Former KAT-TUN member, Taguchi Junnosuke to release solo Single!

Taguchi Junnosuke, a former member of KAT-TUN who has left Johnny’s at the end of March, has opened his official website! In addition, it was announced in the said site that he will be releasing his solo single entitled “Hero” on November. This will be his comeback in the music industry.

He has mentioned in his official website which has opened that aside from his comeback and upcoming release, there will be events for the fans. The dates will be announced soon.

“For the sake of every music lover, and for those who have their important person in their lives, I would like to perform again on stage with the best music which I can offer!” he said.

Lastly, he mentioned: “I would like to show my cool side to everyone! Please cheer for me during the event! I will be looking forward in seeing you!”

You can check his official site here.

Source: Oricon

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    • ミカ♡( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)✧

      Not surprising at all, I wonder how the fans in Japan feel about him jumping ship to go solo.

    • the groupie who

      good luck, Junno … he’ll need it

    • Daychan

      why did he left KAT-TUN again?

    • faifantc

      ?? I don’t know why, but it seemed like he was retiring from the entertainment Industry for good. I guess I just took it that way because his career as a mainstream entertainer is basically over after jumping ship from Johnny’s. :P

      Wish him the best of luck!

    • girlymatsu

      It’s hard to become successful solo act but I wish him all the best!

      P.S I thought he wasn’t interested to stick around in the entertainment industry when he made the announcement to leave KAT-TUN. I mean that was the vibe I get from him.

      • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

        maybe he realized he needed money later :/

    • Kiang Sheryl

      Fans like me will be like wth didn’t you say you wanna retire from the entertainment industry. #betrayed so he’s saying he’ll warm more as a solo than as a Johnny? Or is his future brighter as a solo. Since I had an impression that he said something along the lines of since I reached 30 I need to think about my future.

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      oops, thought he was leaving the industry to get married or smt, lol.

      • Historia Lenz


    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      Anyways, I think after seeing his bandmates’ solo careers he knows he’s not gonna be as successful as with JE, but maybe he’ll be a little freer. He might actually get paid more considering. I see that Jin gets put up in way nicer hotels than even his senpai in Johnny’s would get.

      • tat

        ” I see that Jin gets put up in way nicer hotels than even his senpai in Johnny’s would get.”
        What nice hotels and which senpai getting shafted?

        • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

          I just saw on insta like a loong time a go he was in a fancy suite with chandeliers and shit when he was on tour. dunno where exactly though. As for his senpai, there was that scandal where a maid at the hotel Sho was staying at took pics, and the place looked like some kinda mid-level business hotel, kinda dingy. Idk if Toma is actually his “senpai,” but once I stayed in the same hotel as him, and it was this cheap business hotel, one of the cheapest ones in town. Johnny’s are cheapskates.

          • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

            actually that second example is kinda a bad one also because Junno was there too, I just remembered. Well, the point is Johnny’s or whoever works with them puts them up in crap hotels XD

          • Kuku

            Maybe johnny are cheapskate to reduce the budget so they can paid his artist
            And they can get their lifetime payment

            • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

              could be… rumors have it they don’t pay well, but I agree it’s better not to spend all the money on fancy hotels :)

              • mikamika

                Dunno if it’s correct, but rumour has it Arashi gets paid around 20mill yen a year per member. Considering what they sell it’s not much, but they also make loads of money with CMs (again a rumour: 50mill yen per endorsement and member), tv shows, acting and (sometimes) royalties. So each Arashi member should get several 100mill yen on average a year.

                And I would gladly take that rumoured 20mill from Johnny’s, it’s far more than I’ll ever earn in one year :)

                • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

                  I would too but honestly that’s a rip off for entertainers who work as much as they do. It’s only $200,000, whereas like us celebrities make millions of dollars. And Johnny’s makes billions I bet.

                  • Woot

                    Dont compare it to the US celebrities..they are overpaid compared to the work they done..
                    JE maybe wont disclose any artist personal income but Nakai was the highes celebrities tax payer in Japan.. and lets not forget Sho bought hinders million yen villa for his dad in cash
                    And the rumor johnny talent income few years back that they could get 200 milion yen a year..considering that JE payment is salary based they can take that amount until they are retired maybe..

                    And the luxury clothes they wear it daily screaming they get paid well considering its all from their own pocket

                    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

                      Yeah, us stars are overpaid, but johnnys are underpaid… Yeah, that is like $2 million, which is nothing to complain about, but still stingy compared to how much JE/jimusho makes, especially since that is the maximum. Remember that Shos family already has a lot, so we don’t know how much of that is out of his trust fund or smt. Yeah some johnnys dress well, some dress like shit and wear like the same outfit all the time. Some can afford to buy some luxury stuff, but we also don’t know how much was gifted to them from wardrobe after they used it on shows or what. Some of them have their houses and cars gifted to them by johnny’s or other companies they do business with, which is awesome, but it also means they dot really get to choose. Obviously any average person would be happy to be in that position, but given how much they work and how much they make for their company, it’s stingy of Johnny’s.

                      • meh

                        it looks like you are sure other agency in japan paid better than johhny lol…
                        and of course their own possesions most of it from their own salary lol they cant receive gifts from fans…for wardrobe..if they want the clothes they still must buy it not asking it as a you can be sure their houses is a gift from the other companies..
                        they are loaded they just dont really flaunt it..

                      • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

                        Where did I say other Japanese agencies paid better? Where did I say they were gifts from fans? I said specifically they were gifts from the agency and companies. We know aibas car is a gift (basically) cause we saw him win it on tv and then we saw him drive it. There are rumors Juns home is a gift from Johnny’s, as in the agency, not fans…

                      • mikamika

                        When did Aiba win a car on TV? *curious* I know Sho won a car for himself and Nino (which the latter does not drive…)

                      • meh

                        Aiba didnt win a car..he drove porsche from his own salary back in 2009
                        and beside his gift car, nino drove mercedes Gseries when he had accident in 2010,,

                      • mikamika

                        That’s what I read as well.
                        Other than Sho (who might drive his Pajero) and Ohno (who probably is still w/o a licence *lol*) they all drive german cars…

                      • meh

                        Sho choose to spend on his expensive watches lol…
                        ohno just spending it on his home furniture..boy bought 80inch TV and a segway impulsively

                      • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

                        I can’t remember :( some variety show contest. I saw some post on their cars and it showed him winning it and then papa pic of him changing outside of it (typical aiba lol)

                      • mikamika

                        Still doesn’t ring a bell.

                        I know the papa pic; it’s Aiba-gold :)

                    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

                      So that is to say all the stuff they wear or drive or even live in is not out of their own pocket.

                    • mikamika

                      One shouldn’t forget that the succesfull idols make several hundred million yen a year, so they should easily be able to buy themselves some brand clothes…

                  • mikamika

                    Agree, considering the rain of money they bring to their agency, it’s a laughable amount. I can’t remember the exact numbers, but I think Arashi alone made around several $100mill or even $1bill+
                    But as far as I know the jimusho saves money for them and when they retire (or so), they apparently get a huge “present”

          • val

            but arashi’s hotel rooms when they were in hawaii or miyagi looked ok maybe not that fancy but I guess that’s not really needed

          • Niña

            Meh, if they’re taking all the money they should be spending on nice hotels and putting it in the artists’ salary/music production/concert production/video production then that’s fine by me. Who gives a crap about a nice hotel room, you’re just going to sleep in it anyway. I’d rather they put the money into something more useful. Seeing as the concert productions are always top notch, then I’m betting they’re putting the money there.

            • mikamika

              mte, why should they spend like 100,000 yen a night when they’re at their venues all day long anyway?

          • kashiyuka

            geez that’st awful. Especially since security at cheap hotels is never that great. You’d think Johnny’s would want to protect their assets more

            • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

              Well the place toma and junno stayed had secure access for the floors they were on. Idk, maybe the rooms were better up there too.

              • mikamika

                I once read something similar about SMAP. Basically one whole floor was banned for anyone who wasn’t a member of SMAP, manager, JE staff or hotel staff.

                • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

                  Yeah they had a special card key to access it

      • spec

        I don’t think it (Jin’s hotel room) came without a price though…
        If I was not mistaken it was an event in China, so I kinda think there is probably a lot of extra works (like talking to the sponsors/VIPs) aside from performing…

      • mikamika

        He might get a higher percentage of a probably smaller income, so he won’t have gained much financially…

    • He looks like he’s wearing a surgeon outfit.. :/

    • don’t.

      poor guy is gonna get hated on by kat-tun stans now. praying for his career.

