#1 Song Review: Week of 9/14 – 9/20 (Arashi v. RADWIMPS)

Hello, Arama! Japan readers and welcome to this week’s installment of #1 Song Review! Last week saw RADWIMPS defeat HKT48. RADWIMPS is back again this week, facing off against a newcomer. Find out what various staff members thought of the songs that topped the physical and digital charts this week and share your thoughts on them too!

Oricon #1: Arashi – Power of the Paradise (not released digitally)

Watch here

Ronald: The arrangement of this reminds me of another Arashi song I like, “Sakura.” This song also reminds me of JPop from last decade, but not in a bad way where it seems dated. I’m not saying it sounds fresh though, just nostalgic. I feel like this could’ve fell into cheesy territory, but I’m glad that it didn’t. 7/10


Recochoku #1 / iTunes #1: RADWIMPS – Zen Zen Zense (movie ver.) (not released physically)

Ronald: Same review as before: I’m not really feeling this. It’s OK, but it’s just that: OK. This could’ve been made by a bunch of other bands. There’s nothing really special here that is grabbing me and making me pay attention. Frankly, I’m bored by this song. 5/10


Ronald’s Rank:

1. Oricon #1: Arashi – Power of the Paradise

2. Recochoku #1 / iTunes #1: RADWIMPS – Zen Zen Zense (movie ver.)


Which one do you like the most?
Oricon #1: Arashi – Power of the Paradise
Recochoku #1 / iTunes #1: RADWIMPS – Zen Zen Zense (movie ver.)

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    • guest

      the radwimps song might be shit but unlike arashi they actually talented musicians, though the delusion stans will never admit that.

      • #salty

        I have literally never seen an Arashi fan claim they’re musically talented and I’ve been a fan for almost a decade. LMAO also I never realized that the point of this article was to compare their musicality and skills as opposed to, you know, ranking the two songs that happened to top charts on the same week..

      • So

        Arashi’s real stans aren’t there for their muiscal skills and don’t give a sh*t abt that, their songs are just a plus. :)

        • common

          Don’t say that. Arashi aren’t musicians but a lot of their songs are amazing :).

          • Yup

            Of course. That’s why I said it’s a plus. A good one. But they aren’t perfect all the time and we are totally okay with that unlike this person above said ;)

        • Midna

          Ehh… I got into arashi cuz I liked their music though.

      • jsyk

        Don’t say that. Some of the members have real musical talent. Their agency just won’t allow them to display it. (i.e Nino who plays 5 different music instruments but never gets to play them)

        • common

          Their agency does allow them to display their musical talents but there’s a price to pay. Once any self composed songs are released or played, the rights belongs to the agency. Ogura-san kind of revealed this part of their contract when Nino said he wanted to compose games bgm/instrumentals.

      • 707

        Why bother comparing musicians with idols? Arashi never once called themselves “artists” or “musicians”, just they called themselves “idols”.

      • byebicycle

        why are you so mad though

      • Hatori Sachiyo

        LOL Arashi never call themselves musicians either, so why did you? But I admit the songs composed by Ninomiya Kazunari is amazing though.

      • Midna


    • MaybeCanBe

      My inner Arashi fangirl wants to vote for Arashi, but i love this Radwimps song. I recently tarted getting into Radwimps and i really enjoy their sound, again this song has everything i love about them. While Power of the Paradise doesn’t really blow me away. Sry Arashi..

      • guest99

        Its not just you, Arashi have stagnated musically. The price of fame and being Johnny’s cash cow I guess. Churning out safe, samey stuff that they think the fans will lap up. Not Arashi’s fault they just do what they’re told.Yet it would seem some fans are more discerning than they think.

        • Hatori Sachiyo

          I don’t think that’s true. Their single this year fukkatsu love, I seek/daylight is amazing. The music and lyrics are great and easy to digest by all ages. They have always been amazing though. Calling them cash cow is just plain rude, not argumentative at all. Putting Arashi down won’t make RADWIMPS better either. It won’t work.

          • common

            I’m an arashi fan but am not offended at them being called cash cow XD. Its a fact that they are “cash cow” for J&A. Its a well known business term meaning “product that provides a steady income or profit”

            • Hatori Sachiyo

              now that you say it that way, it makes sense. those who don’t even work hard like them don’t deserve to say anything.

          • guest99

            I couldn’t gives a rat’s about RADWIMPS, I’m just stating facts. I could barely tell I Seek/Daylight apart and the PVs hit an all time low in terms of ordinary – even for Arashi/Johnnys. At least Fukkatsu Love had Toma, Sadly, Arashi have been phoning it in for the past few years but this year it’s been the equivalent of a recorded message.

