Becky Ironically Becomes A Spokesperson For LINE

On April 27th, tarento Becky (33) attend a LINE Golden Week Campaign event in Tokyo. Becky was pleased to be able to partake in this new years gift and was happy to be connected to everyone.  Just last year, Becky was involved in a scandal with Kawatani Enon (28) of Gesu Kiwami Otome which saw her uninstalling the LINE app after her messages with the married singer leaked to the public. However, Becky revealed that she reinstalled LINE at the end of last year. When speaking about the app, Becky said, “ I continue to use the app. I have about 10 embarrassing conversations.” She also said that family, classmates, and other entertainers she knows don’t really use the app, but there is no deep meaning there. Becky also said she would like to increase the number of people she speaks to on LINE which was welcomed by laughs.

When asked who she would like to become LINE friends with, Becky named tarento and comedian Cunning Takeyama (46). Becky also confessed that around the time she was making trouble last year, she was worried when a senior at her office called upon her. However they asked her to teach them how to use line, but she declined.

Of course Japanese netizens had to poke fun at the irony and offer their opinions on the matter. One comment suggested that the first of her 10 embarrassing conversations was with Enon. While another suggested she was self centered. Others went on to attack her character and appearance.

“She’s a calculated idiot”

“She’s suddenly gotten old. Even her cuteness has disappeared. She looks like an old foreigner.

“It’s because she has the hairstyle of a grandma”

“Still searching for a man in a band it seems.”

“Because there’s no demand for you anymore, maybe you should marry an old man around your age.”


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    • miri

      I don’t see how some anonymous insulting comments are relevant to be included in an article.

      • Owatari

        Well if you go to the source, it was actually a thread to attack Becky’s appearance. So in reality, I added an article to go with the insulting comments. lol

        • Trending gossips pls

          There’s no other source that actually reported on her ironic LINE endorsement deal? Just asking. I’ve never read that site before.. The thread was not even originated from there right? G-chan or 2ch? Might’ve missed it but I didn’t see becky thread on trending gchan lately. Is this news even relevant?

          • miri

            Yes, I’ve seen other sources about this.

            • Trending gossips pls

              But did it trended? I think there are more relevant gossips to post other than another Becky trashing. Are elitist arama bitter at talento becky for surviving and having a career still?

              • Owatari
              • Himi Tsu

                Does a news really need to “trend” to be interesting to someone ? No.
                I didn’t know that she became a spokesperson for line, and I myself think it’s a really interesting news as I’m always happy to see Becky come back. I absolutely DON’T care whether it trended or not.

                I don’t think the article is bashing, TBH. As the news title say, the fact that she’s a spokesperson for Line IS ironical, nothing can change that. It’s just truth.

                It’s true that I’m not that fond to read such comments from people not respectful in the article (and anywhere else, no-respect of someone else annoy me), this is comments from elsewhere and it was not said to be Arama’s team nor the writer point of view.

                • Trending gossips pls

                  The article is not bashing but the thread included IS. I would’ve not questioned the motive of this post if not for that addition. That thread trashing Becky is rando and irrelevant enough to be questioned compared to LOADS of other trending bashing sessions/gossips that’s not posted. Out of all the possible hot gossips that interest its readers, arama chose to drag this woman again.

        • miri

          Do you mean you decided to post an article as an excuse to bash Becky?

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Her appearance kinda surprised me too… I guess all that bs really took a toll on her. :(
      She’s pretty amazing for getting out there and back at it…

      • hasawa

        Yeah, I remember an article about Becky first appearance after the scandal and she already looked pretty ‘damaged’. Back then I thought it was because it was too early and that she needed more time to catch up a better figure, but it’s been more than a year now and she still seems kinda wasted… Seems this affair really took a tool on her and her aging process (some may bitch it’s because of her caucasian genes since Asians do age a lot better) The haircut doesn’t help neither even though i always thought short were rejuvenating and looked better than her really long hair. It would be nice to see her undergo a makeover!

    • Hana

      Imao, you still would do anything to look like a foreigner instead of your flat, huge pancake asian faces with alien eyes!

      • hasawa


      • Wtf


      • Owatari

        Definitely unnecessary. This is a Japanese entertainment website so pretty much every post you see will be about Asian people. I don’t know what you’re doing on this website if you hate Asian people so much.

        • soyulim

          It doesn’t feel good, does it?! Japanese people should really think twice before commenting on foreigner’s looks because it will get real ugly fast when the tables will turn and they are going to get bashed for their appearance!

          • Nikki ok

            please…white people are the ugliest

          • poton

            Overreacting much?
            Please just shut the hell up.

    • hasawa

      That PR move though~ Brilliant!

      • Owatari

        We have some real ignorant people leaving comments right now.

        • miri

          Not that I think what people are saying is right, but what did you expect when you decided to write the article? Those insulting comments are not informative and their sole purpose seems to be to create a strong reaction in people, which is what you got.

          • byebicycle

            i would’ve maybe expected people to roll their eyes at the dumb netizen comments, not start spewing racist shit.

            • miri

              The thing is, you don’t get to listen (read) to those who roll their eyes and move on to other things, who are probably the majority. An article like this is a call for the kind of comments we are seeing and only someone “new to the internet” couldn’t see it coming.

              • byebicycle

                i guess you can call me an internet newbie then, bc i genuinely didn’t see it coming. some angry comments, sure. but full-on racist, complete with slurs and all? nope. i mean, “chinky eyes”? you could consider this post bait (i personally don’t), but that’s no excuse for racism.

                • miri

                  It’s no excuse, but some people should know better than fueling those kind of feelings. If you post insults (including racist insults) you’re going to get more insults, that’s how it is.

