BUMP OF CHICKEN and Kiki’s Delivery Service come together in the latest CM for Nissin’s “Cup Noodles”

Last night it was announced that popular rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN would be providing the latest CM song for Nissin’s “Cup Noodles” brand.  This track, titled “Kinen Satsuei”, is a gentle mid-tempo number which combines a faint electronic beat and some vocal echos with singer Motoo Fujiwara’s idiosyncratic voice.

The commercial itself is based on the popular Studio Ghibli film “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, reimagining the movie’s main characters Kiki and Tombo as a pair of high school students in modern Japan.  After several classic high school moments, Kiki takes Tombo to a point high above the city below, where she finally confesses her love to him.

While no release date has been set for “Kinen Satsuei”, you’ll be able to view the CM, as well as a trailer which features several sketches related to the campaign below.

(via natalie)

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    • WorldGN18

      Kiki!!!!! I love her <3

    • Matcha
      • james

        Still prefer the old animation.

    • PigeonPop

      The character designs and art style, BUMP OF CHICKEN for the song, the VA choices (especially Kaji as Tombo)…it’s polished, but very typical and expected. Meh.

      • hasawa

        Yeah it’s pretty baffling to see Japanese marketing teams keep on resorting to these heavy eculated thematics (highschooler, teenage love confession etc) like, isn’t marketing all about innovation, to mark and conquer (new) consumers?
        But I guess it must work well this way if they never engaged changing this formula. A cultural thing probably.

    • mikan

      it isn’t Ghibli original story, it’s based on Eiko Kadono’s book.