Arashi ARE the true Japanese Gods of the Universe

Forget Utada Hikaru, forget Radwimps. Critically acclaimed newcomers? Bin it. Arashi are the true Japanese Gods of the Universe, the proof is in the pudding that is the Arama! Japan Awards 2016. According to the recent poll, the elite readers of the Japanese music world have spoken- and decided that Arashi should pretty much just do EVERYTHING, and why not? They’re the best at it.

You may be asking yourself whether it’s a case of a crazy fandom doing everything in their power to vote up their idols. As a staff member, I can assure you there is no such tomfoolery going on. Every vote came 100% from seasoned critical thinking and true love of quality entertainment. It just is a matter of fact that Arashi came down from the heavens to spread their insatiable mix of pop perfection. Oops I meant rock. Quality rock. Rock that would make Led Zeppelin destroy their entire legacy just to be a little close to Arashi’s greatness.

In the space of a year, Arashi have managed to pick up the following awards: Act of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Music Video of the Year, Best Live DVD, Best Band/Group, Best Album Art, Best Idol Act, Best Idol Album and Best Idol Song. Any naysayers be damned, you can’t argue with results. If my house was burning down I’d send in Arashi to save my family. I’m going to throw away all the music I love because it just isn’t worth supporting anyone who can’t achieve this kind of acclaim.

It really shows how important the Arama! Japan Awards are, without them I’d be truly lost wondering “but WHO ARE the best Japanese act?”. Thank-you voters! Thank-you so much for showing everyone the light! Arashi are the true kings of the universe. Hoshino Gen quit and join them. Ken Hirai should just quit. Congratulations Arashi on your stunning wins this year. You are my new favorites and I have seen the light.


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    • james

      too overrated.
      Arashi is no JPOP god. what is this post all about btw?

      • HyperMoot .

        read again, he wrote “rock” and better than the now defunct but still glorious Japanese band Led Zeppelin.

    • guest

      dear if you hate them this much, don’t post anything about them, then you will get rid of arashi fans who are following you for arashi news, then just true!! music lovers will remain, and you can discuss true music! with each other! why would post their news in then first palce, just to get followers,stop it, arashi fans will not be sad, I assure you, we have our sources to get their news ;)

      • Just

        I consider myself a true music lover but I love Arashi music too.
        Arashi shouldn’t be excluded from this site just because a couple of writers are butthurt over them relentlessly topping everything or their fans are salty over their satire.

      • Shiki


        BASED ASH

      • Midna

        it’s really not that serious though.

    • the groupie who

      XD trolling at it’s finest

    • honey girl
    • Ash

      Before people lose their minds: ITS 100% FOR FUN/SATIRE in response to the results of the Arama Awards. I have nothing against Arashi or their fans (was gonna do a response regardless of the results)

      • Ara

        it’s such a clickbait material though. but thanks for the /s! XD

      • Guest

        No point posting such article if you are going to openly disclaim that it’s satire. Should just stay quiet and watch the events unfold, while grabbing a copy of Arashi’s Popcorn.

        • Shiki


      • Shiki


      • “I have nothing against Arashi or their fans” – Oh, my, you are such a liar. :D

      • Ztf

        F*CK Y*U!!!!!

    • Lia

      Sarcasm much?

    • Taima-kun

      lol okay

    • Dave
    • BAD KID

      I mean, if this was for an actual award show sure I guess. but for a fan voted poll? really


      lemmie vote for arashi in every category next year

      • Kyle

        excuse you the arama awards are very serious and prestigious. this is the most reputable award one can get

        (if maki goto doesn’t win something next year i’m deleting the website btw)

        • surfboardt


          … I think. I don’t remember who I nominated for that tbh

      • Welp

        Didn’t even know there was a poll

    • Dekkhhasso

      If you don’t like Arashi then just type normally that they dominated your poll so you won’t sound hating. I don’t even know you have this poll lol

    • YuzuFlip

      People need to know their place…

    • neko

      lol i love arashi but that awards was too much XD come-on Best Album Art , best video , Song of the Year, really?

      • woot

        Fukkatsu Love is great,,

      • iora89

        it’s a poll/ of course fans will vote for their faves. you see arashi on choices, you click arashi. as simple as that. it’s how every fandom works.

