“24-Hour TV 40” peaks at 40.5%, Buruzon Chiemi finishes 90km marathon run

The 40th broadcast of 24-Hour Television, NTV’s yearly charity show and one of the major broadcasting events of the year, successfully ended last night. This time, Arashi’s Sakurai Sho, KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya and NEWS Koyama Keiichiro served as the main personalities, joined by actress Ishihara Satomi.

The average viewing rate is 18.6% (last year 15.4%). The highest viewing rate at 40.5% (last year 35.5%) was recorded at 8:47 pm on Aug 27. The 24hr TV drama special “Jidai o Tsukutta Otoko Aku Yu Monogatari” starring Kamenashi Kazuya also recorded a high rating of 25.6% (last year 20.5%), with peak rating at 28.0% at 10:09pm.

Comedian Buruzon Chiemi served as the charity marathon runner, which unlike the previous years, was announced on the day itself – 2 hours and 15 minutes from the start of the program. Chiemi successfully finished the 90km marathon, arriving at Nippon Budokan at 8:48pm. Her “with B” sidekicks from her hit “Career Woman” skit are also present to welcome her. Chiemi tearfully thanked everyone “Thank you for this valuable opportunity, it is a good experience, thank you very much!”. Though her face was covered with tears and sweat, her makeup remains intact, leaving viewers in awe.

Check on for more of the ratings numbers below!

2017 24HR TV Ratings

PART1(18:30~21:18) 25.9%

24HR TV Drama (21:18~23:18) 25.6%

PART2 (23:18~1:45) 16.3%
PART3 (1:45~4:00) 6.3%
PART4 (4:00~5:00) 6.1% (5:00~6:43) 9.9%、
PART5 (6:55~11:27) 19.2%
PART6 (11:27~12:27) 18.1%
PART7 (12:27~16:54) 17.4%
PART8 (16:59~17:23) 26.1%
PART9 (17:23-19:00) 26.1%
PART10 (19:00~20:54) 28.4%

24HR TV Ratings

2004: 11.7% MC: Arashi / Marathon: Sugita Kaoru
2005: 19.0% MC: Kusanagi Tsuyoshi & Katori Shingo / Marathon: Maruyama Kazuya
2006: 17.7% MC: KAT-TUN / Marathon: アンガールズ
2007: 18.6% MC: Tacky & Tsubasa / Marathon: Hagimoto Kinichi
2008: 18.6% MC: Arashi / Marathon: Edo Harumi
2009: 16.8% MC: NEWS / Marathon: Imoto Ayako
2010: 15.8% MC: TOKIO / Marathon: Haruna Ai
2011: 17.1% MC: Kanjani8 / Marathon: Tokumitsu Kazuo
2012: 17.2% MC: Arashi / Marathon: Sasaki Kensuke & Hokuto Akira Family
2013: 18.1% MC: Arashi / Marathon: Oshima Miyuki
2014: 17.3% MC: Kanjani8 / Marathon: Joshima Shigeru
2015: 15.4% MC: V6 & Hey! Say! JUMP / Marathon: DAIGO
2016: 15.4% MC: NEWS / Marathon: Hayashiya Taihei
2017: 18.6% MC: Sakurai Sho & Koyama Keiichiro & Kamenashi  Kazuya / Marathon: Buruzon Chiemi

24HR TV SP Drama Top 10

1st “Chiisana Untenshi: Saigo no Yume” Hiroshi Abe 2005 26.6%
2nd “Yuki to iu koto” Domoto Koichi 1997 26.3%
3rd “Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru” Matsumoto Jun 2008 25.6%
3rd “Jidai o Tsukutta Otoko Aku Yu Monogatari” 2017 Kamenashi Kazuya 25.6% NEW!
5th “Saigo no Natsuyasumi” Natsumi Abe 2001 24.7%
6th “Kurumaisu de Boku wa Sora o Tobu” 2012 Ninomiya Kazunari 23.8%
7th “Kyo no Hi wa Sayonara” Ohno Satoshi 2013 23.4%
8th “Kimi ga Kureta Natsu ” Takizawa Hideaki 2007 23.3%
9th “Futari ~Watashitachi ga Eranda Michi~” Nagase Tomoya 2003 23.3%
10th “Yuuki” Kamenashi Kazuya 22.7%

(via Oricon1, Oricon, Mynavi, Jnews)

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    • Mary

      It was watching this years 24 jikan terebi, so inspiring really!!