                  • byebicycle

                    yeah, no, i disagree. it just means condoning those kind of comments bc ~the other side started it~. how about people just don’t respond with racism, regardless of what the other party said?

                    • miri

                      Did I say answering that way it’s the right thing to do? Because I’m pretty sure I’ve said just the opposite. But you can’t ignore reality and the way some people’s minds work. Anyone can post nasty comments on the internet, but people who write articles that will be read by lots of people need to understand their responsibility and impact, which is bigger than a mere anonymous person’s comment.

                      • byebicycle

                        i know you said it’s no excuse, but by saying the reason people are throwing out racist insults is because of the insults included in the post, you’re placing blame on the OP instead of placing blame on the people who *chose* to express their anger with racism, when they could’ve easily done that without. saying that’s just how some people’s minds work doesn’t fly imo. to me, that’s just shrugging and being like, well, what can you do? 😕 i’d maybe expect that from fox news or breitbart audiences, but not on arama, where i’d like to assume people appreciate japan, its people and its culture.

                        and despite the changes, arama is still similar to ontd in that tons of readers come for the comments. they can have just as much impact as the OP has (though i personally kind of feel like you’re overstating its impact…? but idk really). hell, arama comments have been translated and posted to japanese sites before, so it’s definitely more than “a mere anonymous person’s comment”.

                        and honestly, all that aside, plenty of people who come to arama are asian too, myself included, so how about people just show some basic respect for their fellow readers, regardless of what some random comments in an article say?

                        (i feel like this comment got too long and i lost my train of thought as a result, oop.)

                      • miri

                        The only difference between what you’re saying and what I’m saying it’s that I’m asking the same to Arama writers. This article sounded to me like an excuse to bash Becky, including a racist comment among the insults that were posted on it. There were plenty of other sources (more respectful) about this, yet the writer chose that one and admitted herself that she wrote an article “to go with the insulting comments”. So her objective seemed to be to give voice to those insults and provoke a turmoil, rather than informing.

                        By the way, Arama comments have been posted to which Japanese sites? I’m curious because I’d never heard of that.

                      • byebicycle

                        um, i actually think we’re still on different wavelengths here tbh. because to me it seems you’re saying this wouldn’t have happened if OP hadn’t started it, whereas i’m saying is that it’s irrelevant whether or not OP started it, don’t respond to racist insults with more racist insults, especially not slurs. honestly though, we’re going around in circles, so i’ll end this here.

                        as for the translated comments, i forget the site (i think it was one of those crappy ad-filled sites that just post netizen reactions), but i recall reactions to the smap disbandment rumour being translated, as well as kitagawa keiko/daigo getting married. (maybe others too, but i haven’t seen it.) i think it was reported back here, but i’m not sure.

                      • miri

                        I’m saying both things fot the umpteenth time: it obviously wouldn’t have happened if those insults hadn’t been included on the article and people shouldn’t answer that way. One doesn’t exclude the other.

                        And maybe I expect too little of people, but out of over 50 comments I’ve “only” seen 4 racists and more people complaining about that, so on the bright side I think we must be improving.

      • Wtf

        I thought it was funny too but I guess people havent forgiven Becky one Year after the scandal.

        Also, People really need to chill in the comment section. All these racist comments are uncalled for and don’t have a place here.

    • Mjeena

      Oh poor Japanese netizens, even plastic surgery won’t make you look half as good as foreigners!

      • Owatari

        Uhm… just because a few people have negative views about Becky and think she looks old doesn’t give you the right to attack the way an entire group of people look like.

        • soyulim

          Japanese people did the same thing by attaching all foreigner so this is a reality check for them – they have flat big faces with chinky eyes, so they shouldn’t be the ones to talk about foreigner’s appearance!

          • Lin44

            LOL and here you are attacking the appearances and looks of Japanese people, you’re acting no better than those Japanese netizens. Nice job at proving what a hypocrite you are =)

      • Wtf

        They aren’t wrong tho. That isnt exactly the most flattering picture and her hair and dress aren’t doing her any favours either

      • rly?

        but in this case becky is begging for her career back from these japanese people you hate so much.

    • Owatari

      Y’all really out here wildin with these comments like it’s not that deep. lol

    • OhNana

      Well that was 180° turn. Good for her. She’ll probably suggest a better security setting for LINE after what she’s been through.

    • soyulim

      Becky is amazing and I command her for being strong and enduring these immature Japanese punks!

      • Owatari

        What you telling her to do?

    • byebicycle

      lolol the irony indeed.

      and wow, some of y’all can just sit down, you racist fucks. like you’re on a japanese entertainment site?? which also has a bunch of asian readers??? wtf is this shit. and gtfo with that “they started it” bs 👋👋👋

      (or is it just one person being a shitbag? some comments seem weirdly similar)

      • Charlie

        It’s different people but they’re all from netizenbuzz.

        • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

          And funny enough saying the same thing on articles over there. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are all one person with multiple accounts.

    • sa

      What’s up with these racist comments in arama

    • yamakita

      Money talks; bullshit walks.

      • ae_abercrombie

        I literally day this all the time when it comes to celebrities from ANY country. It needs to be on a t shirt.

    • gck_

      Honestly, I am confusion but please Get THAT CHEQUE! Wish her all the best!!

    • yacchaitai

      comeback queen 2017

    • surfboardt

      .. Jesus, did the alt right/neo-nazi radicalize Arama too or something? This is some white supremacist shit in the comments…

      • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

        Some of those same people are also on netizenbuzz spewing the same bullshit.

    • Guest

      Eh, she doesnt look that bad.

      People just piss poor at accepting that affairs happen

      • maguro part deux

        She doesn’t look that bad and she wasn’t that gorgeous to begin with, so…whatevs.

    • maguro part deux