      • Charlie

        I agree Best Album Art was too much but compared to the other nominees, Best Video and Song of the Year were some of the few categories I feel they actually deserved to win. Fukkatsu Love was a great single and was well received even by non-fans and their Japonism DVD was visually stunning (the other nominations were all pretty generic).

        • neko

          all you are right Fukkatsu Love have a great video , I remembered watching the making of , I overreact a little :P

      • byebicycle

        ia with album art, but fukkatsu love is amazing tbh

      • Just

        I voted for Koi but really though, Fukkatsu Love was a close second choice. That was an amazing single by Arashi

    • surfboardt

      … People ask Ash to post this as a joke from the results discussion.

      Already receiving complaints from Arashi fans clutching their pearls. It’s like yearly Arama Thanksgiving dinner with family.

    • vharashi

      There was a poll?

    • juu
    • Princess Arashi

      Yeap! they are the true owners of the universr and you better recognice it haahahaha…Hey, Arashi fans will always support them and I know this is a sarcastic article but I like that you know the power of Arashi and Yes please throw all your CDs and just listen ARASHI your life will be happy hahh
      btw Ken Hirai is a big fan of Arashi, there is a video about it in Youtube. So join the wonderful world of ARASHI.

      • Ash

        Ken Hirai owes Arashi royalties

        • Princess Arashi

          perfect partneship deshou hahahaha

          • surfboardt

            nononono Unless a member of Arashi gets caught into the tri-monthly Ken Hirai gay rumors, it hasn’t reached perfect status.

            • Princess Arashi


    • さくらい まさき

      Arashi’s fandom know they aren’t perfect, but that doesn’t give you the right to make fun of them. .

      • hhhh

        true, but their music is fair game

        • Just

          True but some do agree Fukkatsu Love was a better song than Koi or Are You Happy was a better album than Fantome

          • nana

            Fukkatsu Love was greeeeeeeat. A nice colour on Arashi. I want something else like it done again.

    • nosy
    • Emma Woodiwiss

      Oh my God!
      I’m not gonna lie, I adore Arashi. But this article… well it just about made me cry. My coworkers already thought I was weird enough before I started uncontrollably giggling at my computer screen. I mean, I was just about holding it together until the ‘If my house was burning down I’d send in Arashi to save my family’ line. That one just got me lol.
      Great little article, I loved it!
      And for all the haters- Arashi are big boys, I think they can handle a little sarcasm every now and again!

      • Ash

        Im glad you saw the funny side. Like I said before, it was a joke. I woulda ripped into anyone if the results leaned their way, even my own personal faves.

      • Dalooshe

        MTE – I was gonna quote the same line too loll XD But you pinned the point! These types of posts are needed here in Arama from time to time imo!!

    • 阿部ちゃんの妻です😘

      Their fans just have excess time lmaooo. Like Hoshino Gen’s fans or fans of other fandoms will bother abt Arama awards? Nope. They don’t and won’t bother abt such award lmao. Like it will affect anything, right? Plus, lots of fans of arashi are people who have lots of freetimes. u can tell by the amt of effort they put into the fandom. lmao

      • Midna

        Most of us are working adults though ?

      • Nikki ok

        So if you have a job since you like Koi, why are you so bothered by the awards then? To even write this comment lol

        • 阿部ちゃんの妻です😘

          I’m not even his fans. I’m just mentioning names. And I know most other artist’s fans don’t even bother with this kind of ranking. dun even care who wins tbh.

          • Nikki ok

            But weren’t the readers invited to vote in the poll? So just because arashi happened to get the most votes suddenly their fans are bothered by this random award? Ok. Idk but ever considered the fact that people might’ve sincerely voted for arashi because the other options just didn’t make it for them, it’s called subjective.

      • Just

        This sounds so petty. It’s not about time. The poll only took a couple minutes to fill in.
        Arashi won because they have more fans, the largest fandom in Jpop community based on how they won this every year with significant percentage

      • Lol

        Lol..i wish i have lots of free times just for stanning them

    • Mimi

      Arashi > Christ, Muhammed, Moses & Buddha
      If you don’t agree, you are delusional.

      • surfboardt

        Slaying your deities, Xenu who?

