BABYMETAL are now supporting METALLICA in South Korea.

That’s right. Metal-idol hybrid mega group BABYMETAL are continuing their quest for domination- and it seems things are going their way. After announcing support for Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns and Roses, the girls are now set to open for arguably the biggest of all the metal bands- METALLICA. The show is set to play in Seoul on January 11, 2017 at the Gocheok Sky Dome. To see the tour poster keep reading!

What do Arama readers think of BABYMETAL’s incredible success? Whats next? Metallica opening for BABYMETAL???

In a world where Donald Trump can be president, anything is possible.

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    • Kokoro Ai

      :O Go girls!! :D

    • ite

      This better be the end of supporting old bands and make album 3.

    • Still not as shockingly WTF as their UK dates with RHCP.

    • Oxox

      However you feel about BABYMETAL they are truly an unprecedented thing.

    • quite an accomplishment i must say

    • nightvisiongoggles

      Why not get PRITZ instead?

      Seriously, amazing how far they’ve gone.

    • hizurisama

      Yaass, get all the gigs my gurls!

    • MightyLongFall

      i’m speechless. that’s fucking awesome!

    • MightyLongFall


    • Keli Lindsey

      stop them