a-nation Announces Its Lineup for 2017

On August 26 and 27, this year’s edition of Avex’s annual music festival, a-nation, will take place at Tokyo’s Ajinomoto Stadium. The first day’s headliner will be AAA, while the second day’s headliner will be Ayumi Hamasaki. See who else is performing below!

August 26







Daichi Miura

NCT 127


Red Velvet

and more

August 27

Ayumi Hamasaki








and more


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    • Just end it already. It went from being a nationwide tour to a two day KPop festival in Tokyo.

    • iora89

      irrelevant kpop groups performing… -_-

      • Guest

        “irrelevant” but if it weren’t for them they wouldn’t sell tickets

        • zodd

          Call me when they bring BTS and Twice not these 2nd rate nugus.

    • Kyle

      i miss getting excited for a-nation. i think 2013 was the last one i remember anything about?

      • I remember 2015 because it was the last time they were able to do something outside of Tokyo. Sandiame J Soul Brothers were a tacky mess in Osaka.

        • monica_monami

          What mess? Enlighten me pls

          • They were trying to be as ratchet as they could be that day.

    • monica_monami

      1st day is SM, the next day is YG. I wonder the ratio of kpop fans and other artists’ fans that are going to this event

      • I would guess it’s mostly KPop fans. How large are the fanbases for the Japanese acts that are attending?

        • Matcha

          Honestly I don’t care about BP, ikon, RV, Exo or NCT. I would go on second day just to see Ayu!

        • monica_monami

          I don’t see anyone with large fandoms on Jpop side. Maybe Ayu? 10 years frm now, i wonder if it will become purely kpop.

          • circe154

            I think the only people going for Ayu are going for the trainwreck.

            • Matcha

              Hey, don’t say that, she’s a living legend!

    • Love

      Compare this to avex’s last summer event lineup before a-nation started…

      avex summer paradise 2000, 2000/8/31

      Do As Infinity
      Every Little Thing
      Amuro Namie
      Aikawa Nanase
      Mizuki Alisa
      Hamasaki Ayumi

      • lol (not the group)

        their pre-a-nation shows were DOPE. a-nation was always hamasaki ayumi + koda kumi + whoever the hell they want to promote or had buzz. avex’s monopoly over the industry died before a-nation even started.

      • Bubi.

        this is breaking my heart

      • aisasami

        AN-J <3 and Folder5 <3 and EARTH <3 and TRINITY. <3 I miss the lesser known groups of avex.

    • Matcha

      Ayu ~

    • WD79

      When you used to be able to attract big names to play in your a-nation, but now that it has lost its lustre and the big names aren’t coming anymore, you have to turn to Kpop and their die-hard fans to fill in the gaps instead.

      *watch Avex trying to squeeze Acid Black Cherry in at the last minute so that they can ensure full house, just like they did for the past few years*

    • nijiminto

      where’s Kumi?

      • Bubi.

        the “and more” most likely :(

        • well

          I hope it’s not. It would be such a disrespect to her, but… I wouldn’t be surprised because it’s shitex.

      • Probably performing at some high school.

    • honey girl

      …Red Velvet’s with AVEX? I would have thought UMJ would have picked them up. It’s weird having Red Velvet & BP on the same label.

      • Sakura Harano

        SM artists are signed under Avex.

        • Guest

          weren’t Big Bang in Universal for a hot minute?

          • That was before YGEX was created.

        • Qu33nOfSlay

          SNSD&J-Min under EMI.

      • How is it weird when SM and YG have partnerships with Avex?

        • Rinko

          But isn’t shinee is under UMJ tho?

    • Welp

      I haven’t kept up with J-Pop for so long but since when a-nation became…this?

      What are most of those performers? I’m confused

      • Bubi.

        Piko-Taro is a recent meme phenomenon and then EXO, NCT 127, RED VELVET, BLACKPINK, iKON make this lineup 25% kpop.

        • Matcha

          I don’t think Piko Taro is that recent.

          • Bubi.

            Cool, and I think less than a year is recent!

    • Bubi.

      This feels like K-Con or something. An SM + Ayu day would have been a LOT hotter tbh.

    • Encha277

      Are AAA not popular? I had thought they had a pretty big fan base.

      • nothingsover

        They are. But most of the fans I’ve talked to seem to not care for a-nation anymore and would rather just go see AAA or the individual members on tour.

    • OhNana

      No one here for my first story?

    • hizurisama

      this line up is…. sad

    • Anita

      Happiness, a popular dance & vocal unit in Japan will also appear on a-nation.

    • james

      yawning~ what a boring line-up so far. This is the evolution of avex?

    • Karen Khoo

      I thought it’s a Jpop music festival then I saw EXO, NCT 127, Red Velvet, iKon, BlackPink *facepalm*

      Happy to see Da-ICE, AAA, MFS, EXILE and Vamps!