Celebrity Impersonator and Makeup Artist Zawachin Takes off her Mask and reveals her Face

Zawachin is a  makeup artist that specializes in “monomane meiku” or “impersonation makeup,” which involves using makeup alone to imitate a celebrity’s face. She has done celebrities such as G-Dragon, Sakurai Sho and Yuna from Girl’s Generation.

The half Filipina, half Japanese makeup artist has worn a trademark face mask for all of her impersonations and television appearances. Recently, she has expressed a desire to pursue a career in television, and chose to remove her mask to do embark on this new career path. Unfortunately, netizens didn’t take too kindly to her fully revealed face. The following are pics of the big reveal!

On her blog, Zawachin disclosed that she would like to appear on more variety shows without wearing a mask and showing her real face. She wants more people to be fans of herself personally, and not just her makeup transformations. While there were many voices of support, there were many more that criticized her choice. Zawachin revealed on her Twitter acount: “When I wear the mask, they flame me. When I take it off, they still flame me. What do they want from me?”

Netizens expressed particularly harsh opinions about her mask removal, going as far as accusing her of plastic surgery.

匿名 匿名 2014/09/23(火) 00:51:13
Her face changed again?((((;゚Д゚))))
匿名 匿名 2014/09/23(火) 00:51:43
It looks like she’s growing a beard. That weird face shadow
匿名 匿名 2014/09/23(火) 00:52:04
Her eyebrows are weird.
匿名 匿名 2014/09/23(火) 00:52:51
She’s cute!…if she’s wears the mask!
匿名 匿名 2014/09/23(火) 00:53:08
Although she was ugly to begin with, without that mask she looks unnatural
匿名 匿名 2014/09/23(火) 00:53:37
It looks like she is putting a lot of strain on her mouth. Was it always like that? Or is her face cramping because of plastic surgery?
匿名 匿名 2014/09/23(火) 01:03:09
What reaction was she expecting by removing the mask? I guess she thought people were going to say she was cute

As you can see, the reactions were not gentle. What do you think of Zawachin’s “new” look?

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  • Comments

    • Kiang Sheryl

      It’s not like she’s hiding it though. She’s her usual self on Instagram and she showed herself previously on smapxsmap

    • :/

      I don’t see what they find so bad about her face…

      • pk@fire

        My thoughts exactly. She’s really pretty, in fact. Just a tad bit unusual for Japan.

      • Fatin Amira

        well i think they don’t like her because she doesn’t has average japanese face.
        personally, i think she’s pretty~

    • Yuu

      I actually thought she’s really pretty D: And she /reminds me/ a bit of SNSD’s Taeyeon lol
      She’s cute, idk about the tv career though

    • Mita J

      She looks K-pop.

      • guest

        exactly what I was thinking !

      • ^__^

        I think it is the eyebrows…

    • Rie

      I think she’s pretty with and without a mask and those commentators can go to hell.

    • owatta nana

      looks like a cross between kago ai and an airbrushed kpop girl.

    • zam(仮)

      She is super cute. Just ignore the 2ch haters.

      • yanderenightmares

        This is girls channel, if i remember correctly 2ch was quite impressed with her skill.

    • hotaru hime

      i wonder if those bad comments were actually made by jealous girls.. she looks cute without the mask. and she has superb make-up skills XD

    • Ademar Abiko Jr.

      She did that already on a Smap x Smap, didn’t she?

    • はじめましてよろしくお願いします

      she looks fine to me

    • tiffany nicole

      those netizens are really something,its funny how these people can talk about someones else’s face but they probably look like shrek.

      • What

        LOL the shrek park made me laugh harder than i should

      • starlightshimmers

        I think its her make-up and style, it screams K-pop. I know half-Japanese people who look more Japanese than her. She’s still cute regardless, those harsh comments are rude and unnecessary.

        • Pardon my asking, but what do you mean by her make-up and style “screams K-pop”? (I’m genuinely curious, not being sarcastic)

          • pandaapple

            shes going for a look that most kpop female idols do. i dont think it necessarily “screams kpop”, but more like shes going for a very korean like make-up style. especially with that straight eyebrow and they aegyo sal shes doing.