    • AoZora

      Kame was awesome through out the show.. Especially that Fashion show and the heart melting drama “Jidai o Tsukutta Otoko Aku Yu Monogatari”.

      I was shocked to know that Buruzon Chiemi served as the charity marathon runner. It was kept as surprise…:)

      • angel223_

        Im shocked too coz were in diff generation already, I didnt expect Kame to get that high rating as a stan, I always worried about his ratings status, so I ready myself that it will get better but never expect this high…
        Really happy!!..
        Love the fashion show too, it remind me of NMP and lips PV but really short hair is his glorious moment, He was gorgeous through out the marathon, just read that he had no sleep at all and shaking in Going..and cant imagine tomorrow is his live tour w/ flying stunts…O.O in three straight day….
        I hope for his safety first.

        Im so proud for him…
        He deserve all his hardwork, very well deserve.

        Buruzon is awesome, She was about to cry hard and her two sidekicks show their body and she continue her gag. Awesome… instead to end with ussual crying moments it became laughter…
        She is beautiful too.

        • AoZora

          Non-stop 40 hours or more of work for Kame.. I guess it was too tiring for him to shoot for Going! after the 24 jikan terebi.. I saw him for the first time crying after watching that touching story… .

          I liked that ‘Otto the skateboarding bulldog’. I am not sure whether it broke the Guinness World Records… But it was sweet watching that…

    • lol never know that Koichi’s Yuki to iu koto received that high rating.

      Out of all the 24HR TV dramas, I probably enjoyed Jun’s Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru the most. The lil girl who acted as his daughter is just so cute!

    • Kameneko223

      I’m so proud of Kame! After all his hard work, this is what he got. He now had 2 Top 10 24 Hrs TV Drama. Of course, thanks to all the staff and himself.
      I love how the trio (Kame, Sho, Koyama) respect each other.
      Kame’s so cute all the way considering he had no sleep for 40 hours!
      The Julie performance made me drool over him. I’ve been playing it over and over. His voice is so sexy. And the flying kisses at the fashion show. And the ‘tsk’ in Real Face was replaced by flying kiss as well.
      I don’t see Kame cry on live shows. It’s different when you see him in dramas coz u know he’s acting. But it broke me seeing him cry in 24 Hrs.
      Kame, you are everything.
      Words are not enough to compliment you.

    • Nama

      Do we know what they do with the money
      Do they give an account of everything?

    • Morganalilith

      Why is this full of johnnies? Always was curious about it

      • miraikuru

        well, I think having johnnys in the show will secure some rating for them, since their fans will make sure to watch it

    • bailey darbii

      the proposal was also good! i need to watch the whole thing but i liked this year a lot.

    • kazumi

      I stil not watch full the SP drama, only watched pics and short videos in twitter but kame’s appearance was different and he played the character so well. Not to mention, old!kame looked very handsome. I bet the real!kame when he is old will look more handsome too.

    • kirin

      This year’s amount of donation was the lowest within the past few years
      Seems like people are affected by the controversies regarding the personalities appearance fee?


      • Gary


        this article has comparison for the amount in the middle of the show, the ending (the ones anon posted) and the total amount that will be announced in a few weeks
        the total amount for this year isn’t announced yet but it’s a serious drop if we compare the amounts at the ending. The article says there were troubles with the online donation system? but also a lot of critics from the public (the runner stunt, the mother announcing to her very young son she’s not his real mother on TV…

        NTV already cleared about the personalities fee years ago when Arashi last hosted it. They did pay them but mostly the payment will be donated back for the program as their personal donation.

    • I never watch it all the way through but I’m looking forward to watching some clips of a few of the things that happened.
      …..It’s always Johnny’s hosting, huh.

    • yamakita

      I like the surprise marriage proposal and, of course, the marathon bit. Chiemi did well.