PEACE & FIRE: 46,293

5. [NEW] Kato Miliyah – Utopia: 9,337

6. [NEW] Various Artists – “Wild Speed: Ice Break” Original Soundtrack: 6,769

7. [NEW] Base Ball Bear – Kougen: 6,408


9. [↓3] The Chainsmokers – Memories…Do Not Open: 5,661


Digital Albums

1. [NEW] Various Artists – “Wild Speed: Ice Break” Original Soundtrack: 3,454

2. [↓1] The Chainsmokers – Memories…Do Not Open: 1,978

3. [-] Superfly – LOVE, PEACE & FIRE: 1,748

4. [-] Various Artists – “La La Land” Original Soundtrack: 1,653

5. [↑x] Justin Bieber – Purpose: 1,395

6. [NEW] Kato Miliyah – Utopia: 1,375

7. [NEW] Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.: 1,251

8. [↓6] Sandaime J Soul Brothers – THE JSB WORLD: 1,108

9. [↑x] Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops & Hooligans: 1,028

10. [↑x] D-LITE (from Big Bang) – D-Day: 980

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    • wow

      so cool that f&f is called “wild speed” lmaooo

      and LMAO at ngt’s sales. that’s gotta be the lowest debut sales for 48 groups that debuted after AKB’s break in 2010 right?

      • Ryusei
        • Kanjo Maru

          “48 groups”

          • Ryusei

            don’t act like 46 groups are anything different it’s the same franchise, the same guy behind it it’s the same

            • Kanjo Maru

              Don’t act like they’re the same.

              Akimoto is on the board of both projects but 46 is Sony’s pet project and ran quite differently. Akimoto is also now producing a theatre troupe and a Seiyuu/music group and they’re not anymore 48G for having him.

              48G means something very specific and involves a lot of interaction and cooperation between group members and fans that 46 aren’t a part of. I could demonstrate easily but I’ll spare you. The relevant point is that, as a rival group, Nogi didn’t have the same fan backing as sister groups, so that’s why I wouldn’t compare their debut with xxx48s

              • Ryusei

                one of nogizaka46’s first promos were through watanabe mayu’s little drama that accompanied her first solo single. It’s the same concept the same type of name etc. I get it you’re a fan of them while i’m not but come on lol

                • Kanjo Maru

                  Yeah, I’m a fan, and yeah there have been collaborations but there really is a lot involved in the name 48G.

                  They’re always in AKB CDs always on AKB shows always at AKB concerts and all AKB events. AKB have had one or two events without sister group collaboration (though the “kennin” are still there) but that becomes news, on the other hand any collaboration with Nogi/Keyaki is news. If they were a sister it’d be the lack of collaboration that was news.
                  Collaboration itself doesn’t mean much either, otherwise Idolling and Morning Musume would be 48G. With the same staff, the same managers, the participation in the same events and virtually all of them at that, the same activities (things like theatre shows), “48 group” has a lot of meaning behind the name.

                  Yet some feel like being a large group with a number at the end of their name and one guy on both management teams (who in 46’s case is still influential but not very active and not the final say) makes them the same despite none of the above being true. That’s leaving out a lot of minor things and showing the reverse (what 46 does that 48 don’t).

                  And no one confuses this any more. You still see the rare overarching term “AKB48-related groups” (AKB48関連グループ or similar) but even the media has (finally) caught on. Get with the times :P

                  But, anyway, most importantly is that the fans are different. Yes, there’s crossover, but Nogizaka’s debut sales being less than NMB’s and HKT’s (despite being between and close to those two) wasn’t indicative of a decline in AKB’s power at the time, just like Keyakizaka’s debut wasn’t a sign of any kind of resurgence. And that’s why I brought it up in the first place. NGT’s are comparable and indicative of AKB’s declined power.

              • Then explain Sakamichi AKB…

                • Kanjo Maru

                  It’s a collab. They happen with other groups, too.

                  If you actually look at Sakamichi AKB it conveniently explains the difference in 2 ways.

                  First, actual sister groups were in the same CD but it wasn’t a collab it was just business as usual. They had members in the main song, their own songs as B-sides, their members in other songs (as AKB48 members) and participated in the promotion events in the single (including handshakes and photo events). A select number of Sakamichi members participated in one song but did none of the other things, and far from business as usual it was huge news, like with Morning Musume.

                  Second, the song had 18 members, 6 from AKB, 6 from Nogizaka and 6 from Keyakizaka. But the 6 “AKB” members had two members from AKB sister groups (Miyawaki Sakura from HKT, who admittedly also holds a position in AKB and Matsui Jurina from SKE who doesn’t).

                  If Nogizaka or Keyakizaka were sister groups they would have their own songs on AKB singles regularly, would participate in AKB’s handshake events working to increase AKB sales at cost to their own, they would participate in the election and other similar events every year. If they were part of AKB’s empire they wouldn’t participate as a *collaboration* because their participation would be normal.

                  That said, I’m not saying they’re as distinct as say AKB and Momokuro and Morning Musume are. But rather my point is that, even if they are related, “48 Group” has a very specific meaning and the things it describes don’t apply to the two 46 groups, thankfully.

    • Ryusei

      Anyone have an idea why generations’ sales are so low? Is oricon not counting smth anymore?

      • K

        Oricon doesn’t count “as much” bulk buying.

      • Are

        How much was Gene previous 1st week sales number? 50k?

    • Nervi Taralin

      Congratulations to After the Rain sob sob im so proud they can sell this much without any advertising, in another world where xxx48 doesn’t exist, they’re number 1 😂

    • some people only talk about xxx48 because they overtake their favorites in this stupid oricon list.
      then they rage on SNS. xD