AKB48×PRODUCE101「PRODUCE48」Collaboration Project

On November 29, 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Japan held in Yokohama Arena celebrated performances and achievements in Korean music.  Popular idol group AKB48 and their producer Yasushi Akimoto were also in attendance at the award show.  At this event, Mnet announced the upcoming collaboration project between AKB48 and PRODUCE 101.  “PRODUCE48” plans to create a global girl group in a collaboration between Mnet and Akimoto.

PRODUCE 101 is a large-scale ‘survival show’ that brings together 101 idol trainees to undergo training in various areas by industry professionals.  The audience then gets to ‘produce’ the group by selecting the top 11 members to form a temporary girl unit that will perform for only 1 year.  This girl group will release a debut song and promote under a group name and concept that are also chosen by the viewers.  On the other hand, we may all be bit more familiar with AKB48 as the “idols you can meet” through their daily theater performances.  PRODUCE48 aims to combine the concepts of these two entities to form an unprecedented collaboration program between Japan and Korea in 2018.

At MAMA 2017, Akimoto was also presented with the Inspired Achievement award.  MAMA 2017, also featured a collaboration between AKB48 and contestants from the first season of “Produce 101” and “Idol School” performing “Pick Me”, “Heavy Rotation” and “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”.

(via modelpress and soompi)

Thoughts? Concerns? Complaints?

Who asked for this?

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    • yurisakura

      No one asked omg why

    • Why do I get the feeling that he was threatening to sue them for copyright infringement and they cut him in instead?

      Are the groups from these shows popular in Korea? Will anyone care about another 48 group in Japan? Like is anyone checking for NGT? And isn’t there another one that was announced and we’ve heard nothing about since?

      • WD79

        According to Kpop fans, the main groups from the first 2 seasons (Produce 101 and Wanna One) are popular in Korea, or at least that’s what I was told.

        • Do KPop fans even know what’s popular in Korea?

          • aqua88

            Both groups from both seasons are really big in Korea.
            Especially Wanna One, the group from Season 2 (boy group), literally debuted with a bang, getting 1st place in all music shows immediately after debut (one of the measures of success in Kpop is 1st place wins in music shows). Their album became million sellers too. In recent years, only 3 groups ever managed to sell above 1 million (EXO, BTS, Wanna One). Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_albums_in_South_Korea#Best-selling_albums_after_2002

            • KPop acts use gimmicks to sell though.

              And are they big in Korea, or big with KPop fans in Korea?

              • MJBeatle

                Not the general public, but with the KPop fans. But the thing is there isn’t really an idol, or singer that is popular among the public in Korea. KPop itself only lures younger audience since 2010…. Adults don’t tune into music programs like Japanese people do with Music Station, and the Korean shows are younger people oriented. You don’t see much older acts performing anymore in Korea, or even if they do, they don’t sell well.

                • That’s a sad state of affairs.

                  • toak

                    It’s not really true. Singer songwriters dominate the Korean charts this year, both younger and older singer songwriters, ‘indie’, ballad ones or hip hoppers. 50 yo crooner has the #1 month this month. But while there are plenty of idol groups your average person on the street wouldn’t know, there are also ones that are true mainstream super stars. And you hear them all the time on the streets of Seoul.

                    It’s true the many weekly k-pop music shows don’t draw large audiences.
                    Like in Japan digital charts show what’s mainstream and what’s not. Physical medium has been dead for far longer than in Japan. Music show “wins” are voting based and just important to stans.

                    There aren’t really gimmicks to sell records in Korea like handshake tickets in Japan. But only idol stans buy physical records in general and no one else cares about the physical charts.

                    • anonymous(e)

                      “There aren’t really gimmicks to sell records in Korea like handshake tickets in Japan.”
                      There are: https://www.soompi.com/2016/01/06/k-pop-101-how-to-attend-fansigns/

                    • aqua88

                      Agreeing with Anonymous below, there are.
                      To get into fansigns with Korean artists, you need to buy a certain amount of albums to secure a chance to enter. To throw some numbers into perspective:
                      Wanna One: 200 albums
                      BTS: 250-300 albums
                      Nuest W: 100 albums
                      Twice when they first debut: about 15-20 albums.

                • Shut up!

                  Not true. Yoon Jong Shin exist tho.

