Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto & “Choco Jun” endorse Meiji Chocolate

Arashi member Jun Matsumoto appeared in a press conference for Meiji Chocolate held in Shiodome Tokyo, just in time for Valentines day.

Matsumoto is currently serving as the official image character for Meiji’s extremely popular “Meiji Milk Chocolate”. The Johnny’s star appeared in a dapper suit warmly greeting all the media that appeared.

When asked for some of his favorite Valentines day memories he shared that he once had a classmate whose family owned a sweet shop. The owners young daughter would give him a tremendous amount of chocolate every year for Valentines day, and once he got a nosebleed from eating so much! 

In the past Matsumoto played a chocolatier in the 2014 Fuji TV drama series Heartbroken Chocolatier. When preparing for the role Matsumoto actually learned techniques from pastry chefs/chocolatiers.

When asked if he would like to give chocolate himself, Matsumoto stated that believes he still remembers most of what he learned while preparing for the drama. So he would like to buy milk chocolate, melt it at home, and then do his own creation.

Near the end of the press conference a chocolate statue of Matsumoto was revealed, where it was playfully named “Choco Jun”. Smiling, Matsumoto approved of the name and posed next to him for a photo-op. When asked to give a score of Choco Jun’s performance, he answered with 99.9% causing laughter throughout the room (Matsumoto is currently starring in season 2 of the drama series 99.9 Criminal Lawyer)

He closed by saying he hopes everyone has a wonderful Valentines. It’s a valuable day that only comes once a year, and it’s a great time to connect with many people through chocolate.


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    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

      natalies photos for this event… 😓

    • 773

      Lifting ban was a mistake…

    • JENZEN

      his skin is like melting or smth

    • chocoapples

      I love it when the advertising goes meta

    • Thomas


    • Taima-kun

      maybe it’s better if he had thicker make-up

      • Matsumiyalover


    • gus

      Well, the photo ban existed for several reasons.

    • lalalalovelyarra

      Why.. he looked a little chubby in the photo. Or is it just the suit? Or maybe it’s just me? I still love him, tho.

    • bailey darbii

      little plump. his skin has always been bad.

      • Elodie Genia

        Personally I like this little plump :p

    • light

      That statue is terrifying lol

      • Elodie Genia

        Because of the eyes lol

    • m

      I don’t see the problem with his skin. I think the lighting makes the shadows make him look a little more plump in the first pic but otherwise he looks fine. No ones perfect, people. :(

    • I screamed out loud. That thing is terrifying.

    • Dramafan

      I really don’t like his current hairstyle on him . he suits longer hairstyles like when he slicked his hair back that looked good.

    • monica_monami

      Not his best shot.

    • guest

      The dummy thing is creepy AF, but still looks better. Arashi really aren’t aging well.

    • SnowDrop

      Jun looks like he’s about to cry in every one of these pictures… I’m sure it’s just the lighting but…the poor boy looks so uncomfortable D:

      • Pipe’sIDIC

        He looks like he’s channelling his character Miyama from 99.9 which is actually good promo for the drama.

    • isanta

      Hope “choco Jun” will not provoke people to make comments about “piss Jun” again…

    • Pipe’sIDIC

      The Jun doll is…

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Right… we can now see them in pics at press cons.. weird! haha.

      Also, that jun doll is creepy as f, who okay’d that? The eyes are cross-eyed for one thing.. the eye shape is completely different than his eyes, and his real face has that signature lop-sided half-hearted smile… not.. symmetrical. . D:

    • katsura

      Op when you have to explain the joke it ain’t funny anymore lmao. Commendable effort tho 👏👏

    • clockbird

      His skin was always bad, but now that he’s getting older it’s really showing. I wonder if the acne scars come from a very agressive treatment they underwent when they were younger, because all Arashi members seem to suffer from it… and when the skin loosens up you can’t hide them anymore.
      Edit : click for bigger resolution

      • Pipe’sIDIC

        Aggressive treatment? The one where they train for back flips?

      • Dramafan

        Most likely all the make up they used as kids and teens plus the non existent skin care routine that they have does that to them.

    • Dalooshe

      Imagine if he was edible lol!!! But you all are just too much lol – I wouldn’t be too harsh on a figure that was made to feature-ly look like me on a short event. I’d be happy if a 5 year drew me with a crayon let alone have one figure for a chocolate event prepared for moi!

    • Pandora Munford

      lol why do you all think lil chocojun is scary, he’s cute ;w; think how awful it’d be if they tried to make it realistic hahaha……
      and are we for reals talking about acne scars again PLEEEASE let the boys liiiiive

      • Matsumiyalover

        And if he got rid of them…people would still criticize him and probably call him plastic.
        People nowadays are hard to please :(

    • Matsumiyalover

      Before commenting on other people’s appearance, you should all look at yourself in the mirror. And ask yourself, are you better than the people you’re criticizing….or you’re just jealous because despite all their flaws, these people are still a lot better (inside out) than you? ;)