    • huh

      Lots of Johnny’s leave and then come back to singing. Not sure if they leave to go solo/create their own band, or they realize they can’t do anything else so they go back to singing…

    • tat

      I don’t care about his solo debut but DID YOU FINALLY PUT A RING ON HER FINGER JUNNO?

    • cloud321

      I’m happy for him and will support him. I wish him all the best and to be successful. Can’t wait to hear his single “Hero”

    • gonna kick his ass

      I am not really someone who curses, but this makes me want to curse at him so badly!!!
      F U Junno. Just F U!!!

    • N fans

      Nakamaru’s birthday is just around the corner (this Sunday)…
      & you who said that he was like your brother, couldn’t even wait a week to announce this betrayal…

    • Kuku

      Wonder how his ex band members feel about his news..

      • emma

        I’m qure they knew, since they talked about it together :) over and over again :) “as ueda said”

    • aaa

      thanks to him…KAT TUN on hiatus right now

    • レン

      Okay, i didn’t see this coming at all because there was no clue left behind about this when he left KAT-TUN. I thought he was leaving because he wanted to get married and expend time with his wife (??)

      Honestly speaking, i don’t think he’s gonna be truly successful…His voice is not that “special”, same with his dancing. If Akanishi have had it rough to achieve something in his solo career – and he was THE TOP in KAT-TUN back in the days – imagine how’s gonna be for Taguchi. But don’t get me wrong, i hope i’ll be mistaken and he develops a good solo career and become a good one solo artist. Anyways! I’m looking forward for that single and let’s see what he has on his sleeve! Until then i’ll remain impartial about his future despite my previous opinion of my own thoughts at the moment.

      • Mar

        I agree with you :D and yes, his voice is awful!!

      • GratefulToSMAP

        Taguchi is a weird one – he has the ikemen look and height going on for him but somehow does not seem to succeed in the idol industry. His personality is bland, singing is blah, dancing… I don’t know, I don’t even look at him when KAT-TUN performs (focus on Kame and Jin and Koki).

        Agree with you. But, I will not support him in his solo career coz he’s really nothing special and further left KAT-TUN to be the sad trio that they are now so I can’t be bothered.

        • レン

          For me, Taguchi and Nakamaru have been always the ones who didn’t catch up with the other members in KAT-TUN. When Akanishi left was the first shock for me, then Koki and then Taguchi. I already thought KAT-TUN were done without Jin and Koki because they were essential for the group, so when Taguchi also left it was like “ok, now they’re done for good” – i didn’t follow them since Jin and Koki left by the way, but from time to time i saw them perform on TV shows and stuff like that.

          I honestly don’t have big expectations for Taguchi going solo, but in the other hand i’m curious to see what he has done because he doesn’t have such a great voice. It’s like putting your hand on the fire knowing already it’s gonna burn LOL

          • Yo

            U should definitely catch up on Nakamaru, he really step up each time a member left.
            When Jin left, he kinda become the main vocal after Kame, even taking a vocal lessons in his personal time. He was shaky at the beginning, but now his high & low voice are quite exceptional. When KT performed these days, Kame and him mostly sing live.
            When Koki left, his beatbox’s parts increased to fill in the rap parts. Recently, it’s amazing how effortlessly he managed to beatbox then immediately sing falsetto (see: KT Music Station Unlock).
            & When Taguchi left, his dancing (along with Kame & Ueda) kinda get better too (u can see it their recent live, 10ks – although we might need to wait & see more after their return).

            • レン

              I’ve been not into them for a long time now so i didn’t know Nakamaru tried this hard to catch up with the others! The “10Ks” DVD was recently published and i was planning on take a step and buy it,but i was kinda undecided about it. I’ll take your advice in consideration then and buy it. I’m really curious to watch it, since it’s their 10th anniversary concert. Even if i don’t like it that much i have the feeling it won’t be that waste of a money wwwww They were one of my first johnny’s groups and i can’t get rid completely of the “golden past” feeling yet lol

              • Kiang Sheryl

                how was 10ks?

    • Kiang Sheryl

      And also both jin and junno started up their own one-man agency instead of being managed. johnny’s management must have shone some light into them about how terrible it is to be managed.

    • Kisha Mane

      Although junno is my least favorite in KAT-TUN i cried when he left. Now i REGRET it! He really doesn’t deserve the sadness i felt. He betrayed the boys. They even cried for him and kame apologized in his behalf. Really now? I thought he’ll be quitting showbiz? Going solo? Good luck coz he’ll be needing a lot.

    • Meryem Ben Brahim

      well Thank you Junno for ruining KAT-TUN, and I believed in him and his tears!!! now, why did he leave kat-tun again? oh he is gonna be as successful as Tanaka, *tsk*

    • light

      Didn’t he want to leave the entertainment business? Or at least that’s how they put it.
      He should have just said he wanted to go solo outside of je, i doubt this came out of the blue.

    • kieki

      Please … could all the salty fangirls get a grip. Junno NEVER said he was leaving to get married. He NEVER said he was quitting the entertainment industry. That was all pure make believe by delulu fans. He said (in his own words) he was quitting to make some progress in his own life and that he was ‘walking (a) different path with KAT-TUN’. If you couldn’t work out from that that he wanted to go solo and focus on his own career then you should just give up.

      • Q

        Thanks man/girl for the nice suggestion ^_^
        it’s the process u know? After throwing all our salts at him, we get a grip on our wallet, mind, & time, & won’t ever spend a single money, penny, or thoughts on him again ^___^
        Yes we’re giving him up forever. You can go ahead & take him if you like to.
        Still wishing him all the success though.

        • emma

          you would’nt say that if he was your ichiban…neee~~ LOL

          • Q

            iiee, i would do the same to my ichiban. LOL.
            I hate this kinda attitude. it’s cowardice. i don’t know if you are a hyphen or not, but hyphen in general is quite critical to KAT-TUN’s members, esp. their ichiban. we would never hesitate to reprimand them if we think their songs/performances/attitudes are bad. and tbh at this point, i really couldn’t care less about Taguchi. whether his successful or not, his songs are good or not, he’s happy or not, i simply feel nothing anymore about him. LOL. hmm, i guess my salt is all gone, neee~~

            • clockbird

              Who needs enemies with fans like this ne~~~! Poor KAT-TUN members. Always had the shittiest fans.

    • Niña

      Ugh. Seriously? KAT-TUN is in hiatus now because of him. And now this?

    • Taima-kun

      if that’s what Junno wants to do, so be it
      but does it really have to happen this soon? it just leaves a bad taste to the group’s fans
      i wonder if the other 3 knows about it before he left

    • emma

      I’m SOOooooo what the hell is going on ??????
      I think ueda nakamaru and kame knew about this…I’m sure! that’s why they went on hiatus…
      I think he wanted to experience something new and we can’t blame him

      Now junno isn’t my favorite member but I love him!

      KAT-TUN fans even though this is confusing, let’s support him in anything he want to do…
      don’t feel betrayed, ’cause even if you do, Jin and koki did the same thing..they betrayed kat-tun as well yet, we still love them why not our junno ??

    • emma

      PLUS you can see on his official web site that he said that for his 30′ he want to start over as a solo artist
      he never said he was going to get married or retire from the entertainment industry, all what he said was going for a new start so he did not lie!
      also, KAT-TUN members knew about this since he must have tell me..OF COURSE he would at least tell them that he wants to go solo
      so the hiatus if not because of JUNNO but KAT-TUN they were the ones who wanted to go on hiatus
      (maybe they agreed with junno so that he will have some space) they must have know that junno wants to go solo and yet they went on hiatus..
      so it’s easy to put blame on him!

      PS: I’m a kame’s fan :)

      • Lilly

        I kinda agree with u… YES he did not say he’ll get married or retire. However, to leave KAT-TUN on their 10th anniversary to start a solo career? I mean I don’t wanna be rude but did he actually thought he has a chance to succeed ?!

        He’s entitled to do whatever he wants and I don’t know what happened behind the scenes. But It just shows u that he’s no difference than Jin, left the group for his own selfishness! So I can understand why the fans are angry ….