      • Reileen

        Happy Science, who?

    • Jin Tegoshi

      Haters gonna hate. Arashi is the best male group (artist) in Japan you like it or not. Congratulations to the 5 gods of the Universe!!

    • h

      it’s 2017 and people still obsess over them…SAD!

      • Pc


      • lol

        well people still like akb so..

      • Elodie Genia

        maybe it’s for a good reason ^^

    • iora89

      ohh please! if arashi did not win on this poll, people will be bitchin that arashi is not popular anymore. of course arashi fans will vote here even if this is a poll created by arama. we dont take this poll seriously, believe me. we just like to support our band even if this is nonsense.

      just stop making fun of our fandom. you spew hate on them/us, of course we will fight back! we’re no saints here.

    • jae

      i’m laughing at all the stans who are going to get genuinely passive-aggressive over this post and vehemently defend their faves. anyway, long live the best j-rock/j-pop/j-idol/dance group to have ever existed, gg arashi.

    • phoe-enix

      I feel like this post is missing the complimentary meme pictures….

    • Lol

      Oh Ash XD

    • hi
    • HyperMoot .

      As an external observer, fascinated by the technicalities of pro-journalism, I see a difference of treatment there

      Arashi is getting that fun/satire paper with zero negative comment about them and their fans a proper cool warning. Why? because they’re the Gods of the Universe. Ok, then. (Males)

      Radwimps: read nothing really mean about them. Maybe their name is too difficult to handle? (Males)

      OOR: wow, that was a different story ( and the tone was way more sarcastic. It’s probably because they’re in fact a boys band that pretends to be something else if I read the comments properly, hence the punishment and the tough tone. (Males but …their hairstyle, omg)

      Utada Hikaru: ( well as some recent visitors reminded us she’s just “an ugly overweight Bish”, that must explain everything. (Female, ’nuff said)

      On top of stats about the actual number of voters, do you have any juicy info about the nationalities (IP tracing?). I mean, Arama is getting bigger and bigger internationally, there are readers from remote Uganda and recently representatives of a crossover between Daesh and Japanese Ultra-Right Nutopia paid a visit. Ain’t it cute? and funny and lol and LMAO?

    • Welp

      Try harder tbh

    • byebicycle

      lmaoooo ash pls. where’s that pic of those fans bowing down to an arashi billboard/poster

      tbqh though the only category they def shouldn’t have won was album art, everything else is debatable imo

    • MaRGa

      This doesn’t sound like “Fun/Satire”, it sounds like a butthurt person who is passive agressively calling dumb anyone who thinks Arashi is worth any award.

      I don’t care tho, if you’re butthurt that’s your cross to bear.

      • guest

        You’re the one choosing to get offended by a joke here…

        • MaRGa

          I’m not offended, did you read the last sentence? I’m just saying what impression this post gives… It’s saying it’s satire while giving a butthurt vibe.

      • Tanja Schwindsackl


      • Shiki


        • *



          • Shiki

            >Caring about spelling on a laotian fishing forum
            Really percolates my synapses.
            Seek sunlight.

            • hhhh

              but this isn’t 4chan

              • Shiki

                >Arashi wotas absolutely worked into being triggered
                The city of (You)

                • hhhh

                  who are you quoting

                  • Shiki


    • Alex

      Piko-taro got the “Best Breakthrough Artist” Award with a 30 seconds jingle, he da real MVP tbh.

    • Otagei dansu

      People of Arama are alive again. *crying*

    • Yuuki Nagai

      You make a poll for fandoms and blame voters “to be fan”.. ok I don’t know about this poll but I accept Arashi is my god. no shame…. * whisper * I really like this article so funny and good but please don’t tell anyone * and of whisper *

    • chuuu

      Why don’t you just leave them alone?

    • PigeonPop

      Their fandom loyalty is so strong here that they probably would’ve won categories meant for female soloists/groups and video games too had they been nominated. Potential experiment for next year’s awards, perhaps?

    • eplizo

      I SCREAMED just reading the first bit. LMFAO.

    • Lady Sara

      It’s kinda strange..
      Arashi? Music Video of the Year?
      Even Arashi fans themselves complain about their boring & low budget mv
      Their juniors like Sexy Zone & Kis-my-fi2 have better mv than them!!

