AAA Chiaki Ito Announces Marriage, Pregnancy & Graduation

On January 12, Chiaki Ito from 7-member group AAA announced on the group’s official fan site that she has married a businessman in his 40s last month, and is currently 3 months pregnant.  She also announced her graduation from AAA at the end of March this year.

AAA members commented collectively: “We were happy when we first heard the news from Chiaki, but at the same time were honestly surprised.  However, upon discussing with all AAA members and staff, we have decided that Takahiro Nishijima, Misako Uno, Naoya Urata, Mitsuhiro Hidaka, Shinjiro Atae, Shuta Sueyoshi, and all AAA staff will fully support this decision.  We would like to respect Chiaki’s thoughts, as we have spent time and advanced together over the years.”

Ito debuted as part of AAA in June 2005.  A live tour was planned to start in March for the unit MisaChia with AAA member Misako Uno, but has been canceled.


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    • Autumn

      I loved her. I loved AAA because of her. Truely sad & shocked about her leaving AAA. I guess the pregnancy wasnt planned but yeah shit happens.

    • Will

      Congratulations! tbh I am really surprised that I have no words. I’m sad tho that she’s leaving AAA :(

    • eplizo

      Lmaooo bye.

    • Kokoro Ai

      This news is so bittersweet :(

    • james

      will AAA end like Dream5 by the end of 2017?

      • Sakura Harano

        I’m sad about that :/ I mean they are all getting busy in their solo stuff. I think Dream5 disbanded because Kotori also wanted to leave Avex because she terminated her contract with them at the end of 2016 and joined Gold Inc. where all their artists are DJs.

    • miami

      lol a shotgun marriage graduation? that’s a first

      • Sakura Harano

        Yeah, it didn’t seem she had plans on leaving since she had plans with AAA and Misaki but the pregnancy caused her to graduate.

        • CiChanCiChan

          Then she should just take a temporary leave rather than graduating. So sad to hear this news. Im happy for her but at the same time Im sad too for her graduation. AAA wont be the same without her. :'(

      • elli

        plenty of female celebrities get into shotgun marriages in their late 20s and early 30s (everyone from kudo shizuka to kuninaka ryoko to kuroki meisa to koda kumi). but this is only weird because women in these types of groups don’t typically make it to their late 20s and early 30s. good for her though. she’s had a good 12 years, they appeared on kouhaku, they performed at tokyo dome… she has something to look back upon fondly.

      • yamakita

        Unplanned pregnancy is a bitch. Sex responsibly.

    • Sushiyama Sama

      I don’t know how to feel. While Chiaki most certainly wasn’t my most favorite member (primarily because a huge number of her fans were nasty towards Misako and her fans), it just doesn’t seem like AAA without her. Of course, now that Chiaki is leaving, all that’s left will be the AAA from before their debut 11-12 years ago.

      Can we also just mourn MisaChia? The AAA girls were finally getting their spotlight, and now Chiaki had to go and get knocked up ;_; *sigh* Marriage/leaving the group was bound to happen eventually, especially since they’re already in their 30’s…

    • guest

      Noooooooo, I like her voice more than Misaki’s :(
      Can’t she just be a part-time member? lol

      I hope AAA survives.

      • guest

        Wait… Misaki? Misako? Misako…

        • Sushiyama Sama

          It’s Misako, I don’t know why people keep getting it wrong, especially in articles (it’s happened more than once).

        • Kristin

          Fixed! Thanks :)

    • CiChanCiChan

      Nooo! Why does she need to graduateee?! She can just take a maternity leave when its due timeee. 😭😭😭 Shes my most fav member & started to get into the group last 3 months. So saddd.

    • Ryusei

      Whaaat this makes me so sad tbh. Now that they’re at the height of their fame a member quits :/ hoping for all the best for chiaki tho and that they’ll continue as 6

    • Kanojo

      What the fuck! Didn’t they once said during their 10th anniversary interview that AAA will go on even when they are fathers and mothers. And 7 is an important number for them, right? It’s always the seven of them is what they love to say. Can’t believe this is happening. It’ll no longer gonna be nanairo now. And the MisaChia Tour- DAMN IT!! Was so looking forward to it.

    • silverxstar

      what a shocking news.. she is one of my favorite member and happy for her.. but on the other hand it’s sad to see her leave and had to bid goodbye to shuuchia/shinchia pairing =( hahhaha lol. Anw, hope her husband will treasure her and may she finds new happiness with her new family :)

    • Lady Sara

      Is it a shotgun marriage ?

    • nouse

      They should hire Miyazawa Sae from AKB48 now. She can dance, sing, and is only roaming variety shows these days.

    • Alyosha

      Chiaki is my favorite and I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. Man… I just hope this dude will make her happy and I wish her a safe pregnancy. RIP NishiChia. :(

    • Fatima

      :( she is my fav

    • Karen Khoo

      AAA won’t be the same without her :'(

    • Karen Khoo


      • translation fairy

        These are a bit rough (especially Misako’s) because it’s surprisingly hard to translate when you’re crying =_=


        I’m sad to inform you that, come the end of March, Chiaki will graduate from the group. I’m very sorry at the suddenness of this announcement.

        After discussing it many times, we have decided to support the road that Chiaki has chosen.

        Graduation is a lonely thing. In these years we’ve been together, we’ve had a lot of laughs, hardships, and even a few fights. But, the first time that I heard the report that she was going to become a mother, I felt happy. Which is why it makes me happy that everyone is supporting her together as well.

        Please continue following AAA with all of your strength and supporting us!! To the very end!!

        Chiaki— honestly, congratulations!!!!!

        I already can’t help but worry about Chiaki being a mother!! (laughs) Ask me to babysit anytime. I joke, but I have no doubt that Chiaki is going to be a wonderful mother.

        This is the first time I’ve felt such a mix of loneliness and happiness… Until the day that Chiaki leaves, I’ll work harder as well!!

        Chiaki– I love you forever!


        AAA’s member Ito Chiaki will graduate at the end of March. I’m sorry to surprise you with this sudden announcement. Chiaki is the only other girl member of AAA.

        These 12 years we’ve spent with Chiaki have been so incredibly special, and no matter where I look after this there will never be anyone that can replace her. I’m so proud of her and the mother she’s about to become.

        Really, congratulations.

        I’ll support the path that Chiaki’s chosen with all of my power. I’ll always watch over her small but reliable form. It seems like Chiaki is overflowing with a new, warm happiness.

        AAA will keep doing our best from here on out. The members and staff will keep working to produce music. Although we’ll only have one female member, our fans should not be worried; I’m going to do my absolute best on Chiaki’s parts.

        Please support Chiaki and AAA from here on out!

        • Karen Khoo

          I’m cryinggg too! I’m glad that they’re all so supportive! I can’t thank you enough for the translation!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


          Thanks for the translation!!! I’m gonna miss her! I never thought she’d leave…or any other members to leave T_T

    • nouse

      Can we have Miyazawa Sae as a replacement?

    • Ackerman

      Don’t they have birth control in Japan?