Aya Ueto wears 200 million yen worth of jewelry to Boucheron event

Actress Aya Ueto wowed the press when she showed up to a Boucheron Paris event in Tokyo wearing jewelry worth over 200 million yen. Boucheron is a world renowned French Jewelry house that was originally founded in 1858.

The most expensive items worn by Aya were two dramatic statement pieces. A necklace and bracelet in the shape of a serpent, both from the labels premium “Serpent Boheme” collection.  Sitting around Aya’s neck was the “Opalescent Serpent”, a piece that was first created by the company’s founder Frederic Boucheron, as a gift for his wife. Symbolizing love, protection, and a happy life the necklace is made out of diamond, opal, and rock crystal. When asked by reporters how the pieces felt to wear Aya was a bit surprised at how comfortable both the necklace and bracelet felt. Sometimes a piece with so many gems can become a bit heavy and feel irritating, but these Boucheron pieces provide both chic and comfort.


Aya was also adorned in Boucheron jewelry when she walked the red carpet at the Shanghai Film Festival.  Playing the perfect saleswoman she commented that the jewelry really elevated her look, even with a fancy dress and hair/makeup done professionally, the jewelry was definitely the highlight giving her a dignified feeling overall.

The theme of Boucheron’s new campaign in Japan is going on a “journey to meet new people”.  Aya herself stated that while also wanting to meet new people, she wants to try and do more sports to increase muscle mass and have a more healthy body overall. The press conference took place at the famous department store Isetan Shinjuku, she couldn’t help but gush at the beautiful assortment of children’s clothes.

Since giving birth to a healthy baby girl in 2015, Aya took a small break from the industry to recuperate. In June 2017 her film ” Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon” was released, her fist acting role since 2015’s drama series “I’m Home”.

Aya can be seen in the latest July issue of Vogue Japan, where she models more items from the Boucheron collection.

(Photos via ModelPress)

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    • Bubi.

      bougie b*tch yas

    • Historia Lenz

      She’s gorgeous! :)

    • IDK but the jewelry is so ugly. :(

      • hasawa

        Expensive jewelery is always so fugly!!
        How are you supposed to meet new ppl and elevate your look if said ppl are too busy watching your 10 pounds rings and bracelets??

    • hasawa

      At first i was like “OMG 200 millions of euros???!!!!” and then i realized it was just yens lol

    • PigeonPop

      The dress (and Aya herself, of course) caught my attention far more than the jewelry.

    • I forgot she even had a child because she never talks about her. I know it’s her business and privacy and that’s cool, but I just thought “wow, right, she does have a kid”.

      • Haru Matsa

        she talks about her baby all the time on variety tbh o_o ALL the time and during her events too

        • O_o Really? Which shows? I’m curious. Cause on the ones I’ve seen, she hasn’t.

          • Haru Matsa

            she spoke on the smap variety last year how she wa out with hiro and le daughter and saw inagaki randomly and they went somewhere all together. recently when she did the event for the clinica commercials she also spoke about oral hygiene and how she is teaching her daughter how to use the toothbrush. then for isodine commercial event as well she also talked about her daughter. then she mentioned her baby during the kinki kids variety just a few examples~

    • Matcha

      She’s a snake.

    • Sue Gc

      You could be one of the most beautiful and luxurious looking women in the world but you would still look hideous in that awful snake jewellery. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ff5be0e8a695ecc135fc806af8d658b2f04ec9d2ce02b432c1d86c7023157766.jpg

      • HoneyDew

        Thats Aishwarya Rai.. Good looking but average actor… Never liked her acting…

        • Sue Gc

          But but….she can scream her eyes out !!!111!!! How can she be a bad actress !!!!11!! /s

          • HoneyDew

            You should watch her movies to know that…Beauty I’d not equal to good acting..

            • Sue Gc

              Sarcasm is not your thing apparently or you don’t recognize ” /s ” SMH
              Maybe read a sentence completely before ranting

    • soup cans

      Did she have any plastic surgery done? I’m just wondering

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      that’s pretty cool stuff.