    • Arashist

      Arashi are the kings so haters just go and take care of your own business

      • Shiki

        >Arashi drones getting worked by Big Bantz Ash
        Truly the G.O.A.T

        • .

          do you not get the tone of that post?

          • Shiki


    • ClickClackToTheBang

      I didn’t even voted and some Arashick stans but they still won. True Gods!

    • Ryusei

      I love how some arashi fans can’t even detect that this article isn’t serious

    • guest

      Ash is my new fave writer here

      • HyperMoot .

        chances are that “lol”, “lmao”, “belch”, “?”, “blip” and “pizza” will reach the same conclusion.

    • Midna

      Ash please 😂😂

    • HyperMoot .

      Only 7 hours and already 76 comments. Hurry, hurry, there are records to be broken ! Let’s get ready for Stan Warts

    • suezu
      • Midna


    • hasawa

      And still, i’m probably one of the very few ppl out there who barely knows who Arashi is and never heard a single song from them lol

      • Maybe it’s time

        Here’s a link to their award winning Song of The Year / Music Video of The Year:
        The video was pretty easy to find despite all the hype on Johnny’s lock down. Do share what do you think of these true Japanese gods true your virgin eyes.

    • I almost dropped my phone when I saw this. Doing the most, fam. Smh

    • light

      Lmao it’s just a joke (not great satire but still), chill guys. I like the album/dvd chosen but best album art?XD

      This post is getting more replies that the actual poll one lol

      • Just

        Agree, its not a very good satire. Nothing to be bragged about. The humor didn’t get me loling, it was just a “heh”. Disappointing tbh. Somehow I sense fear in the writing.

        • light

          More like in a hurry to make a post before people forget about the poll

    • Nikki ok

      Tbh I voted for arashi most of the time because they were the only one I knew in the category lol but I do still think that fukkatsu love was a nice song, yes better than Koi (I really don’t get this songs hype). But I guess it’s all personal taste.
      Also it’s hilarious how some of ya’ll pretend like arashi fans lose their shit over the awards or this article when the only salty ones I see in the comments are non-arashi fans. Lol

    • Maybe

      I love Arashi but this is the best thing I’ve read in ages.

    • OhNana

      This post is PURE GOLD! Hallelujah to you my friend. You made my day. Lol

      ps. this is not a sarcastic comment. thanks for the laugh. :)

    • arashiareTHEkings

      I could not agree more with the article. Although it is supposed to be for fun/satire, i still think that this article is very true :D lol Arashi are kings of jpop and this article proves it

    • yacchaitai
    • HevRev

      Haha never seen an article that is so drenched in sarcasm like this one, fair play :D

    • Monique Septia

      arashi <3 kings

    • other guest

      Btw, for the Best Album Art maybe next year you could add pics for all the choices? I didn’t vote because I only knew Arashi one and was too lazy to look for the rest, so I think some people were like me and either didn’t vote at all, or just voted for Arashi, because that’s the only one they knew. Idk how big the difference was between 1st and 2nd place, but maybe it’d help change the results a bit?

      • light

        Great making of, they were hilarious XD

      • But Ohno, wtf are u doing gramps?

    • MJBeatle

      Good to know it’s a satire, lol…. I just see Arashi as a more successful version of SMAP. Yes, they are popular in all areas, but I wouldn’t say they have the skills for it (singing, acting, producing, etc)…. They somehow have managed to attract the Japanese public with their chemistry as a group. But the best Japanese male group of all time will always be Mr. Children or B’z for now….

    • deets

      should have gone all out like you guys did with utada and oor. that would be something. :D

      • Just

        Agree but without the sexist quips. I think they tend to distract people with extra unnecessary rants if they went for the same style. Ash probably couldn’t stop himself from making sexist comments about fangirls and Ronald will take the chance to guilt-trip the fans for supporting J&A or attack their personal lives like he did to Utada.