    • OhSnap!

      I bet she is much cuter than the bitches commenting. There’s absolutely nothing odd with her face, in fact she is kinda cute

      • Guest

        She looks more Korean than Japanese, but she looks fine. I bet these bitter broads are the same people that put cutesy things to cover their faces in pictures.

    • “…without the mask she looks unnatural” So her own uncovered face looks unnatural? Bravo, netizen 23. You are a true genius.

    • bakaneko

      urgh.. pplz… she looks cute.. what’s wrong with her face, anyways? i would like to see those commentators’ post their own pics online and see how ‘unnatural’ their faces are..

    • yamakita

      If she wants to be a recognizable personality, she’ll have to grow thicker skin.

    • MangoMagic

      Commentators need to get laid. She’s gorgeous.

    • She is like a mix of Tomomi from AKB and Jessica from SNSD. She looks okay, I don’t get netizens.

      • sdf

        You guys don’t know what Japanese beauty is. Her nose has obviously gotten plastic surgery.

        • I know, don’t assume. I am not saying they should say she is a beauty or cute, but she isn’t as ugly as to make a comment like she’s cute if she wears a mask. She isn’t ugly.

    • oreally?

      Wha…? Those comments went from shade to black. She’s cute!

    • Auto

      don’t mind them. most netizens’ opinions vary according to their mood of the day.
      anyway, since they can’t attack her amazing transformation skills (which probably they admire and envy), they attacked her face. what’s up with that?

    • Rotten Apple

      Lel garuchan, they’re exactly like their male counterparts.

      • yanderenightmares

        Sometimes I feel like they’re full of more crap than 2ch, but it’s probably cause I haven’t read a new translated post from that site in a while and I only remember the good.

        • ku


          • yanderenightmares

            did you just say “beacause girls are mean to girls”????

    • sparkling

      Dang. They’re just bringing the heat for no reason. She’s really pretty!

    • Tef

      I really loved her when she showed her face on SmapxSmap. She is really cute, idgaf abt the haters.

    • Sonia

      Netizens are naturally unkind, what can I say. If I were her I wouldn’t take them seriously.

    • Inside the Jellybeans

      She looks like the twins from Crayon pop.

      I love crayon pop

    • Amethist

      l was like “Oh wow, she’s pretty, why didn’t she reveal her true face earlier?”, only to read the negative comments of those netizens afterwards. Well l guess we have a different taste then..

    • Nozomi

      Much sexy. Would date.

    • Joe Gibken

      Just found out she’s half of my ethnicity. Welp, it’s 2ch netizens so you’ll only hear negative stuff there :P

    • Gabrielle Willis

      I’d like to see even half of these commenters, and the ones who up voted the comments, to let their bare face show on national television.

    • yanderenightmares

      She’s average cute, honestly she looks kind of “done up” you know that itano look. Really tho, the only reason people care for her is because of her make up transformations so she’s gonna have to have one hell of a personality to catch the publics interest with it. Anyways, I am a fan of her make work and am always excited to see who else she transforms into.

    • pepp

      she’s cute though!

    • Ash

      The comments are just like I expected from girlschannel :s

      Zawachin’s cute, though, and I wish I have her make-up skill.

    • eplizo

      She already revealed her face before I’m pretty sure lol. She’s not exactly stunning, but I probably wouldn’t call her ugly either.

    • Gesto

      She’s half filipino, I think.

      I saw that documentary, it was pretty good. She can speak 3 languages too.


    • bec2224

      Nothing wrong with this woman’s face at all. Very cute.

      It’s just another case of internet entitlement…”Hey, it’s the internet I can say anything I want to and who cares if I am rude or hurt people”. Just the worst thing that has come out of the internet. Young twenty-something boys/men started it in the 2000’s but now the teenage-twenty-something girls have just exploded and like being b*tches on the internet. Sad.