AKB48 Fan Charged with Illegally Dumping 585 CDs

Over the past few years, many have seen pictures floating around on the internet of AKB48 fans bulk buying CDs and later dumping the now-unwanted CDs in the trash or selling them to resale shops. Another new case of this has now come to light.

A 32 year old man in Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture has been charged with violating waste disposal laws after he dumped 585 AKB48 CDs on the side of a mountain. This wasteful act occurred in June, when the group was holding voting for their annual election, using the single “Negaigoto no Mochigusare” as the means of selling the voting ballots. The police say the man used the voting ballots inside the CDs and then illegally dumped them.

The man says that he was part of a group of fans that was assisting another fan from Chiba Prefecture in the voting process. The fan group gathered about 1000 ballots from the CDs that the Chiba Prefecture fan sent them. The man kept about 600 of the CDs. He was at a loss as to what to do with the CDs seeing as how there were so many of them. The large amount of CDs meant that he couldn’t put them out with his regular trash, leading him to find another way to dispose of them: the mountain.

In mid-June, a local walking on the mountain found several boxes of  AKB48 CDs with the names and addresses of the sender and the recepitent, leading to the arrest.

Photos the trashed CDs:


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    • yurisakura

      This is really sad to see.

    • monica_monami

      why not give it out for free. if i am the artist, i’ll be very sad. maybe AKB’s management should just sell the voting ticket without cds. less hassle for their fans

      • Then they won’t get their high CD sales.

        • monica_monami

          is it that important if they can sell the ticket alone with the same price as the cd. they still will get the money & that is what’s important right?

          • Ben_thecoolhobo

            This was the election single..

            • monica_monami

              i know. can’t they use other method. if fans ended up throwing away the cds..it is kinda sad.

              • Handi Chun

                marketing strategy for raising music rating..
                with sousenkyo momentum they raising the rating on that single..
                not all good single can have good rating without marketing strategy..

              • Ben_thecoolhobo

                Money is money.

              • Hsn

                They have like 20 voting methods. CD is just the easiest option that you have if you want to vote in bulk.

                • monica_monami

                  If he was too lazy to discard the cds legally then he should hv tried other method.

          • Money is part of it. The CDs sales is what allows them to continue to be on TV all the time.

            • monica_monami

              Though I am an idol fan, I am getting tired of all these gimmicks.

    • honey girl

      ARRESTED?! He was simply returning them to the place where they belonged. FREE THIS MAN!

    • SlyMoonFox

      Why would you do that to the mountain?! The mountain doesn’t want that garbage either and this rude guy just comes and leaves it there. I’m glad he was arrested.

    • Taima-kun

      leave the mountain alone

    • AkaneHaga


    • DT

      There’s this new invention called recycling. Might have helped for this.

      • yamakita

        Not to get technical on you, but I don’t think the CD itself is recyclable because mixed materials are used.

    • Bell

      The only AKB48 CD I have is courtesy of someone who left his horde off at the low-rent hotel I was staying at. I am disappointed that other obsessed fanboys don’t show the same level of civic mindedness, creativity and initiative. Shame, shame, shame.

      • I’ve git freebies once in a while from bulkbying people, from a NMB48 single to GOT7 albums… If he had the money to buy so many cd’s he should have the money to arrange giveaways or dispose the CD’s in a civilized way.

    • “a local walking on the mountain found several boxes of AKB48 CDs with the names and addresses of the sender and the recepitent, leading to the arrest.”

      Wow, genius at work.

      • monica_monami

        lol that part got me howling lol

      • rshina

        lol that’s what I’m thinking too

      • Raika

        well he probably thought “no one will see it here” so it does not matter whether his name is there or not. still biggest mistake of his life.

    • AoZora

      I feel sorry for this man. The government should arrange for disposal of such trash legally. The mountain and this man don’t deserve such trouble. Poor guy, had to carry these cds all the way to mountain to dispose. I can understand this man’s dilemma..

      • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

        The government does. You can order pickup of bulky items for like $10 or something. He could have also thrown away the CDs for free in his plastics garbage a little at a time. That said, I think these days many people dump. I used to live in Chiba, and I was the only one to order the pickup service in my apartment complex. Everyone else in my building just abandoned stuff by the garbage, but it never got picked up. People also dump in lakes and stuff at night. It is less convenient than many places to throw stuff away, but you can.

        • AoZora

          That’s too bad.. Throwing waste in lake/River or other places is bad civic manners. Thanks for letting me know that..

