Acid Black Cherry Suspends Tour Due to Cervical Vertebrae Injury

Rocker Acid Black Cherry has announced the cancellation of the live house tour “Acid Black Cherry 2017 tour Blood History” BLACK × BLOOD” scheduled to start August 14.

On the website of Acid Black Cherry—the solo project of Japanese musician Yasu known for his work with visual kei rock band Janne Da Arc—it is explained that the reason behind cancellation is “combined symptoms, including damage to the cervical vertebrae resulting form Yasu’s activities that have resulted in pain in various parts of his body.

Natelie reports that Yasu cites his consistent “headbanging“—violently shaking one’s head in time with music, most commonly in the rock—as the cause to his pain.

The tour was expected to run 11 dates from early August to the end of September.

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    • Ilse van der Pol

      Damn– Now I am relieved I failed to get tickets.

    • AoZora

      Hope, more and more artists take care of their health… Some of the damages are not completely reversible and will affect them the rest of their lives..

    • Ugh, that does not sound fun at all. Get better soon!

    • otokodemoonna

      I hope he takes his time in recovering! The most important thing is his health. More Important than the tour an his activities. I hope he won’t force himself and rest completely ♡

    • A fan

      Damn still no update? ;_; I really hope he will recover fully soon