        • Kiang Sheryl

          Jin: “I wanna go solo. sorz bye”
          Koki: got kicked out for not thinking
          Taguchi: “i want to rethink life, rethink my path, blah blah blah” only to end up solo during his past group’s hiatus. he should have the balls to say it up front like jin.

          • yes


          • Sunny


          • emma

            I don’t agree with you
            jin : I wanna go solo….OK
            Koki: Got kicked out…euh…He knew what he signed seems that you did not saw one of kat-tun’s tv show where they went on a trip and in the car when Koki topic came up, they all agree and said that IT WAS NOT US BUT HIM..that’s mean he knew that he would get in troubleif he continued his “trouble actions” and yet he still did it..that’s mean I don’t care..deshou??

            so your
            KOKI “got kicked out for nothing” is not valuable
            However, taguchi did not say he was going to quit the industry and THE ACTUAL FACT that he left before kat-tun 10th birthday is quite respectable because on the contrary, if he satyed for the 10’s anniversary and then leaving after few month…now that would be ridiculous and irespectful for all the supporters!

            • Kiang Sheryl

              i didn’t say got kicked out for nothing. please read.

              for the taguchi one though, if having a proper 10ks concert (then go into hiatus) was the only good thing that we got from taguchi leaving then to me, he’s also not that respectable.

              we had shokura premium, we had a regular program, we had commercials, we had radio programs.

            • Lilly

              How is leaving before their 10th birthday is respectful??! I actually would have respected him more if he announced it after…..or even if during the tour!!! Like seriously couldn’t he have just waited a few month to share this big moment with his fans??! I’m not trying to be negative here, but the fact that he thought he could succeed as a solo artist is something I’ll never understand! I mean look at Jin & Koki…they were more popular than junno and look at them now!!

      • Kiang Sheryl

        why would it be an OF COURSE?

        • emma

          because the members knew something about junno leaving that we didn’t
          and ’cause they tried to talk to him many time, so i’m sure they knew about it

    • emily

      I don’t think that this was a shock for any KAT-TUN members since they already knew that taguchi wants to leave them to go solo..


    • bailey darbii

      savage. maybe he just didn’t want to be in kattun or JE. idk if he will sell tho.

    • mikamika

      Why didn’t he say so from the beginning? This way it’s always going to have a bad touch…
      And you can say what you want about Johnny’s, they have a succesfull management and it’ll be hard for him to get the same kind of support and power behind his back.

    • let the guy live

      yall gotta let up on junno lmao …
      he nvr said he was going to get married or that he was quitting the entertainment industry, so he’s not ‘lying’ or ‘betraying’ anybody.
      and honestly think about it, how well was he being treated in johnnys anyways?? overlooked, his career as a johnny and in kattun on the decline and probably not paid very well, as a man getting into his 30s he probably wanted to try something better for himself.
      though i do understand ur bitterness and sadness, he did leave kattun right before their 10th anniversary and they’re on hiatus now because of it. but i dont think he deserves some of the outright hate im seeing.

      • flyhigh

        Well, although not being really talented, he sure was in one of the most popular groups. I don’t consider him overlooked (other than some HSJ guys or those really talented ones that never got the chance to debut). Should have kept his popularity there before considering going solo, because lets face it: In JE he at least would have been seen by a broad audience.

    • Kiang Sheryl

      people who are logically thinking will think us delusional fans assumed Junno won’t be coming back. but as one of those fan who was there live at their 10ks concert, seeing the tears of the members, and promising us that they will come back, that is a total emotional wreck. and as much as jin and koki played a part in what KAT-TUN has become now, Junno was the last push of KAT-TUN into hiatus.

      I have no idea what the 4 of them talked about behind the scenes but letting the whole group go on hiatus so that Junno can come back solo is bull. and if that is the case, they obviously did not think of the fans. which is bull too. definitely, there are many factors in play that we can’t see nor can they control but this situation is bullshit and there’s no way I can be supportive of this outcome.

      even if KAT-TUN was a sinking boat, they gave up so much because of this hiatus.

      • Savannah

        I totally agree with this comment.
        I don’t care about the negative comments we will get, it was the hardest thing ever to see the members cry live on stage and I feel really sorry for them that they had to ‘çelebrate’ their 10th anniversary in that way. The haitus is there for a reason, and part of that decision is because of Junno leaving. I mean the remaining members even thanking all former members on stage while crying just showed how much they care about them and KAT-TUN. Even now.

        I didn’t expect him to return back to the music industry at all, and I normally wouldn’t mind if a former JE members does so but the timing is just horrible.
        So he can go and happily sing while KAT-TUN is on haitus? That is just unfair.
        I wished he waited until KAT-TUN made their comeback as well. If that were the case I think I could have supported him, but now, I don’t think I can.

        • yue

          My thoughts exactly! I would have supported him if he made his comeback, let’s say, AT LEAST a year after he quit. But no, it’s just months, we hyphens have not even dried our tears and he is there asking for our support like it is nothing. Like if KAT-TUN is not on hiatus now. Well done, TAGUCHI.

          • Aoi Lewis

            I agree with the bad timing, but I don’t hate him 4 it, if u r a true fan u should support them, not hate them. And 4 all those that said that Junno’s singing and dancing are bad then u don’t know anything, have u even seen it b4. And Junno’s voice might be different but in MY opinion it’s a good thing. And I’m still sad that KAT-TUN r on hiatus and according 2 some people this is Johnys way of getting rid of them slowly, but we hav 2 hav faith in then, They promised us that they WILL come back, and they will, because they act upon their promises and don’t break them.
            So please can we not hate Junno Koki or Jin 4 this, u never know what’ll happen in the future.
            And I BET they quit partly coz of Johnys, or Mary or whoever

      • Reileen

        I was at 10ks! The moment Kame spelled out KAT-TUN and dropped ‘Kamenashi’ and then holy moly ‘Akanishi’ and continued ‘Taguchi’ ‘Tanaka’ fans at the dome were bawling. Actually, when they heard ‘Akanishi’, right off the bat there was a collective intake of breathe you can hear it lol

        I can’t even understand Kame’s lengthy speech but it made me emo lol

        • Kiang Sheryl

          IKR!? i could hear the dome cry at the mention of Akanishi because all fans didn’t know that he would say what he did.

          i was literally bawling half through the concert thank god i went for Nagoya too.

        • cocohra

          believe me I just watched the dvd and I stopped been their fan since 2013 and I was choking up and crying at that part it was so painful, I can’t imagine the fans there how must they have felt at that moment

      • emma

        I don’t agree…don’t put the blame on Junno because KAT-TUN DECIDED to go on a hiatus..
        it was their choice when they realized that with 3 it’ can’t go forward…
        Even though they decided that after JUNNO decision, that doesn’t mean it’s his fault
        don’t be unfair!

        ps: I’m a kame’s fan lol!!!..*yeah just in case”

        • whatever

          I disagree. He could have left together with Koki if he wanted to go solo. But now he ruined Kat-tun’s third chance, and he wasn’t even honest with his reasons of leaving. He is at least partly responsible for what’s happening to the band. The reason Kat-tun went on hiatus is because he left the group. You say, you are a Kame-fan, so, do you remember the look of defeat in Kame’s eyes when he had to bow his head in place of one of his bandmates again?

          • emma

            I disagree with everything you said
            if you say he could have gone with koki, then why wouldn’t you say that koki should have left with jin ? it doesn’t make any sense.
            and to answer your question, even though it doesn’t make sense, he said that THIS is the time he has to leave because its a new start for his ’30 years so…yeah PLUs he could leave whenever he wants

            KOKI neither JIN were honest about the reason when they left, remeber jin was always until the very last like, Nah I won’t quit kat-tun..and koki we dind’t even had the time to realise…

            If you think that he ruined kat-tun’s whatsoever “third’ thing, then you have to say that to jin and again, KAT-TUN decied on their own to go on hiatus, it’s NOT because of junno, because why didn’t they go on hiatus when jin left and then koki left? they want to figure out the new path as 3 and we should support them as well

            yes, and I remeber the defeat he felt when jin and koki left…it was hard for everyone, but this is what we have to expect when there is a group

            all of this to say, don’t be unfair to junno.the 3 members did the same and yet most of the real fan support them (even if they don’t buy every singe, or watch over them) we still love them..why not junno??

            • emma

              2 **

              • Leen

                I agree with you, but can we also consider the fact that maybe they were not okay with his decision ? We don’t know for sure that everything went well.

