#1 Song Review: Week of 2/15 – 2/21 (HKT48 v. Perfume v. Yonezu Kenshi)

Hello, Arama! Japan readers and welcome to this week’s installment of #1 Song Review! Last week saw NEWS defeat Doughnuts Hole. This week, we have three newcomers facing off. Find out what various staff members thought of the songs that topped the physical and digital charts this week and share your thoughts on them too!

Oricon #1 / Billboard #1: HKT48 – Bugtte Iijan (Recochoku #18 / not in the iTunes top 50)

Ronald: This is a bit different for one of these groups. For some reason, this reminds me of a really cheery hitomi song, especially the chorus, the mix of the vocals and the instrumental. This song also reminds me a bit of pop from the 60s and 70s, with a touch of Celtic music strangely enough. 5/10


Recochoku #1: Perfume – TOKYO GIRL (Oricon #2 / iTunes #3 / Billboard #2)

Ronald: I used to get really excited about new Perfume releases, and now I don’t care. At all. I just think that they’re a project that has overstayed their welcome. And it’s not the girls, per se. It’s more Yasutaka Nakata and how tired he is now. This song sounds so phoned in, and in this instance, I am putting some of the blame on Perfume themselves. Everything about this is so flat. 3/10


iTunes #1: Yonezu Kenshi – orion (Oricon #3 / Recochoku #2 / Billboard #3)

Ronald: The Japanese version of “Closer”? I’m like, really dying right now over how similar they sound. This is really odd, really unexpected. And it looks like I’m not alone in this thought. A while back, I would’ve heard this song as soon as it came out, but honestly this guy just bores me now. This is something different for him, but with how much it sounds like “Closer”, I’m really weirded out. 6/10


Ronald’s Rank:

1. iTunes #1: Yonezu Kenshi – orion

2. Oricon #1 / Billboard #1: HKT48 – Bugtte Iijan

3. Recochoku #1: Perfume – TOKYO GIRL


Which one do you like the most?

Oricon #1 / Billboard #1: HKT48 – Bugtte Iijan
Recochoku #1: Perfume – TOKYO GIRL
iTunes #1: Yonezu Kenshi – orion

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    • MS

      “This song sounds so phoned in”
      As a huge fan… it sure does. It is a drama theme so it isn’t that surprising I guess, and the B-side is a CM theme – it was never looking promising. Unlike some, I still think Nakata/Perfume are capable of good tunes. So I will just write this one off.

    • guest

      All 3 of these songs are trash.

    • Ran

      Ronald hating on Nakata as always. Obviously can’t deal with the fact he still sales more than all Ronald’s favorite hipster acts.

      • Michele

        I stanned hard for his productions in the past, but that song is just trash. And it’s getting worse and worse with each release.

        • Ran

          Totally disagree. It’s a good pop song (after all, it’s a drama song and people should not expect anyone to reinvent the wheel for a drama song) with a nice chorus (and greats visuals). Not the best Perfume song, but definitely no trash and if this song is worth a 3, I think we’ll need to introduce negative notation for a lot of things reviewed on Arama then.

          • Michele

            The melody isn’t the main problem here. I just can’t take these trite dated EDM tunes anymore.
            It’s like he’s not even trying anymore and produces on autopilot.

            • Ran

              That’s not really fair as Tokyo Girl is the only real “EDM” taste song Perfume had in a long time. Flash and Star Train where totally in the usual Perfume’s electro-pop taste. That being said, I think that production on Tokyo Girl fit the song well, and I still rather have some EDM oriented production than the electro-jazzy-funk-whatnot crap with no melody usually praised here lately.

              • Michele

                Flash isn’t EDM?!

              • hhhh

                “FLASH” is generic EDM-styled pop. “STAR TRAIN” is a boring dirge that, unlike any other Perfume song, consists entirely of just three basic chords repeated throughout the whole thing.

                As far as other EDM tracks from Perfume go, “STORY” is six minutes of the most ostentatious EDM / big room house trends from 2013 tied up in one pointless package. “Miracle Worker” is more EDM stadium house generica with a big ugly drop shoehorned in for no reason, while “Baby Face” apes 2015’s tropical house fad.

                Did you actually listen to COSMIC EXPLORER? (Not that I’d blame you for skipping their worst album, but, you know.)

              • Jazz

                There are good EDMs but Tokyo Girl is not it. It’s just plain boring and I’m another Perfume fan

              • “The electro-jazzy-funk-whatnot crap with no melody usually praised here lately”

                What do you mean?

          • So we should excuse it because it’s a drama song?

            • HyperMoot .

              of course not. Drama songs are baaaad! btw I still haven’t found the dramas tied to Ore no kanojo, Kouya no ookami, Ningyo and Manatsu no tooriame. But maybe News Zero on NTV was a drama after all. Most news reports do look like TV drama these days.

          • HyperMoot .

            ” we’ll need to introduce negative notation for a lot of things reviewed on Arama then” come on, a lot of those things are so avant-garde, groundbreaking, new and superior! Superior? wait, I bet any retard who lived in Camden Town, London, during the mid-nineties would find them awfully out of style and untrendy but who cares in the end. It’s a gossip and entertainment site man, the idols and a few celebs are useful for the clicks and the audience.

        • Omnirosa

          Nakata is fucking trash now. His music is indefensibly bad and not a damn thing has to do with how much he sells.

      • hhhh

        The latest Mito Natsume single sold just over 600 copies, and “Crazy Crazy”, which Nakata’s management were touting as some kind of global smash hit waiting to happen, peaked at #15 on the Oricon charts.

        Perfume is currently the only YSTK-affiliated act to be selling at all well, and it’s merely because they’re a very well-established idol group with a dedicated fanbase. If “TOKYO GIRL” was released by some musically-similar group like Stereo Tokyo or Cupitron, you and I both know that it wouldn’t sell and nobody would care about it.

      • This single didn’t even crack 50k first week, but ok…

    • rshina

      I rarely agree with Ronald, but I think I agree with your opinion for these song review

    • Summerlights

      I feel like these posts should be re-structured to maybe just be “interesting songs of the week” or being able to choose something out of say, top 10 or so? Cause it’s almost always just Ronald giving idol songs bad reviews which isn’t very interesting. I feel like just doing #1 songs is so restrictive cause it’s 99% going to be idols.

      • But it’s not all idols all the time. Idols only really top Oricon. The digital charts are a completely different story.

        And interesting songs are in other posts.