    • Name

      Where can I get these cds? GIVE ME!!!!

    • Name


    • Not Polka Dot

      What a waste.

    • eplizo

      He deserves life in prison for doing that to the mountain.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      I was wondering how they managed to find the culprit but he left his name on the boxes.. lmao.

      Also, poor environment… trash created from the earth and then just sits on top looks ugly. :P

    • HyperMoot .

      I’ll be interested when the headline reads “Fans honoured for legally dumping 585 AKB48 members”

    • relmy

      The embarrassment from explaining that you got arrested for dumping AKB CDs is punishment enough. But can you feel shame if you actually buy that many AKB CDs?

    • rshina

      why would he do that to the mountain? Please don’t throw your trash in mountain

      and why he didn’t sell it to resell store (like book off or something). Fukuoka have 5 or more resell store, or just sell it online. at least he can get some money back

      • Orenji

        If everyone is dumping tons of those CDs, resell stores are not going to want them. No value.

    • james

      Even fans also dislike AKB CDs. just to show that AKB is indeed a poison towards JPOP & the environment.

      • judai yuki

        idiot he wouldn’t have bought them if he dislikes akb48 u dumb AF

        • james

          That guy bought those CDs because of the election votes not because of the music.

    • Dalooshe

      The mountain doesn’t deserve this. To prevent further CD dumping, they should just vote with the code inside the CD along a personal ID number to prevent this fake sense of success that doesn’t serve anyone but the top money mongers. Some girls will probably either feel like 1. whatever, as far as they’re cashing in, or 2. upset for having their efforts thrown away like that if they are putting an effort and are not being noticed by this psycho fanboy..

      • Raika

        seeing those cd actually made me feel like number 2 . they really should apply that id system you mentioned .

        • Dalooshe

          If only…

      • Orenji

        At the end of the day, their company only cares about $$$ and CD sale rankings. Why would they make it harder for CDs to sell.

        • Dalooshe

          It wouldn’t be the company wanting to do this obviously, but another body that would impose this on them from outside. For transparency and environmental purposes, among other reasons..

    • yacchaitai

      being a fan of AKBs music must be so cheap, you can walk to any dumpster and pick up their entire discography for free

      • Eboshi.

        I’ve seen it with my own eyes…. they really couldn’t care less for the music, as their international fans are still deluded that they’re so loved in japan when in reality not even their actual japanese fans care about their music.

    • WorldGN18

      If he was going to throw them away he should have give those away for free…

    • Eboshi.

      This is very sad, exactly the type of thing that proves that AKB’s sales are not proof of their success, their fans do not care for their music one bit, very few do, having everything related to the group done through a CD is just bullshit and there should be an end put to it.
      This is just an extreme case btw…. buying 10, 20 or even 30 copies is “normal” for them.

    • yamakita

      Is there a limit on how many concert tickets one can buy in Japan? If so, maybe that’s the rule to be applied to CD sales… Not sure if this guy would realize that this is actually embarrassing for the group.

      • yamakita

        On second thought, if he’s this obsessed, he probably would just go to different stores. If someone is willing to go this far, he will probably always find a way.

    • Puppy Power!!!

      What will happen to all these cds????

      • Ash

        Melted down and turned into fidget spinners

    • Ringo

      In 10 years AKB48 will surpass Mr.Children and Hibari Misora total sales, I hope Oricon make that a featured article for the rest of its stupid existence.

      • Ringo

        Mr.Children in 2 years and B’ z in 10.

    • guss

      Everyone acting like AKB48 is the only group that fans bulk buy Cds, and the eternal ” how is this group allow to surpass other real singers sales” well they are going to so deal with it and move on.

    • Kilian-Paul Guibert

      I just find this really sad because the single was really good it was a beautiful waltz ballad kinda french sounding and as a music lover I can’t accept this kind of things. AKB music is not shit it’s joyfull,,poppy,sad,interesting, pumped. Yes It a massive group and who cares ? But I don’t like the extremity of the fans.

    • Christina Gmiterko

      Again, reconfirming that their being ranked as the 3rd best selling artist of all time in Japan is completely illegitimate.

    • Liokt


    • Ash

      Who says this guy is a fan? Maybe he’s a modern visual artist making a statement, willing to tangle with the law for his vision.

    • ポラリス

      ……and this is why when i see popular idol groups at the top of the charts, i’m honestly not that impressed. (ugh ami suzuki cds were floating around for like a decade for a dollar lol)