                Going on hiatus might have been THEIR decision, but maybe not because it was time to focus on the 3 members stuff. Maybe they also got tired of people leaving/being kicked out, having to answer the press and apologizing on behalf of the missing people.

                I never hated any of the former member so I won’t be judging Junno, but let’s not assume that it was the “yeah follow your dreams Junno, we’ll step down until you debut to focus on a new way of performing” conversation around a fresh beer. (Even though I wish it was)

                They did well during their last concert as 3 members, and we all know that it’s hard to come back in the industry after a long hiatus so it’s a risqué choice for them. I even doubt that they will ever come back.

                I also agree about the fact that it’s nobody’s fault, but maybe, just maybe Junno’s departure was a little too much for them to handle.
                (I’m not saying Junno ruined them, i’m just trying to explain why some people might feel upset over this ^^)

            • Sunny

              If you have watched sakurai ariyoshi no abunai yakai show where the three KAT-TUN members came. They explained why they chose to go on hiatus. They said when Jin left,they decided they will work harder,when Koki left,they decided they will work even more harder.But when Taguchi left,they felt they were already pushed to corner.They said,no way they could have managed with just three members.

              I felt really bad when I saw this interview. You should watch this show to understand why they have ultimately gone on hiatus.Three people is too small a team to continue.They said they will explore themselves in solo career so that if any one clicks big time,they can bring back kattun from hiatus.

          • anonymouse

            I don’t understand how you can get “Taguchi should have left with Koki” at all. Why should Taguchi have left with Koki? Koki was fired for breach of contract. Taguchi left because his contract was up for renewal and (possibly), the terms being offered were unsatisfactory. The statements make it pretty clear that he was choosing to not renew his contract, as opposed to break his contract.

            We don’t know how long these contracts last, but a lot of Kpop boyband contracts last 10+ years (per slave contract disputes several years ago). We can extrapolate that Taguchi contract with J&A was several years long, since he clearly started negotiations for them early-to-mid 2015 and left early 2016. Possibly his contract was up mid-to-late 2015 and he chose to extend it for several months to reach March. Maybe his contract was up at March and he was negotiating for some time. Either way, it’s clearly not a month-by-month contract.

            As for his intentions being honest, he’s probably the most responsible person to leave KAT-TUN yet. Jin went solo, and there’s some pretty clear indication that he didn’t break his contract with J&A since he remained under their management for a while as a solo artist. That means that any terms of his contract that involved group activities would had to have been broken, and so he likely had to renegotiate his contract while still in the middle of it. Koki CLEARLY broke terms of his contract since that was why he got fired. Taguchi, from all statements, including the one put out by J&A, clearly indicates that he wanted to move in a separate direction and he behaved in the most adult manner I have ever seen by discussing his decision and choosing to not renew as opposed to break the terms of his contract. For example: “I am dissatisfied with the future outlook of this job” –> “I am going to discuss my future with my management label” –> “I am going to announce this decision to my coworkers” –> “I am going to announce this decision with ample notice to the public since I am a public figure.”

            (This Kame statement I don’t even know how to respond to. Are you upset that Taguchi left because it made Kame sad? That’s like saying “I’m upset that my coworker left for a better job because it made me sad.” That’s amazingly childish.)

            • tata

              Taguchi left before their 10 anniversary though and I remember it also effected their group CM endorsement deals. On dealing about with their contracts, he was all business. However on the timing of his departure and solo debut, he’s looking like an ass so the fans anger is pretty justifiable.

              • Go Tag

                CM endorsement deals are between companies. Taguchi can’t control when they sign the deal. It is arranged by JE. His contact with JE though was smt that he could control. Like anon said, a contract lasts a few years long. His timing was appropriate as well. On the 10th anniversary tour, KAT-TUN would have likely renewed their vows to stay together and not hurt their fans. If he stayed on for that then quit immediately after, he would be labelled a liar as well as insensitive. Better earlier than later with these kinds of things.

                I remember when he left some suspected he wanted to leave earlier but held back because Koki was irresponsible got fired suddenly.

        • kkn

          Apparently Ueda and Nakamaru didn’t really wanted to put KAT-TUN on hiatus, but Kame persisted. So yeah, it’s not Junno’s fault, but Kame’s.

          • emma

            noone is at fault ! ahlalalalala
            can’t put the blame on anyone though they know better than us

          • Sunny

            I have heard the opposite. Nakamaru suggested of going on hiatus and others agreed. This was mentioned on one of their show. Please dont quote anything without proper source.Also you can read Taguchi’s interview,where he mentioned that Kame used to tell “I want KAT-TUN to stand at the top”.

            Read this interview

        • weekender

          Junno planning his solo career while still in KAT-TUN and pretending he doesn’t know what to do next when they ask him is.. sneaky. And apparently fans have dug up that Junno’s website was created May 2, 2016. That’s literally a day after the Tokyo Dome final.

          Why don’t we wait what happens next ? SMAP’s disbandment is already a foreshadowing, will KAT-TUN be able to continue like nothing happened? No, just like SMAP, KAT-TUN were already broken since 4 years ago.

          I wonder, will he also be succesful in his solo career? This is harsh, but his reason of popularity was because of KAT-TUN, It’s true, right? He doesn’t have that kind of charisma. He doesn’t have Kame or Akanishi’s aura. He came out at the worst timing possible.

          I wonder how the other members think about this? They may come out telling lies like “We’ll definitely cheer him on!” or “We’re still on good terms!” when in truth they’re in the verge of crumbling. Must be heartbreaking.

      • tata

        Sorry just want to ask, can you list out tv programs and cms that Kat-tun had to sacrifice because they are on hiatus since Taguchi quitting? I’ve seen tweets of fans defending Taguchi and saying KT members still have tv works and the hiatus only involves music related release.

        • Kiang Sheryl

          They definitely still have solo tv works. That’s sort of why they went on a hiatus. I meant the group one like Shounen Club Premium, Tame Tabi.

          I can’t give you much for CM because I don’t follow their cm. But they did have group CMs. Whether it stopped because of Junno I’m not sure.

          And as a fan, I want to believe that if they never went on a hiatus, as their 10th anniversary, they could have done more.

          • tata

            The solo works are a given. I do know they’ve passed the baton to NEWS for Premium. I’ve never followed their group tv shows so is Tame Tabi still on?

            I agree that Taguchi is partly at fault for Kat-tun’s hiatus and the timing of his solo debut is further rubbing in the salt.

            • Kiang Sheryl

              Tame Tabi ended slightly before Junno left.

              I really loved TameTabi team for arranging the program so that the fans could ease into the hiatus with a lighter heart.
              After Junno’s annoucement, all they did was make jokes out of it so that the atmosphere wasn’t as heavy and even did a goodbye special to support/tease KAT-TUN and hyphens about it.

              • tata

                that’s good to know.

      • dunnowhyi’mposting

        Let’s be honest, “j-one records” decided that KAT-TUN should go on a hiatus. And unless Taguchi is signed to J&A, which he ISN’T because that was pretty clearly indicated by the statements last year, J&A has absolutely zero reason to pull KAT-TUN off active activities and put them on hiatus to support what is clearly a rival to their company acts.

        KAT-TUN is on hiatus because there’s clearly something going on with their members and their management is at a loss on how to handle this situation. Do you seriously think KAT-TUN has that much sway with C-level management that they’re going to go on hiatus for a solo act from what is clearly NOT THEIR MANAGEMENT LABEL to debut well? Yeah, let me tell my CEO that I’m just going to stop working one my main project for a few months so my coworker can debut HIS project under a RIVAL COMPANY. That conversation is going to go so well.

        • tata

          j-one is a subsidiary of jstorm which is under the J&A umbrella. So anyone signed under j-one/jstorm/infinity records/etc are under J&A contract. Did you just imply they were rivals lol.

          “Do you seriously think KAT-TUN has that much sway with C-level management that they’re going to go on hiatus for a solo act from what is clearly NOT THEIR MANAGEMENT LABEL to debut well?”
          What? They’re going on hiatus because they needed time to redefine themselves as a 3 member group. People shouldn’t act like it Taguchi’s quitting had no correlation to Kat-tun’s hiatus.

          • lol


            I think it’s pretty clear that he didn’t just leave KAT-TUN–he left J&A. Since he’s still in the entertainment business, we can extrapolate that whoever he signed to (or if he’s independent), it’s going to be viewed as a rival management agency. That means that any decision that J&A makes is not going to be to benefit Taguchi.

