Aaron Yan Makes Cute Attempts to Speak Japanese on Nico Nico Live Stream

Recently, Taiwanese idol Aaron Yan appeared on a Nico Nico live stream where he promoted the Japanese release of his two albums, “Drama” and “Cut” along with the Japanese release of his drama, “Fall in Love with Me.”  Though his Japanese ability is limited, Aaron attempted to communicate with his Japanese fans in the language to answer questions and help them with personal problems.

The live stream was an intimate event called “Aaron’s Bar” in which Aaron Yan sat in a room with fans (along with two Japanese hosts) where he answered fan questions, some of which involved fans asking Aaron for personal advice. As per the name of the event,  Aaron also made special cocktails that were based off of themes thought of by him.

Throughout the majority of the event, Aaron spoke through an interpreter, but there were several times where he decided to use his own Japanese abilities in an attempt to answer questions. The attempts were awkward at best, but both the hosts and fans humored him and seemed to admire his determination.

He gave advice to fans on various issues and life problems, such as how to improve the quality of their skin and how to get better at speaking Mandarin. He also spoke on the phone with various fans that called in during the stream. Surprisingly, there was a point in which Aaron said a word that even the interpreter did not understand, which turned out to be “Melatonin.”

Though his albums have already been released in Japan, the event was held to commemorate the release of the albums.

Check out the videos below!

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    • Yes! King of taiwan! Give wu chun my number xoxo

    • eplizo

      lmao so cuteee! I had no idea he released the album in Japan too lol.

    • Reileen

      Aaron, if only he did not drop bombs against “ex friends” Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen

      • sumomona

        omg what did he say i’m like 5 years behind on feilunhai

        • Reileen

          This is just recent. He said he is no longer friends with Jiro and Calvin. Only with Wu Zun. Really so out of the blue. Of course Jiro and Calvin will be angry.


          • sumomona

            hm. i get what he’s saying but i also have little sympathy for celebs that can’t keep quiet in cases like these to just maintain their image haha

            wu chun isn’t active anymore in the industry though, is he?

            • Celina

              Why is sympathy necessary here? I think people are overreacting about this. He didn’t say he hated anyone or even that he stopped being friends with anyone, just that they weren’t ever close, continued not being close all this time and so he didn’t consider them friends in that context. People are like that with coworkers all the time, and realistically speaking it’s impossible for every group to be super close anyway. I think some fans are really projecting a lot into this whole situation and being more than a bit unfair.

              I really admire his honesty in this and am glad he’s not really into keeping up an image just for the sake of it.

              And nope, Wu Chun owns a gym and trains people I think, and he’s a family man now. He moved back to his hometown last I heard.

              • sumomona

                oh it sounded like he said he stopped being friends with calvin & jiro? keep in mind i don’t know anything about whatever drama’s going on here haha i’m just going based of the comments here. has he received bad backlash?

                as a smap/je fan i know and get that idols are rarely actually besties with each other, and while honesty is admirable, i personally think it’s just easier from a pr pov to just keep up an image to a certain degree. i’m not saying fake being buddy-buddy, just to not renounce former bandmates or whatever.

                oh man i wasn’t in fandom when wu chun’s secret life got out– how badly was it received? lol sorry i’m totally just asking for updates but i have heard about these kids in so long i got excited

    • yamakita

      Those are some powerful eyebrows.

    • foureyes

      out of the 4 fahrenheit boys, this one is the only one who can actualy act. i lovw jiro, but his acting ability has always been limitied.