Ayumi Hamasaki reveals her feelings on newly-wed life and childbirth

In an interview with ‘bea’s up’ magazine where she is the cover girl for their December issue, Ayumi references to her private life with her American husband who she married in March of this year. She says “Recently there have been moments when I have realized ‘oh we are a family!’ They say that when you spend a long time with a lover or a pet you begin to resemble each other, but now I think I actually realize that.”

On their days off, Ayumi and her husband watch DVDs in the home together and share happy moments. But when asked about her plans for childbirth, Ayumi stated “My true feelings are that I am not going to suddenly spring out children. My number one priority is still singing.”

For the magazine cover, Ayumi Hamasaki is said to be wrapped in a pure white fur coat for a feeling of Christmas. With wearing both a one shoulder ‘Lady Luck’ dress and a long dress which opens loosely at the back, in the magazine she is to ‘display her eternal beauty freely.’

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    • snare drum

      How many times has she been married now?

      • Jacka Smitha


    • yacchaitai

      “I am not going to suddenly spring out children” @kodakumi

    • umi

      “They say that when you spend a long time with a lover or a pet you begin to resemble each other, but now I think I actually realize that.”

      she now realizes she cannot become causasian, but can at least convince herself she is

      • Jardel Ferreira

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH this was funny

    • fluid

      @ koda kumi next time ayumi

    • Ntouch

      Ayumi has a mind set of 21 yrs old. SMH…

    • Guest

      hopefully she doesn’t cheat like she did with Nagase even though they weren’t married

    • surfboardt

      Dr.Kuu is probably flabbergasted that Ayu’s letting her fluids become rotten.

      • iGleaux


    • Vivaldi

      I was planning on making a Kumi Koda joke but five people already beat me to it.

    • AAApanda

      almost thought she was announcing that she’s pregnant derp!

      • kazu_no_ko

        Same here.

    • Dr. Kuu


    • “My number one priority is still singing” but moves to LA… Just give up the charade…

    • Ayomi

      I think it’s okay that she doesn’t want children yet, but of course I would be pretty happy if she could settle down and have one. Best wishes for your family, Ayu! ^ ^

    • Karusuke

      I thought she was pregnant as first. Me personally I think she should take a break from music cause its not good like her old stuff.

      • kazu_no_ko

        I want to say that her music lacks any form of inspiration but it’s too harsh and probably untrue to say. She does need to step back and take a break.

    • Midori

      She looks great! I’m not feeling her music anymore (sadly! ;___;), but she will always stay my Queen!
      Can’t wait to see the “Bea’s Up”-shooting. They always have such great Ayu-shootings! *.*<3

    • Jardel Ferreira

      I wonder if her English has gotten any better since she’s now living in LA and married an American dude…

      • yamakita

        There is no correlation between the two. You can live in LA your whole life and not learn to speak English.

        • Jardel Ferreira

          Well, since English is the language spoken by most people in Los Angeles then I reckon it would be the best time for her to try and learn it.

    • Ryusei

      she’s just happy with her life rn obviously stop hating

    • Shinra-Electric

      She looks terrified in that picture? :D What can those eyes see that we cannot?

      • yacchaitai


        • Dayse Anny

          LOL yeah!

      • Sonia

        Apparently, the circle lenses make look scared I’m not feeling it.

    • yamakita

      Has she inadvertently referred to her current husband as a pet?

    • Ntouch

      Chastity belt game strong on this one.

    • risa nakamura

      oh god that cover is so nostalgic??? like ayu’s old image what