            So there’s no implication. Unless you can’t clearly read the official (translated) statement from J&A that clearly states “We apologize for the sudden announcement. Johnny & Associates and KAT-TUN member Junnosuke Taguchi have come to an agreement not to proceed with a contract renewal.”

            oh wow look taguchi is no longer signed to J&A. Whoever’s managing him is clearly a rival label.

            LOL right back at you.

            • tata

              It has already been cleared he’s no longer part of J&A and whoever he’s signed to now is obviously a rival company. Everybody knows that. The way you(?) mentioned j-one was confusing (hence my WHAT?) when your point was this: “any decision that J&A makes is not going to be to benefit Taguchi.” <pretty much stating the obvious dough. Kattun going on hiatus because they needed time to redefine themselves as a 3 member group. People shouldn't act like it Taguchi's quitting had no correlation to their hiatus.

              Whatever plans he made with his current label, the debut timing is still pretty bad.

              • tata


                It has already been cleared he’s no longer part of J&A and whoever he’s signed to now is obviously a rival company. Everybody knows that. The way you(?) mentioned j-one was confusing (hence my WHAT?) when your point was this: “any decision that J&A makes is not going to be to benefit Taguchi.” –>which is stating the obvious. They’re going on hiatus because they needed time to redefine themselves as a 3 member group. People shouldn’t act like it Taguchi’s quitting had no correlation to Kat-tun’s hiatus.

                Whatever plans he made with his new label, the timing is pretty bad marketing wise.

    • kashiyuka

      LMAOOO troll a bit Taguchi

    • Summersplash

      JE will blacklisted him. Part of the KATTUN fandom will prob do the same. I think his best bet in the entertainment industry is acting.
      If none of smap members ballsy enough to get out of JE (for now), what makes him think he will be successful?

      • GratefulToSMAP

        But Taguchi can’t act for nuts. Basically to me, he is talentless.

    • ran

      Not supporting someone who left his group in their current state. Will those going “KAT-TUN is forever 6/5/4” stop now?

      • No.

        KAT-TUN IS FOREVER 3!!!!

    • Lilly

      Are you kidding me? He left KAT-TUN on their 10th year anniversary for THIS?? Didn’t he learn from Jin and Koki??!

      • hizurisama

        sorry, I’m a bit behind the news, what happened with Jin and Koki? I thought Koki was doing well?

    • neko

      I don’t know what to think about this. I love Kat tun and I miss them…. and now this happens, if this is what Taguchi wants good for him , still I think is to soon to start, because It feel like if Kat Tun hiatus was his fault…. but well nothing to do here we can only wait to see what happen now

    • Reileen

      I am so bitter omg lmao

      But yeah remember the times he was so vague when confronted why he wanna quit? Lol it was so hilarious and awkward at the same time. KT was like ‘so why are you quitting? ‘What are you planning’ and Junno is ‘uh, nothing is planned yet’ and they go ‘maybe you should try being an AD’ lmao they ask him on camera several times

      But no he was going solo you guyss

      Judging from the reaction from fans, this was not taken positively. It’s like a slap to the faces of the fans who despite sad he is leaving still supported him till his last day as a member of KAT-TUN. I think the backlash is even greater than when Jin or Koki went solo

      • tatu

        I’m not a Kattun fan but I laid down my support for him to leave when he announced it. Even I understand this is bullshit. The timing is horrible. He had the audacity to leave right before their 10th anniversary AND released a solo when they went on a hiatus. The fans anger is justifiable. All those who called you guys as stans, delulus, and kept on reminding Junno never said he’s retiring should stfu. It’s the freaking timing. It was not an honorable move on his part.
        I think he deserves to be blacklisted but I pray this won’t lead to irrational actions by hyphens.

        • Risa

          This! I’m not even a fan, but I think the same. It was simply a douchebag move from his side. Imo every KT-fan has the right to feel betrayed and angry now. I hope for the other three to have a comeback too now.

    • Kyle

      i secretly stanned for samurai love attack and his solo song on the “dont you ever stop” single

      • sjhd

        those belong to J&A

    • Mar

      Really? He was the worst singer in KAT-TUN!! His voice is awful -____-
      I think the only one who deserves a solo debut is Kame :D not Junno -____-

      • hu

        I agree on Junno being awful singer, but Kame is even worse, lmao.

        • Q

          disagree with Kame being worse than Junno. his voice is powerful. u gotta listen to his live performance, his adlib esp.

        • Sunny

          I believe you havent heard much of kattun songs. Kame is the best singer in kattun. He has sung so many songs live and not lip synced. you need to watch more to realize,

        • Kisha Mane

          In terms of voice quality in kat-tun kame might not be as good as jin but his voice is very powerful and is continuously improving. Lucky for him to have a unique voice unlike other artists that if you close your eyes and listen to a song you might mistake the singer for the other. And i do notice that kame was always the one singing live.

    • WTF!?!?! What the hell is going on here?! lol omg, didn’t expect this at all!

    • Risa

      (I wonder if the Junno stans here are the same people that threw sh*t on Jin aka the betrayer and his fans, when he left and his fans wanted to continue their support.)

      But really, THAT’S why he ruined his band!? Really, Junno? Does he really think he can succeed as a solo artist? Poor Kat-tun. To imagine how much sh*t Kame always has to take from some hardcore fans… and now he is one of the last ones standing. I feel like Kat-tun is so weird… half of their members didn’t care for the group at all.

      So, basically Junno’s just another one who only wanted to go on a selfish ego-trip, just that Jin at least could sing and Koki went for something completely different. (I just want to point out, that when Junno left Kat-tun, I always said that his excuse and his reasoning sounded fishy. Still, this is really disappointing. At least the others didn’t lie about their expectations and reasons)

      For those who say, that he actually didn’t lie. Well, he let everyone believe he would like to marry and live a life away from the entertainment business – isn’t this the same as lying? The fact that he played all innocent and sweet, and now starts a solo career is even worse than what Jin or Koki did. (When I think of his grinning face now while the other three looked close to tears, I’m getting really pissed, and I’m not even a fan)

      As I said: Not really a fan, but now I really hope that Kat-tun will come back. Into your face.

      • Mika

        He didn’t said he would get married~ that was the media spreading assumptions~ so don’t get your panties twisted in a bunch~

        • Risa

          Yeah, I said: He didn’t say it. So what? *shrugs* He left with cute puppy eyes while letting everyone believe he a) wants to marry b) wants to settle down c) has enough of the entertainment business.
          It was a shitty move. He could have at least have the balls to say what he plans to do, or leave together with Koki when the group had to do some re-constructing anyway.

          Imo every KT-fan has the right to be downright pissed now.

          • Mika

            Lol relax i just went to read his previous exit articles and found none on getting married only media said so that’s why I said that.

            some fans are so messed up with obsessed people like you and from comments here.

            demanding the right to know every single thing about a person’s life.

            It’s a job dude get a life don’t get so work up over idols, they don’t even know you exist.


            • yue

              It is so silly when people say fans don’t need to be angry at this kind of stuff… why can’t we? we also spend money on them, time on them… it is our hobby, we like it. So we don’t get the right to be pissed as well? We don’t demand to know “every single thing about their life”; only the professional stuff, specially when, in Junno’s case, he is asking for our support. Why couldn’t he be honest from the beginning?

              • Mika

                were u forced on spending the money tho? don’t be pissed at people for your own stupidity.

                • yue

                  ok, you really are stupid

                • Meh

                  Wow..rude comments..i hope you dont have any fandom or you wont fall into a fandom..
                  And you only spend ur energy lol
                  Fans only wanna know his explanation lol

                • hmm

                  @fact: Psychologists examined Internet trolls and found that they are narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic

                  Hyphen, do ignore this user/troll named Mika. have a nice day everyone :)

            • Sunny

              Fans are not demanding to know every small move of his. Many had questioned his career moves after KAT-TUN,but he acted like he was undecided. So when fans get to know that this preparation was going behind the curtain, they feel betrayed. No doubt taguchi will not know us but we are free to express our opinion. People who are closely following KAT-TUN since their debut know what it feels like.

              • Mika

                so why do you care? I didn’t say you couldn’t? go on. I just found it interesting how worked up people over this.

                • Sunny

                  When people start investing money and time on an Idol group,they start investing emotionally as well. If you don’t understand this then it’s ok. I feel you should chill and stop wondering why others are getting worked up.

