Hey! Say! JUMP, BOYS AND MEN, and Big Bang Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 12/12 – 12/18

This week, Hey! Say! JUMP topped the Oricon single chart with their new single “Give Me Love”, selling 247,605 copies in its first week.

BOYS AND MEN topped the Oricon album chart with their new album “Ifu Dodo~B.M.C.A.~”, selling 43,555 copies in its first week.

Big Bang topped the Oricon digital album chart with their new Korean album “MADE”, selling 3,723 copies in its first week.


1. [NEW] Hey! Say! JUMP – Give Me Love: 247,605

2. [NEW] Jang Geun Suk – Dakishimetai: 33,670

3. [↑2] Keyakizaka46 – Futari Saison: 19,601

4. [NEW] lol – bye bye: 16,539

5. [↓4] Kanjani8 – NOROSHI: 15,736

6.  [↑10] Nogizaka46 – Sayonara no Imi: 12,419

7. [↓4] Hi-STANDARD – Vintage & New, Gift Shits (I Get Around / You Can’t Hurry Love): 12,317

8. [NEW] HoneyWorks meets TrySail – Senpai.: 12,135

9. [↑3] Hoshino Gen – Koi: 11,658

10. [NEW] Idol College – Niji to Tokimeki no Fes: 9,886


1. [NEW] BOYS AND MEN – Ifu Dodo~B.M.C.A.~: 43,555

2. [NEW] Jun.K (From 2PM) – NO SHADOW: 30,616

3. [NEW] Hikawa Kiyoshi – Shin Enka Mekyoku Collection 4 -Kiyoshi no Nihon Zenkoku Uta no Wataridori-: 25,501

4. [NEW] DISH// – Mashiagare no Gatling: 24,238

5. [NEW] Makihara Noriyuki – Believer: 16,332

6. [↓3] Piko-Taro – PPAP: 11,204

7. [↓2] RADWIMPS – Ningen Kaika: 10,105

8. [NEW] Arsmagna – Ars Jojo↑↑↑: 8,353

9. [↓2] Utada Hikaru – Fantôme: 7,890

10. [NEW] TAKURO – Journey without a map: 7,605

Digital Albums

1. [NEW] Big Bang – MADE -KR EDITION-: 3,723

2. [↓1] Utada Hikaru – Fantôme: 2,156

3. [↑2] Hoshino Gen – YELLOW DANCER: 1,934

4. [↓2] RADWIMPS – Kimi no Na wa.: 1,838

5. [↓1] Bruno Mars – 24K Magic: 1.529

6. [↓3] RADWIMPS – Ningen Kaika: 1,441

7. [↓1] Various Artists – Best Christmas – Kazoku Demo, Ichinin Demo Tanoshimeru Yogaku Christmas Song 24 Kyoku! : 1,347

8. [NEW] Da-iCE – Da-iCE indies collection: 1,145

9. [NEW] GARNiDELiA – Violet Cry: 820

10. [↑x] Ozaki Yutaka – ALL TIME BEST: 815

  • Comments

    • honey girl

      I’m mad that Jun.K dropped an album out the blue and none of HOTTEST have leaked the damn album. I have searched high and low for it and nothing! Kpop stans are starting to slip.

      • It’s more like Hottests are becoming extinct.

        • An_dromeda

          hottests are more like converting.. its sad… but then i wont consider them loyal..

      • An_dromeda

        i have no shadow and will get the others soon.. we are declining.. but the ones who are true to them are here for them forever!!!

      • this bitch again

        Just fucking BUY the original album with YOUR OWN FUCKING MONEY, Bitch.

    • Niña

      Tbh, I was expecting a sales increase for HSJ’s single, but then I remembered that their December releases really don’t get that much sales. But this is still a lot, so congrats boys! Wonder when they’ll finally hit 300k for first week tho. Hopefully by next year, since it is going to lead up to the 10 anniversary.

      • MINO-SSI

        this is impressive, congrats HSJ

      • Meutia S Aishah

        I really like their title song right now, I’m glad they’re selling well.

    • SeeYaWithYou

      BOYS & MEN are a fucking mess and their music is terrible, but hell, they deserve the JRA simply for making waves on the charts but not actually making a single wave in the entire industry
      Plus it would be a nice fuck you, showing that another male idol group besides JE and LDH actually exist

      • LDH AREN’T IDOLS!!!

        • Risa

          Close enough though. They have quite some sub-groups by now. Their music isn’t all that special anymore. They are appearing in movies. Soon they’ll be seen as pretty rolemodels. And as for the dating rule – let’s wait for the first girl to commit suicide over one of them marrying, then we’ll have that too.

          • They are idols. I was mocking their fans.

          • Meutia S Aishah

            they have quite a lot of sub-groups that it starting to give me a headache. they still have a few nice songs though, luckily

      • Risa

        I would be ready for a nice new male idol group, but they are just sooooo… generic. Even seen by an idol-positive eye such as mine. ><

        • dude

          Well that’s why you fail to see how SOME of their songs are catchy.
          You see them with your idol-positive eyes when they are NOT idols. Just because the look like your Johnnys idols, doesn’t mean that they ARE okay?

          I used to listen to their songs back then, didn’t expect them to ever rank on Oricon at all.

      • dude

        BOYS & MEN is NOT an idol group.

    • Mahdyah Rosita

      Yayayayy this makes me happy! Congrats Hey! Say! JUMP for another success!

    • An_dromeda

      yeah.. Jun K… my boy!!!! slay!!!

    • Lady Sara

      congrats to Jun.K!!!