Akemi Darenogare’s pet cat was brutally murdered

Talent & model Akemi Darenogare has tragically revealed that in the past one of her beloved pet cats was murdered. What set Darenogare off was a chilling news story about a man who went around horribly abusing cats, often resulting in their death. The man would do heinous acts to the animals such as pour boiling water on them, pull out their teeth, and burn them on a gas burner. He would then upload the videos to the net. Darenogare is a notorious cat lover, usually posting her pet kitties on her official Instagram account.

Thankfully the culprit was found and arrested by the police for violating animal welfare laws. Darenogare began to sound off on her official twitter account, condemning people who abuse animals and giving her take on the current laws in Japan. In general, most people who violate animal welfare laws are simply just charged a fine, Darenogare strongly feels that the punishment should be much more severe. 

She then talked about a pet cat that unfortunately died due to the abuse of another human. The cat stayed at her parents house, and was brutally beat and cut by the culprit. The cat was actually able to escape and found it’s way back home, but died a few days later from the injuries making the experience that much more traumatizing.

Darenogare stated that she still does not forgive the culprit, and never will for the rest of her life. She pleaded with her followers asking them that if they ever witness the abuse of an animal, to contact authorities right away. Darenogare is currently the “mom” to two pet cats, as seen below.

Back in May Darenogare started a crowdfunding project to support facilitates that specifically cater to cat welfare, and encourage adoption. She successfully reached her target by the end-goal date of July 31st, 2017.

(via nlab)

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    • re

      ehhhh unbelievable poor cat, police should catch the animal abuser ,the abuser should be examined by psychologist

    • poton

      How can a person be so fucking evil?
      I hope that man who did that to all those cats suffers horribly in life.
      It won’t be surprising if he ends up murdering people.
      What a nasty beast, I freaking despise animal abusers.

    • SnowDrop

      That’s absolutely horrific…and brought back memories of my own cat being killed. I don’t understand why anyone would do such a thing. What a disgusting human being.
      I wish I could give Akemi a hug and I hope her heart heals after this trauma.

    • yacchaitai

      I wish I could pour boiling water and acid on people who hurt animals

    • I agree that the punishments for animal cruelty should be more severe. That goes for abandoning animals as well, which in Japan can be a major problem. I’ve rescued several cats here over the past few years, all babies just left to fend for themselves. They’re rarely neutered either, so those of them that manage to survive are just going to add to the stray population.

    • PigeonPop

      I can’t blame her for getting ticked at this. The man who Akemi referring to is one of the leading figures over at 2ch’s infamous self-declared zoophobia board. In reality, it’s frequented by animal abusers and trolls that spread these atrocious videos on Nico Nico Douga and elsewhere under the “gato” tag.

    • This is so sad. It reminds me of my pet cat who was hit by a car and with all his strength try to come back home to our house before fall down on our driveway and died. The fact that he tried his best to come back home still traumatize me till this day.

      Everytime my cats died, I will ended up rewatching Helen the Baby Fox and cry my eyes out. ;_;

    • Who could do such a thing? I would stab someone if they tried to hurt my precious children.
      I’m glad she’s an advocate for kitty welfare.

    • roze

      if u think harming, abusing or killing ppl is wrong, it’s just as bad to do it to living beings other than humans.

      • HyperMoot .

        that’s the point imo, more often than not such pieces of shit train on animals before they do it on human beings

        • yamakita

          Case in point: Jeffrey Dahmer…<_<