                  • Nori

                    Again. Nobody forced you to emotionally or financially invest in anything. You and the other entitled brats made your decision to do so and are now regretting it and blaming the guy.

                    Junno and these idols don’t live for you idiots. And you no life little girls need to wake up and face that reality.

            • Risa

              *lol* The only one getting worked up here out of completely unnecessary reasons is you.

              Yeah, those stupid people with an opinion, and with feelings! And those delulu fans who feel betrayed now. How can they.

              I don’t consider myself a KT-fan, although I always followed their activities, but even I feel for their fans now. I have other bands – idols and not-idols – I like. I work 40hrs a week, date, work out, and go out, and even if you don’t like it, I’m free to express my opinion here and voice my sympathy and understanding for the fans.

              • Mika

                nah I don’t even care for this topic~ It was on my feed~ I do enjoy reading people getting upset over an idol while waiting for my bus tho.

                • mikamika

                  For someone who doesn’t care, you’re arguing your case pretty strongly *laughs*

      • cocohra

        I think this is the worst case because is the third time kat-tun has to go throught losing a member if the first one was difficult the third must be way worse, rebuild things everytime to be thrown away and re-start once again, maybe the reason of their hitatus, they are probably mentally exhausted

    • GratefulToSMAP

      I actually hope he fails. Actually, I don’t have to hope… I’m pretty sure he won’t succeed as a solo artist. He can’t sing, can’t act, can’t host, can’t dance.

      I was a HUGE fan of 6-member KAT-TUN but never cared for Taguchi. Always skipped his sections in interviews/magazines because I can’t be bothered to know more about him. His personality is so boring and looking at how things panned out, he’s probably a shitty person too.

      • Sunny

        Taguchi is one of the best dancers in KAT-TUN. He can act decent in some roles. But for solo Idol career,powerful vocals are must. He may have to work hard on it.

        Also he lacks a bit of spark needed to attract audience.

      • Risa

        I agree mostly, but I do find him to be a good dancer. BUT is biggest problem is that he just never attracted me when dancing. There are guys in JE, good at dancing but sometimes they make mistakes when dancing, still I’m drawn to them and their moves, and the way they radiate when dancing. (I’ve been dancing mysself for years, and I agree with everyone who says that dancing well is a mix out of technique and having the heart for it)
        (Seeing your username I spontaneously think of Kimi no mama de by Kimura. Now that’s charisma!)

        Oh, and back to your comment: Exactly why I will never understand how some fans complained he didn’t get more solo work. Considering his talent, he actually got plenty of work.

        • GratefulToSMAP

          Exactly, Taguchi doesn’t seem to have the charisma to even attract you to watch him dancing. He’s technically good-looking and has a good height but lacks that star presense. Also, he has long limbs so some of his dancing looks flaily and he has weird expressions when he does that doesn’t fit the song at times.

          Kimura is my god when it comes to dancing. I could watch him dance for hours. His energy, charisma, stamina, strokes, music sense and expressions are all top-notch. Other Johnnys that I think dance well are Nakai, Ohno, Yamada, Kame…

          Yes, he got a lot of solo work considering his lack of talent. Probably because at the end of day, he’s still an ikemen (compared to Ueda or Nakamaru). I remember watching one of the dramas Yuukan Club or sth starring Taguchi and Jin and was constantly cringing from the bad acting from the both of them.

          • Risa

            I agree!
            And initially that’s what I think an idol is about: charisma. And although I’m not a huge Kame fan, I have to admit: He has it. Of course not everyone can be super-radiating, but I can’t understand why someone would leave a powerful agency, providing him with work and money and popularity for a solo career. The agency is sh’t sometimes, but not for someone like Junno (unless they would really prevent him from marrying for years)

            I agree on Kimura! I will never get tired just watching him. I will also never get tired of watching Ohno or Matsujun, or Domoto Koichi. Or even Fuma, and quite some others.

            Some guys are the example of how you don’t need to be the very best. If you have some talent and charisma, you can make it.

            Everyone in Yukan Club made me cringe!! XD

          • Sunny

            Yuukan club had Ikemen who couldnt act. I couldnt complete 1 episode also. lol…

      • yue

        mmmm he was the best dancer in the group… and his role as Ranmaru in Legal High was awesome.

        • tata

          Ranmaru is basically him playing himself. Its really not that much of a stretch to consider his as a talented actor just by that role. Anybody can play that role. What he has is his looks and height. Koki is a waste of real acting talent, not Taguchi.

        • GratefulToSMAP

          He’s far from the best dancer in the group. Well, appreciation of dance is personal and I guess our taste differs :)

          And after seeing the first two dramas with him in it where he acted so badly and unnaturally, why would I want to put myself through the torture of following even more of his dramas? Sorry, I am not so vested in him that I would continually watch his dramas just to look out for improements.

          • GratefulToSMAP

            Pardon, the second paragraph was for @Bleh

      • Bleh

        When the last time you last get updated with Taguchi though? I wasn’t aware about other stuff but his solo Finale is pretty good.

        and I always found it amusing when people wishing for other peoples failure because they are the epitome of that failure as human being. This is why we can’t get world peace people hating on other people. XD okay I went off topic..

    • Sunny

      When Taguchi announced that he is quitting J&A,I thought he is quitting entertainment bizz for pursuing another career.I felt so sorry for him then. I felt he sacrificed his Idol career for personal reasons. Little did I know that this was the plan all along. I had also read rumors that he may settle in kumamoto along with his GF to take care of old age home owned by her family.Now,I feel betrayed as a hyphen.

      I dont think he will marry Komine for a while,until he establishes solo career.
      This news took me by surprise. I am sure many hyphens are shocked by this news.

    • H


    • Kiki

      I knew he wasn’t going to leave the entertainment business, idk where people got that idea from. But I admit that I feel betrayed by him as a KAT-TUN fan. There’s a chance that they won’t come back because of him. I wonder how honest all of the johnny’s are because of what happened with Jin, Junno, NEWS, SMAP, Ryutaro and possibly others that I don’t know about.

    • eplizo

      I KNEW he wasn’t going to leave the industry. LMAO

    • riri

      lol considering that taguchi’s been in the entertainment industry since he was 14 (or maybe younger? i think it was 14) and literally doesn’t even have a college degree or anything that would allow him to obtain any other type of job, who’s even surprised at this news?

      how delusional do you have to be to think that somebody who’s obtained national/international success as a pop idol is going to work some minimal wage job and work their way up? lol.

      the only thing surprising is the timing.

    • Stf

      f u

    • not ronald

      Really gotta laugh at all the butthurt. I agree the timing is a bit suss but anyone with half a brain could see this coming. I suppose Junno wanted more from his career and got sick of living in Kame’s shadow, ‘cos let’s face it Kame is pretty to look at but quite average in every other way.
      I think there will always be the danger of this kind of thing happening when groups promote a ‘center’ over the other members. Especially when the center is not all that good.

      Funny though … usually when this kind of stuff happens fans are foaming at the mouth to blame Johnnys management. This time the blame is being heaped on Junno. Johnny’s could have refused to let him go or kept him on a solo artist like Pi. But no, they cut him loose with no apparent bad feelings.

      As with the SMAP situation stuff like this just doesn’t come out of the blue. I’d bet everyone involved had more idea of what was going down then they let on. They all pretended to act shocked to preserve their own reputations. It was only the fans that were kept in the dark and that’s why they had to make up stories about him getting married and stuff. Reality is, this was probably a long time coming.

      • not ronald either

        Speak for yourself. Kame is no prettier to look at than Junno. Now that I think about it, there aren’t that many Johnny’s idols that are pretty to look at. ._.

      • half a brain fan

        happy to provide u with all the laugh :D

      • whatever

        Why should any management provide Junno with a solo career? Pi is popular, maybe not talented, but freaking popular. Such as the SMAP guys that had solo careers too. Shibutani Subaru is talented. Domoto Koichi and Tsuyoshi are both. Why would anyone invest money in a pretty average guy for a solo career? Besides, JE hardly focuses on solo acts, but mostly groups.

    • fallen

      OH! more and more mature comments keep coming up.. YASSSSS
      ’cause seriously, most of, (if not ALL) of the previous comments seems kinda from kids, like blaming and hating without thinking properly like an adult, and also fangirling like please LOL !
      peace out kids :)
      let the man be and stop your imature comments/behavior !!

