Aiba Masaki, Kei Nishikori, & Yo Yoshida are 2016’s CM Kings/Queen!

As the end of the year round up continues the Kings and Queens of the CM world have been revealed by Nihon Monitor, Japan’s oldest broadcast monitoring company. Johnny’s group Arashi completely dominated the list this year with every single member appearing in the top 5. Aiba Masaki came out on top again this year appearing in CMs for 12 different companies. Among those were Mercedes Benz, Kirin Beer, and NTT DOCOMO. Professional tennis player Kei Nishikori tied with Aiba in first place, Asahi Beer, Jaguar, and UNIQLO were some of the companies Kei appeared for.

On the female side actress Yo Yoshida took the crown appearing in CMs for 13 different companies. These include Sanyo food, Lotte, Epson, and WOWOW.

The results are based on the following survey:

No. of companies that appointed each talent and has appeared in TV CMs.
Study period: January 1st – November 30th, 2016
Target stations: NTV / TV Asahi / TBS / TV Tokyo / Fuji TV

Check out the full ranking behind the cut!


  1. Aiba Masaki & Kei Nishikori (12 companies)
  2. Sho Sakurai, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Kazunari Ninomiya, Kenichi Endo (11 companies)
  3. DAIGO, Tomoya Nagase, Jun Matsumoto (10 companies)
  4. Satoshi Ohno, Saito Tsukasa, Shuzo Matsuoka (9 companies)
  5. Shun Oguri, Shigeru Joshima, Yutaka Matsushige


  1. Yo Yoshida (13 companies)
  2. Suzu Hirose, Matsuko Deluxe, Rola (12 companies)
  3. Kasumi Arimura, Mayu Matsuoka (11 companies)
  4. Mirei Kiritani, Yuna Taira, Haru (10 companies)
  5. Haruka Ayase, Anne Watanabe, Aya Ueto, Fumino Kimura, Mizuki Yamamoto (9 companies)
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    • Bun

      Just for easy reference, here’s link to 2016 half year CM ranking (matsuko topped)
      Here’s 2015 ranking

      I’m happy for Yoshida Yo but what’s the cause of her sudden marketability?

      • monica_monami

        No idea. I remember her this year because of the scandal with Yuto Nakajima ^^

        • Bun

          I don’t think that’s a popularity booster but I honestly don’t mind single mature women having a healthy relationship with a younger man. Good to know she didn’t get hated for that.

    • monica_monami

      Happy for Aibaby :) Omedetou my king!!

      • Bun

        Aiba throne hopefully is secure with his Kohaku gig. Some Arashi members cm contracts are ending this year, like METS and Ohno’s Glico. Btw METS cola won Yahoo awards because of their endorsement this year. Too bad it’s ending. I haven’t seen them in Gungho commercials for awhile and Aiba’s Mercedez ads are a rarity. Ohno getting fewer cm contracts…but I hope all of them maintain or improve next year.

    • nerissa gibbens

      Happy for Yo Yoshida, I find her very beautiful in a classy way.She is doing a wonderful job in Cold Case

    • RudeAgustD

      Yes Aiba get that money!

    • aw man

      Matsuko Deluxe is an out and proud gay Japanese celebrity and has endorsements out of the wazoo. This answered my question from the Narimiya retirement post. Does this mean Japan is for gay male celebrities if they aren’t men with women lusting over them?

      • Bun

        Japan is for feminized gay celebrities or manly but somewhat made unattractive by being flamingly gay like Ramon Razor.

        • aw man

          Eww, wasn’t Razor Ramon a straight man parodying “flamingly gay” men?

      • Bun

        Oh btw, if a male talent is openly gay, the industry will make it all about his sexuality and he will be forced to play it up. They will automatically associate him as someone who will pounce at any attractive single men and inappropriate questions will be a norm.

    • I love Aiba so much but how did he become the CM King? Like, I never thought I would see the day! lol