                  • MJBeatle

                    But is he relevant enough among the public to appear on major award shows? Or is his song among many Kpop songs that are temporarily popular for 1 month, and fade away? KPop is the song that is dominant in Korea right now with a very narrow range of audience, and sadly, older acts fail to gain the relevancy they used to gain back in 1990s.

                    • Sumaiya Azad

                      excuse me for butting in but he is. genral public don’t care about idol groups that much but soloist like yoon jong shin, park hyo shin, IU, BB4 etc are crazy popular among the gp and do attend major award shows. it’s just the influence of major entertainment companies is huge, and because these companies manage most idol groups the music shows are dominated by them. but irl these soloist and indie/rock bands are ackknowledged and respected among the gp. and they do insanely well in k music charts where mainstream idol groups fall short

              • Aquamarine

                WannaOne are probably more well known with the general public compared to any other act right now as they’ve appeared on various variety shows that non-K-Pop fans tune in to as well. Same thing could be said about I.O.I (the female counterpart and first season), maybe even to a greater level since girl groups tend to do better the general public.

                Also in the realm of AKB x K-Pop, it’s hard to bring up the fact K-Pop groups use gimmicks to sell when that’s literally AKB’s system as well to a perhaps greater extent, lol

                • But I criticize AKB’s sales too.

              • aqua88

                Big with Kpop fans in Korea.
                The front members (primarily Kang Daniel), is now a household name due to various appearances in various shows.
                As a group, they are mostly known by the younger generation (not only amongst Kpop followers).
                Then again, they debuted only 4 months ago.

              • Lol

                Wanna One is big in korea..they are everywhere lol..their songs too..

      • kebanyakan makan micin cin

        Wanna One from the PD101 season 2 is freaking popular. But isn’t PD101 already using AKB system? lol 11 trainees get debut by voting.. 😂

      • Jasmine Maris

        Yes both seasons of that survival show is totally popular among koreans, it’s impact is literally big some TV stations are copying them ( KBS- The unit, JTBC/YG-Mixnine) maybe hoping to milk some cash from people.
        Mnet is not new to this kinds of survival shows since mid 2000s they have been doing this, they also have a partnership with Endemol group (The voice) and heard they would be making a korean version of Your face sounds familiar.

      • I don’t think so, even if Idol School is the most Japanese type of show, nowadays a lot of companies are copying AKS ideas, like the theater plus teams (1931 in China, that Harajuku Stage thing Rising Pro does), they would spend ages suing them all.

        Produce 101 is more like a Popstars show than AKB48, Idol School is like a Popstars meet Japanese school themed idols but in South Korea show, also a survival one. The only thing relating to AKS groups are they all use school uniforms.

        I rather think he saw an oportunity to set a foot in South Korea, where a concept like AKB48 or even the Saka-michi groups would be hard to launch.

        And so may did Mnet, since they are producing idol survivals non-stop lately.

      • ポラリス

        this is the first thing i thought lol

    • Kiki

      Please don’t its not like they were annoying in the first place and are they still relevant outside their fandom?

    • WD79

      I saw clips from this show and apparently according to many Kpop fans, AKB’s performance is one of the highlights of the show besides BoA’s. I find that pretty interesting.

      • lightwavesurfer48

        Their Koisuru and HebiRote performance gave me good feelings

    • SlyMoonFox

      They’re really trying to milk idol survival shows.

    • james

      oh shit another 48 or 58 or whatever number girl group

    • Jasmine Maris

      I’m more surprised that Korean netizens are not bashing AKB48 for their looks and talents. Well this will probably promote good diplomatic affairs between Japan and South Korea. LOL.

    • anonymous(e)

      The biggest complaint I have is seeing 「」 used in an English-language headline

    • Mayumi

      As a kpop and jpop fan I am looking forward to it. I didn’t watch produce 101, but I love both I.O.I and Wanna One, so probably love the collab anyway.

    • What i`m most interested to see is how will it work. one group lip syncs, the other sings, will only AKB48 be heard in lives..

    • lightwavesurfer48

      AkiP is a mess. MNET is a mess.
      Chaos at the end of the road.

    • can’t wait for the hot mess tbh

    • WorldGN18

      I think I’m laughing hysterically, I mean yes bring it on!! this is going to be such a good mess xD and I want Japan and S. Korea to let politics aside and become friendly, as naive as that may sound