      PS: for hating one of the members you USED to WATCH and support….SHAME ON YOU
      no matter what, this is not right if the members knew and still supported him, WHO ARE U TO HATE LOLLL

      • back at you

        Why are you shaming people for having and expressing their feeling? Even hate is considered a feeling, and I do think everyone have the right to feel hate and to express it, as long as it doesn’t escalate into violence. Cause sometimes that’s what help them to move pass it. why don’t you just shut up and go away if this flow of emotion is bothering you so much?

    • NapeunRin

      LOL IRIGUCHI DEGUCHI in our faces
      Still as KY as before….good job for not reading the mood, Junno.

    • cocohra

      So in the end all the ex-members were a bunch of selfish brats, but junno is the last I expect this, maybe the company was that shitty with them, but all of them are also dumb because with kat-tun they would be more successful, how is akanishi and koki doing now? again I wonder if really been a kat-tun member was that shitty, but all other groups have remained in the company even news that lost a lot of members.
      I kinda get akanishi he was always the odd one and tbh he was the most talented but he didn’t want to be an idol, koki wanted a rock, band but taguchi? honestly he is the worst singer out all of them, good luck to him and I hope kat-tun can come back soon.

    • fallen

      I ‘m repeating myself because I don’t kow where my comment went and I feel that this is comment is important to put out there for the kids to learn!(talking about you imature wanna be “hurt” fangirls

      OH! more and more mature comments keeps coming!! YASSSSSS
      ’cause seriously, the previous if not ALL of the previous comments seemed to be from little kids, OMG!
      they put comments out there without thinking like an adult, only to blame and hate without thinking properly
      let the man be and stop your childlish comments/behavior, this is not right in so many ways,

      you hating the man now that you USED to WATCH and support and laugh at his cute/silly jokes ( :) ) just SHAME ON YOU

      if you are a fan as you say or “pretend” to be don’t hate on junno, if you do then you are not a fan..don’t be unfair to him
      HE DID NOT BETRAY ANY OF US, we are just confused I agree and the timing isn’t right I agree, but stop balming him for wanting to pursue his dream

      If kat-tun knew about it and still suppot their friend, WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE HIM
      ps: junno doesn’t need your tears LOL

      again I’m a kat-tun LOYAL fan and kame is my favorite, just in case

      • Teenah

        I agree with everything you said, but we don’t even know if kat-tun was okay with it lol

        They acted like they were but we will never know…

        I don’t hate Junno tho. I started being a fan in 2006, and I didn’t hate on Jin nor Koki so I won’t be hating on Junno.

        I will never forget the 6nin period which is the real kat-tun in my opinion ^^p

        I hope he makes it but it’s gonna be really hard.

      • HevRev

        If you’re going to rant at others for being childish then you should probably write a little more maturely than that.

        As I put in my own comment, I do want to support Junno with his own projects but I also, like many KAT-TUN fans, feel that it is very soon and quite unconsiderate towards the group. They are in the state they are in partially thanks to his departure. They had to apologise on national television and then release public statements communicating how sorry they were and how they planned to move forward. What should have been a massive year for them was turned upside down by his sudden and very adamant annoucement that he was leaving.
        Of course it is his right to leave and to do what he needs to do and we were all ready to support him in that. But to then announce this less than four months after KAT-TUN have gone on hiatus is very short-sighted and unfeeling towards the group and the fans.

        As I said, I hope for his sake that his solo career is successful… but he could have handled it better than this. I don’t think it makes any fan ‘childish’ to feel that way and you shouldn’t be mocking them for it.

      • whatever

        *lol* For someone bashing the immature fans you come off as pretty immature yourself. I’m not a fan of Kat-tun or Taguchi or any of them, but seriously, there is something called empathy. And I feel for the fans and for the remaining guys. You on the other hand throw sh*t at people here like only a teenager (sorry to all mature teenagers!) would do it.

        To be honest, you actually sound like a Junno-stan. You say you love Kame, but still you can’t understand how his fans or the fans of the remaining group feel? Really? Have you forgotten how Kame said right after Koki’s departure that he hopes everyone who doesn’t care for Kat-tun has left now? I watched MS when Kame had to apologize on behalf of Junno. He looked defeated.

        Yeah, Junno doesn’t need anyone’s tears, but he needs people’s money. And he asks for support now. Well… those childish, 12-year-old fans are supposed to buy his single and merch now.

    • Kyoko

      God, how I miss 6nin days.

      • Teenah

        Bless you. I’m still stuck in 2006-2010 *shivers*

    • byebicycle

      i’m not a kat-tun fan, so i don’t have any particularly strong feelings about this, but reading through the comments, i just wanted to say… all of y’all looking down on others for understandably feeling upset/confused/hurt/angry/whatever–y’all ain’t shit. don’t think you’re any more “mature” than the upset fans, because you’re not.

      like, don’t get me wrong, i don’t think taguchi deserves any hate or anything for doing what he wants to do. it’s still his life, after all. but considering the things kat-tun’s gone through, the current state of the group, and the timing of this announcement, i’m not gonna shit on any fan expressing how they’re feeling rn (provided it’s not just insults or whatever).

      • Hermione48fan

        If you don´t know anything about what happened to KAT-TUN,then why are you posting here.
        Yes, he has the right to start his own career, but there is an important fact that is the timing and that they made it seem his departure had to do with leaving for health issues.So fans feel he lied to them.

        • byebicycle

          uh, you should… maybe… re-read my comment??? bc i was clearly voicing my support for kat-tun fans here. i mean, i literally even mentioned the timing of his announcement…

          also, not being a kat-tun fan isn’t the same as not knowing anything about what happened to them, just saying.

          • Hermione48fan

            Sorry, I didn´t read well!!!. You are right!!!.

    • fallen

      ” ignoring some comment that just poped up since this person isn’t a fan and can’t understand ”
      ps :upsete does not inculde hating and judging..just to say :)

      • byebicycle

        lmao this shady comment. why didn’t you just reply directly to me……. did you think i wouldn’t see or something???

        also, not being a fan doesn’t mean i can’t understand how people might be feeling. it’s called empathy. additionally, i literally said in my comment that i’m not saying taguchi deserves to be hated, just that i understand fans might not be feeling overly positive towards him right now. and while you might see “judging”, i see people having an opinion, whether it’s one i agree with or not.

        as a sidenote: your original comment is still there, so you basically posted the same comment twice.

    • HevRev

      As a hyphen I’m feeling VERY conflicted about this… On the one hand I want to support Junno in his solo career (and he will need support because it’s not unfair to say he wasn’t one of the stronger singers in KAT-TUN) but at the same time… the timing is bad, his departure caused so much turmoil and is arguably what put KAT-TUN into their current haitus…
      It’s a very uncomfortable situation. I’m surprised he’s done this, surely he wanted the support of his fans in KAT-TUN and knew that doing this so quickly would alienate them?

    • yah

      Junnosuke is no dummy. He would have been bashed for his decision no matter how he went about it. There must have been something really unsatisfying for him remaining in KAT-TUN to make such a radical decision. I wish him and KAT-TUN’s past and present members well.

    • TM

      Well I haven’t really followed KATTUN for years now, but I’m really surprised about this news. I mean, well he didn’t lie literally or anything to the fans because he didn’t say any concrete reason for his departure from Johnny’s. But nevertheless, of course fans will feel like they are betrayed and feel disappointed, because KATTUN is ceasing in the industry as group now as the result.
      But I’m just going to say this, when you have succeeded in and then quit Johnny’s whilst you’re quite young, it will be hard to come back to the entertainment industry and be as successful as before, and better don’t expect to be. I’m really sorry to say that, but you see, even Jin hasn’t been able to manage it quite well. Then there are Koki and Morimoto Ryutaro, look how they’ve turned out, coming back to the industry. I’m not a Johnny’s master, but the only one who I have perceived to have become successful in the industry in life after Johnny’s is only Taka from One Ok Rock. So, good luck Junno.

      (Addition: And I can’t help but see it in an ironic way that it seems working in Johnny’s must be really restraining after all that he chooses to quit and then turns out he still wants to continue to be in the industry.)

      • Sunny

        Taka had powerful vocals. Plus his parents were singers. Taguchi doesnt have that spark to draw crowds.

        • whatever

          Yes, and he left early enough. Was he even part of the first NEWS single?

          • Sunny

            Yes. He was part of NEWS Nippon.

      • Tamu

        Taka has his parents connection..they are senior singer.

