Mai Kuraki and BUMP OF CHICKEN Top the Digital Singles Charts for the Week of 5/3 – 5/9

This week on Recochoku, Mai Kuraki stayed on top for the third week in a row with “Togetsukyou ~Kimi Omofu~.”

On iTunes, BUMP OF CHICKEN topped the chart with their new single “Ribbon.”


1. Mai Kuraki – Togetsukyou ~Kimi Omofu~

2. Che’Nelle – Destiny

3. Nishino Kana – Pa


5. Austin Mahone – Dirty Work

6. Beverly – I need your love

7. RADWIMPS – Bouningen

8. Ariana Grande and John Legend – Beauty and the Beast

9. Hata Motohiro – Girl

10. Hoshino Gen – Koi



2. Mai Kuraki – Togetsukyou ~Kimi Omofu~

3. Austin Mahone – Dirty Work

4. Che’Nelle – Destiny

5. Nishino Kana – Pa

6. ClariS – Hitorigoto

7. WANIMA – Yatte Miyou

8. Shiina Ringo to Tortoise Matsumoto – Menukidori

9. Ariana Grande and John Legend – Beauty and the Beast

10. RADWIMPS – Saihate Ai ni

  • Comments

    • Koi

      Kana Nishino’s “Pa” isn’t one of her best, most memorable singles, but sounds great. The b-sides are better than expected.
      Hoshino Gen’s “Koi” success… I don’t quite get it, even the music video’s views continue increasing.
      I’m happy for BUMP OF CHICKEN’s success on the charts! It shows how much variety the charts have.

      • Dee

        Where did you listen to Pa? I’ve searched a lot but I can’t find anything.

    • honey girl

      The Purity Queen Mai is having her Flavor of Life moment. So glad she got another hit under belt. Realize her greatness again Japan.

    • What

      Bump of Chicken released a new song?? Whatt?? Where have I been… And wow I’m still surprised at Koi’s logevity