Keyakizaka46 and Sandaime J Soul Brothers Top the Billboard Japan Charts for the Week of 4/3 – 4/9

This week, Keyakizaka46 topped the Hot 100 chart with their single “Fukyouwaon.”

Sandaime J Soul Brothers topped the Hot Albums chart for the second week in a row with “THE JSB WORLD.”

Hot 100

1. [↑12] Keyakizaka46 – Fukyouwaon


3. [-] Nogizaka46 – Influencer

4. [-] Hoshino Gen – Koi

5. [NEW] MYNAME – Deai Aishite

6. [↑12] Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP – Yokoso Jyapariparke

7. [↑5] Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

8. [-] WANIMA – Yatte Miyou

9. [↓3] Austin Mahone – Dirty Work

10. [re-entry] HKT48 – Bugtte Iijan

Hot Albums

1. [-] Sandaime J Soul Brothers – THE JSB WORLD

2. [NEW] Superfly – LOVE, PEACE & FIRE

3. [NEW] The Chainsmokers – Memories…Do Not Open

4. [NEW] Minase Inori – Innocent Flower

5. [NEW] Takehara Pistol – PEACE OUT

6. [↑1] back number – Encore

7. [↓2] Various Artists – “La La Land” Original Soundtrack


9. [↓7] Various Artists – NieR:Automata Original Soundtrack

10. [↓6] Jamiroquai – Automaton

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    • Nogizaka46

      Aren’t the 46 groups being really successful on the physical charts? It’s like Nogizaka46’s actual rival is Keyakizaka46. As much as I know, AKB48’s sales are declining while theirs are rising.
      I don’t listen to any of them as much as I did before (well, I never really listened to Keyakizaka46), but the quality of the 46’s music is higher than any other idol group, not to mention their single and album covers. It’s funny because the ace members of AKB48 are still graduating from the group, but it’s the singles that feature new members that sell better.

      • Nogizaka46

        Not to mention their success on the digital charts, something AKB48 has difficulty in achieving. I don’t know the reason for their success, plus I don’t get why Nogizaka46 is from Sony Music Ent. and not KING Records… Different labels, different marketing strategies? Thus a (overall) different sound.

        • Kanjo Maru

          Even AKB’s sister groups aren’t on King. The labels are all completely different.

          Nogizaka is actually Sony’s baby project more than an Akimoto thing, anyway. While AKB’s sister groups were being pitched to labels and in some cases were formed before they even signed on to one, Nogizaka was originally Sony’s idea and it’s believed they put a lot of money into AKB to get Akimoto on board.

          • Nogizaka46

            That makes many things make more sense. Now that you mention it, I only see AKB48 on KING Record’s YouTube channel.

            Like I said, I haven’t been listening to the groups for a while now, but from what I get the 46 groups have a totally different concept and sound since the beginning. Even those unnecessary summer music videos of them dancing in bikinis (I’m not even going to mention “Heavy Rotation” – and I started listening to them (AKB48) when they were promoting “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”) isn’t a 46 thing and that’s probably what I like the most about them.

        • Guest

          If you want to compare prime era of each group, AKB has several songs being digitally certified million during their prime, something which I don’t see other groups even close to achieving it.