            It’s the price you pay for being a cash cow … being so bland that you appeal to the greatest number of people. They’ve been pushed and promoted beyond their capabilities and now rely on their image and all the free passes they get – not performing live, over-rehearsed, scripted TV shows. Arashi used to be good and it makes me quite sad to see what’s become of them.

            • &

              That’s what you think. You know what I think? I think Fukkatsu LOVE, released this year by the way, is the best A side they have had in years. You can say you don’t like their recent music or that you think it’s bland, but saying it like it’s a fact and grasping for pathetic arguments when most people as a matter of fact don’t agree with you just makes you look dumb.

              • guest99

                “…most people as a matter of fact don’t agree with you just makes you look dumb.” Maybe they don’t agree with me because they’re dumb. I know a lot of Arashi fans tie their own self esteem up with following the ‘most popular’ group, so they take any criticism personally. Popularity does not equal quality. Just saying.

                My opinion may not be fact but the degree to which you bit back proves that on some level you know I’m right.

                • Hatori Sachiyo

                  fyi, I became their fan without even knowing they are famous. I used to like jpop without knowing arashi’s existence. I even became kpop fan and ditched jpop once. but because I found arashi, I ditched kpop. so your saying “a lot of Arashi fans tie their own self esteem up with following the ‘most popular’ group” is invalid. I know you’re wrong. because you’re dumb, you don’t know you are dumb no matter how many people say you are. if their song suck they wouldn’t become popular like now.

                  the degree to which you bit back proves that on some level you know WE’RE right.

            • common

              “Arashi have been phoning it in for the past few years but this year it’s been the equivalent of a recorded message.”
              I disagree. They have very clear concept on the themes and song choices. Of course they aren’t the ones who wrote the songs but when it comes to performing, they certainly didn’t phone-in with Sakura or I Seek. There was no phoning in with their concerts either and their awesome evolved discography played a big part in that.

              They still good on TV too. VS and Shiyagare have been quite entertaining lately. Shiyagare recent format is better than their previous one.
              What I remember as phoning in was that weak Fujitv attempt with AraTsubo.

        • common

          “Arashi have stagnated musically”
          This is something that I’ve said in 2010-2011 or during Popcorn, not now. Digitalian & Japonism was very different. They had really solid singles every year, Sakura in 2015 & Fukkatsu Love this year. Both very different approach. Of course there’s a couple of dud-sounding a-sides like AoKimi & PawaPara but most of the times the b-sides saved it.

          “Yet it would seem some fans are more discerning than they think”
          Actually most of us are. PawaPara sales reflected how unenthusiastic we were with the boring release. Its an ok song but I wouldn’t give it a 7/10.

        • kuku

          Churning out same? i am curo-ious now which year arashi released her music best for you..
          pre 2010 i didnt really like arashi sound..their music wass too similar with another boyband nothing striking…
          after 2011 they started to release more mature and solid song and find their own color.

          • common

            What are you talking about?
            but ok. different people taste.

            “their music wass too similar with another boyband ”
            Which band? No boyband in those days could pull off Kitto Daijoubu, Sakura Sake, PIKANCHI F**KING DOUBLE, Kotoba Yori, Love SO Sweet, Wish Step & Go, Truth, Believe etc like Arashi did. Also amazing albums that they happen to take cues from in recent ones like How’s It Going, Iza Now and Time.

            I completely disagree they only found their own colour recently. they still retained that Arashi sound even with a variety of genres over 16 years now.

      • common

        Even Fukkatsu Love? That song was brilliant!
        I seek/Daylight were lovely too. However PawaPara is the weakest single they produced this year and Japonism is a bit polarizing. I think you just don’t like their latest mature sound. Its heavy in some 80s, 90s style and laidback disco funk. I actually prefer this than their Digitalian era when they experimented with techno inspired songs.

      • kuku

        maybe you re growing out of arashi music..or you dont like their mature sound..
        their old release was more boyband pop sound nothing really special actually

        • common

          you’re wrong about their old release being nothing special. fight me

          ..just joking lol. but i do disagree.

      • Midna

        If you said this in 2015, I would’ve understood. Their material in 2016 sans the Pawapara single has been great imo.

      • kat

        for me i like to watch it in concert then normally i like the song.

    • yourcoffeesucks

      I dont care for zen zen zense but their overall album was really good imo

    • byebicycle

      power of the paradise reminds you of sakura? huh… not sure i get it that, but ok.

      the song is nice and catchy enough, but i personally prefer the b-side on the single, hana. really lovely ballad, and i love jun and ohno’s solo parts on it. i’ve only heard a little bit of radwimps’ song on music station, so i can’t really say, but i /have/ started gaining a bit more interest in them, purely bc of the song their frontman wrote for aimer’s new album. absolutely love that song ;w;

      • light

        Yeah, Hana is lovely =)