      • mary

        You forgot Hiromi Go,Sorimachi Takashi,and Motoki Masahiro.

        All are ex-Johnnys who have become more successful than when they were with the agency. Granted, all of them are backed by a very powerful agency, more powerful than Johnny’s.

    • xally


      • Kyoko

        Kame’s like “Why don’t you shut up?”

      • whatever

        *lol* What a dickhead. His grinning face alone. Ueda looks like he is thinking about a way to kick him out of the bus. Narcissit maybe?

    • Nikki ok

      Kat-tun was a sinking ship anyway, with or without junno,
      I actually also thought that he left the industry but honestly he probably kept it low so that johnny’s wouldn’t interfere with him too much, and I don’t get why people say “he could’ve waited a little longer” NO, he couldn’t have, because prolonging a shitty contract just to not hurt their two fans wouldn’t help him because fans would always say he could’ve waited a little longer, that’s no reason, if something sucks and you can end it right away, would you personally prolong especially because kame is the only known member anyway and to be always in his shadow probaly sucks

    • Kyoko

      I remember the days when most people used to hate on Jin for leaving, but looking back he’s probably the one who acted better. He said he wanted to go solo and he never claimed to love the group so much like Koki. He just seems the least ‘fake’ to me.

    • lufie

      I’m really not sure with Junno as solo.
      He’s not have his own strong fanbase like Yamapi and Jin.
      His singing talent also just average.
      But we will see, I curious what’s kind of solo he will offer.

    • flyhigh

      This is one of the very few times I don’t blame JE (or another powerful) management for something weird going on. They provided a mediocre guy with a good career (and even with some solo projects). He should be eternally thankful. He could shine on stage with KT. And now? What does he want to do without a group and a powerful management? The entertainment industry is run by the people he left behind or those who are allies of them, and he doesn’t have Jin’s connections. Even for those who are talented and with good connections, and a good agency – being a solo act is incredibly difficult.

      • Lilly

        Couldn’t agree with you more!

    • flower

      I can’t believe the number of people saying they are surprised. The fact Junno didn’t give a reason for quitting should have set of alarm bells straight away.
      And for those saying he should have waited until KAT-TUN returns from hiatus, what if they don’t? I hope they do come back but as the hiatus has no set duration is he supposed to wait forever?

    • Reileen

      Oh woah while I’m bitter he’s doing this while the group he left is on hiatus, I don’t get how some ‘fans’ goes looking down on Taguchi. He has tons of solos while in KAT-TUN and it’s easy to judge what kind of material he’ll do. I bet he ‘s gonna drop stuff fans were hoping and expecting Akanishi to drop but did not.

      He has a solo PV out too and isn’t Junno’s solos easily the favorite by fans? It’s easy to latch onto it bec he does the mainstream dance solos. I don’t think he’s gonna deviate much from the solo genre he does while in KAT-TUN.


      While JE focuses on groups, KT has tons of solos and duets stacked in singles and albums. For anyone who has followed 4nin, YES Junno is the best dancer in the group (arguably with Jin included) and one of the best in the jimusho (he was even chosen by Higashiyama to star with in that stage play where all they did was dance) and post Jin everyone has to step up and so does Junno bec everyone takes lead in songs aside from Kame.

    • Lempicka

      I can’t help feeling bitter about this. This just brought back all the pain of him leaving.
      Will his solo career be worth the pain he inflicted on everyone, and especially – will it be worth KAT-TUN stopping all activities over it? I doubt it.
      It’s his life, I know. But everything KAT-TUN has to lose is unfair.
      If KAT-TUN were still in activity, even with no singles, if they still had SCP and tame tabi I could hang on to that and just ignore this bit of news.
      In the meantime I’ll rewatch 10Ks. Those of you who say KAT-TUN are over obviously haven’t watched it. 3nin KAT-TUN can also be awesome.

      On a side note, I really don’t understand comments saying “Jin left and look where that got him.” Jin is doing fine? All his releases have had very solid chart performances, consistently ending up near the top of the charts. It’s remarkable, especially considering the little amount of promotion. He also managed to stay relevant enough to the media to still make the news. And his music just keeps getting better. He’s doing more than fine.

    • TK

      Maybe… i might be a delusional fan, but a KAT-TUN fan for sure I am. I am neither defending or accusing Junno of KAT-TUN’s current hiatus. All I know is that it does suck when music shows with all Johnny’s appear & KAT-TUN is not there. Anyway, he might of had his reasons for leaving just like the other two members, which everyone knows by now. We don’t always know what happens behind the curtain for “JE & associates”, but I do feel that each of the members that left & are still part of KAT-TUN are grateful for KAT-TUN at least once in their lives even if at time like this they do not show it to their fans. Hopefully, the trio left can find a bond that will strengthen the hyphens faith for KAT-TUN or KUN, but even now at least for me… I still support the 6 members of KAT-TUN in whatever endeavors they want to fulfill in life even if it does not include KAT-TUN ever being together on a same stage. Hopefully, one day even if they all have to leave JE. I wish I could see them reunite on a stage again, but who knows it might have to be only in my dreams or memories. Wish KAT-TUN they best! Not just the group, but all the people behind the name. Sorry about the rant from a delusional Hyphen. ganbatte!

    • Does he think he’ll be succesful? I mean, Akanishi was the entire package and while I think he did okay, Junno was never as popular or as talented, and I never find him good looking, just okay. And this move is definitely awful, the timing and all, I can’t imagine KT fans being supportive.
      Eh I just wish the best for Kame tbh, totally indifferent in how Junno does tbh.

    • confused

      I usually don’t join in any discussions, but after reading some of the comments below, I had to say my piece. First of all, I need to preface this by saying that I enjoy KAT-TUN’s music more than that of any other group in JE and, as such, have followed them in passing. I was disappointed when they went on hiatus because it meant being deprived of future releases I would probably enjoy. Did I blame any of the members? No. Why? Because they are people who do not owe me anything.

      The way I see it, there is a tacit contract between myself and any entertainer I enjoy: they provide me with entertainment, I consume it. As I am free to stop following their work, they are free to stop providing it. In short, it’s nothing but a business transaction. This, of course, applies to Junno’s case. He is free to do whatever he pleases with his professional life and his personal reasons do not concern me. I don’t know the man. I’m not best friends with him. I can’t read his mind. As such, making any assumptions about why he did what he did is grossly unfair.

      It’s truly baffling to me that some people feel personally betrayed by his decision to announce a solo debut. What did he exactly do to offend you? How long should he have waited for you not to feel betrayed? Was he ever allowed to advance his career?

      Let’s put this into perspective. Say that you work in a company, in a department of four people. For some reason, you don’t like your job and decide to leave it, The department gets disbanded because it can’t function. Meanwhile, a couple of months later you get a job offer for a similar position. Would you take the job offer? Or would you refuse because you’re scared of betraying your former company’s customers?

    • death_signs

      You guys instead of complaining, you should be thanking Junno for doing kat-tun a favour. Sorry to say this but the group has lost its charm from way before any of this happened. Watched their live and it was horrible everything seems so forced with Kame in the centre trying too hard and all. And tbh a hiatus would work best for all of them, the members should find sth that changes their perspective and find a new way to improve themselves and deliver back to their fans. They are no longer in their 20s, things that worked 10 years ago for them will not work now for most fans.
      And most of you are saying Junno is selfish, which I think is a unfair statement. He’s decided to break out of his comfort zone and accept new challenges, do you have any idea how hard that action itself is for any other person. If there’s anything he’s at fault here, that would be the fact that he did not express his intentions for leaving clearly. But then again have you guys thought, it’s because he had insecurities and uncertainties in his own limitations that he did not explain his intentions properly, since there was no confirmation on whether things would work out or not. Yes all these are speculations just like the ones most of you in this comment section are having, and that is why we get the grand prize of being the most selfish people in the world. We assume we know everything about our idols, their struggles at all. It’s great when these assumptions are glorified, but horrifying when you use it to attack someone to ease your own pain. If you have the energy to do things like that why don’t you start picking up Japanese if you haven’t and start writing fan letters to encourage the remaining members, reassuring them of your support.
      Putting Junno aside, if you are a real Kat-Tun fan you should had realised the deterioration in the group’s performance from way before and you would have approved of this hiatus. I’d rather they throw themselves out there and rediscover themselves come back fresh and anew than continue with a performance that pains me.