Arashi, Yamashita Tomohisa, V6, KinKi Kids, and More to Perform at Johnny’s Countdown 2016-2017

The lineup for Johnny & Associates’ annual New Year’s Eve concert, Johnny’s Countdown, has been revealed. The concert will take place at Tokyo Dome, with a partially live / partially pre-recorded broadcast airing on Fuji TV at 11:45 PM JST – 12:45 AM JST. See who be performing below!


KinKi Kids



Tackey & Tsubasa



Hey! Say! JUMP


Sexy Zone


Johnny’s WEST

Higashiyama Noriyuki

Okamoto Kenichi

Sato Atsuhiro

Yamashita Tomohisa

Nakayama Yuma

Uchi Hiroki

Yara Tomoyuki

Johnny’s Jr.

and more


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    • Kiang Sheryl

      So KAT-TUN I guess can’t come as individuals to sing senpai kouhai songs

    • Dalooshe

      I wonder if the “and more” artists will be SMAP at all..?

      • yam

        doubt it! they won’t break tradition of NOT attending JCD.

      • guest

        Nah. They always add “and more” at the end of the JCD list iirc. Probably in case someone not mentioned (and not from SMAP) decided to drop by (ike Matchy)

    • Himi Tsu

      Yeah! I’m looking forward to this show :)

    • light

      I guess those at Kohaku will have a vtr unless maybe they are in the first part of the show

    • aqua88

      wait.. so HSJ is going to have a countdown concert at 5pm, then get ready for johnnys countdown at 11pm, and concerts the next day at 12pm and 6pm again.
      all in the same venue

      • yam

        yup. they’ve done 24h tv telethon before. they’ll survive.

      • Himi Tsu

        Or they’ll use pre-recorded broadcast

        • yam

          Nope. They’ll be at the venue. This is nothing new with senpai groups who’ve had concerts on JCD day and venue.

          • Himi Tsu

            OK, thanks for the confirmation :) that’s better that way, I’ll be able to fangirl on Dai-chan during all the concert!

            l said that because sometimes, groups could make it in time but choose not to. If I remember well, some groups that appeared earlier in Kouhaku pre recorded for the countdown when one which was there later attended the countdown. (not 100% sure, it’s a distant memory)

            • yam

              Well that’s Kohaku and they need a bit of travelling from NHK Hall to Tokyo Dome and were also requested to participate for the closing. HSJ won’t have to deal with Kohaku. Too bad they always missed performing with Arashi at JCD

        • aqua88

          Nah it won’t be pre-recorded.
          The concert schedule is clearly stated in Johnny’s Web (the official JE website).

          • Himi Tsu

            OK :)

      • Dashiya

        Yes, busy move for them. some senpai group did it like that before too.

        • aqua88

          I guess.. oh and they’ll probably have a special medley in JE countdown as well for 10 years anniversary.

          • Himi Tsu

            Didn’t think of it, but thanks to you, I am now really looking for to it!

      • lol

        it common for johnnys to have two times or three times concert in a day.even for senpai group

        • aqua88

          2-3 concerts a day is common.
          Just.. I’m more surprised at how they are just randomly slotting JE countdown in the middle. :D

          • Reileen

            That’s not random, that’s what KinKi Kids has been doing all these time. They just moved to Kohaku so Tokyo Dome con sched is free

          • yam

            Sorry hun but JnA world (JCD) doesn’t revolve around HSJ. They’ve been doing this for years and HSJ only have had TokyoDome New Years Eve concert for how many years?

    • Taima-kun

      who’ll be hosting? hopefully it’s NEWS

      • james

        Should be HSJ cause this year Countdown show held @ HSJ’s Concert

    • none

      Ooh yamapi! I hope he’s there the whole show and not just for one song.

    • you

      No KAT-TUN :/
      Yay to see Yamapi there, finally. Kinda miss seeing him around.

      • yam

        I hope there’ll be Ikuta Toma too

    • Unkown

      Hmm… Arama, there is no Arashi.

      • yam

        Please click the source, Arashi’s kanji ( 嵐) is listed.

      • mio

        pre-recorded performance like V6 did last year when inocchi hosted.

    • Mahdyah Rosita

      Great! 😍 I’m looking forward for a duet of father and son, Okamoto Kenichi and Okamoto Keito. ❤
      I wish there’s KAT-TUN too..

    • Mar

      At least Kame should be there :(

    • goingtojpn

      No KAT-TUN and no SMAP :(((

      • lol

        smap never came to jcd before

    • ran

      yesss no need to suffer through laggy streams

    • TruthSpeaker

      I think TOKIO will be the host. I was wondering if KAT-TUN members will be part of Others..

    • kazumi

      I hope there would be a miracle and KAT-TUN would come as a part of “others”.
      Usually I’m bored when they sang their debut song but I think this time I’ll miss KAT-TUN sing Real Face. Their “Giri giri de itsumo ikite itai kara….” I need KAT-TUN to come back soon.
      Yeah, Yamapi will come too. I think, Akira will miss Shuji (LOL). Can’t forget their sweet hug in JCD last year >,<

      • Dashiya

        maybe KAT-TUN can come as suprise guest in the end, like Yamapi did last year. I hope.

        • Hermione48fan

          let´s hope!.

      • HevRev

        If KAT-TUN appeared that would honestly make my new year perfect.

    • mio

      V6, yamapi, KING SATO ATSUHIRO!!!!, no matchy…

      if they don’t do an HSJ circlejerk this will be the best lineup in years.

      • yam

        HSJ circlejerk? Better than irrelevant Matchy circlejerking.
        I bet they’ll be the hosts since they’re doing it on their con venue.
        Last year’s was fabulous even with the lack of V6 on the venue. Bonus, no Matchy and Yamapi surprise. V6/Kinki Kids/TOKIO probably might pre-record their performance if they are in later half of Kohaku.

        • yam

          And HSJ wasn’t in TokyoDome last year

      • Risa

        Yeah, someone else who recognizes the awesomeness of Sato!!

    • Carey Hamilton

      so happy for uchi bb <3

    • suezu

      still no arashi and kinki kids from jonhnny’s web so maybe they wont perform live on tokyo dome. maybe recorded like v6 last year or do relay from nhk hall like they did years before

    • Navin

      No matter how little I follow Johnny’s nowadays, I always make sure to watch the Countdown on the first day of the new year. Looking forward to this one!

      • Hermione48fan

        Where can we watch or find Johnny Coutdown?.So sad KAT-TUN won´t be there :(.

    • Kisha Mane

      Still hoping KAT-TUN will come or KAME… Not just as someone dropping by but perform as well.

    • Lara Hanna

      can some body tell me where to watch the countdown, please??????

    • Sabina B.

      Where can I stream this???