    • arasick

      literally the only people going off are non-fans and the people saying “lololo stans about to go off!!!” lol but whatever floats your boat

      I’m just amazed people were able to fool themselves into voting AYH for best album cover LOL like damn I’m one of the biggest stans around town and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it

      • Midna

        Yeah idgi either. Those covers :|

        • Just

          I didn’t vote for ayh as best album cover but who do you guys think should win in that category? All the nominees have pretty basic covers tbh

          • Midna

            I think i voted for Perfume’s? I actually liked the cover lool. :3

      • mikamika

        I liked AYH covers because of smiling Arashi but they’re really not the best that has been out there this last year. But I guess most people only vote for what they know…

    • i just wish Arashi would be like this:


      Arama’s demographic is …. (?)

    • Lolo

      On a side note, they’re so overrated

    • bestguest

      Fun/satire aside, it’s kinda dumb to create a popularity contest and then get bent outta shape when a popular act wins.
      You can’t equate popularity with quality. I even saw Arashi stans on here expressing surprise that Are you Happy won anything. Someone on another thread compared Arashi to McDonalds and they were more accurate than they imagined. McDonalds are popular and they sell heaps of it, but it’s still not real food. Arashi are popular and they sell heaps of it but it’s not ….

      • Midna

        How rude. Are You Happy? Was one of the best albums last year.

        • hhhh

          but how many albums did you actually listen to last year?

          • Midna

            I listen to more than just Jpop. ????? I try to listen as much as I can but it was one of the best among the ones I’ve heard. Idk where you’re trying to go with this comment.

            • McD

              You have arashi members hugging in your icon. Of course you’re just a brainwashed fangirl who only listen to a couple of Johnny’s album a year.

              • Midna

                i have no doubt in my mind that’s what they think LOL

          • McD

            Yo hhh. I know you as one of those people who went off at Ronald (with me a couple of times) for his sexist comments. Just need to remind you, just because a user have arashi members in their icon or say they liked Arashi’s album doesn’t mean they have shallow music taste. I lurk at OH and recognized midna’s profile. She has good taste in music.

            So how many albums did YOU listen to last year?

            • hhhh

              according to, 192 (a conservative estimate, because i only started an account in June)

              • McD

                Oh so I see that’s what makes you feel you are better than the rest of us at judging Japanese albums released in 2016. I doubt even Ronald and his brand of snobbery didn’t listen to 200+ albums in a year. Bravo.
                Does it include AYH?

                • hhhh

                  no, although i did listen to Fukkatsu Love – it’s a pretty nice pop song, but i really didn’t hear anything remarkable in it either. if the exact same song had been released by AKB48, there’s no way it would have broken the top 5 on the poll.

                  i mean, if the album is as good as people say it is, then i’ll try it, but i also feel disinclined to trust the opinions of anyone who voted this as album art of the year:

                  • hhhh

                    anyway, let me use this important opportunity to post the best Johnny’s song of all time:

                  • Midna

                    Well I can’t disagree with you about the album art. But I loved FL *shrug*

                    And no it wouldn’t becuz FL slays okay.

                  • McD

                    Figured you were blindly judging the album despite not listening to it. +200 albums eh, lol. Oh you like akb48. They aren’t popular here. So which Song of The Year nomination did you voted for?

                    If you read, a lot of the fans didn’t vote AYH for album art of the year. Did it ever occurred to you that they simply voted arashi for this minor, non-musical category because the other nominees “art” didn’t give them any lasting impression? Fyi, I voted for Yellow Dancer cover simply because.

                    • hhhh

                      “Oh you like akb48.”
                      please quote where i said this?

                      “a lot of the fans didn’t vote AYH for album art of the year […] they simply voted arashi for this minor, non-musical category”

                      so did they vote or not? what are you even talking about any more?
                      besides, the choices on the poll came from public nominations – it’s one thing to arbitrarily pick the only name you recognise from a list, it’s another to go out of your way to submit “unflattering photo of middle aged men standing in front of cheap grey background” from all of the album art released in 2016.

                      • McD

                        “please quote where i said this?”
                        It’s just an innocent assumption based on your own akb48 probability. Fyi, i wasn’t disagreeing with you. Why you think akb beneath you that you feel inclined not to be associated with them?

                        “so did they vote or not? what are you even talking about any more?
                        besides, the choices on the poll came from public nominations – it’s one thing to arbitrarily pick the only name you recognise from a list, it’s another to go out of your way to submit “unflattering photo of middle aged men standing in front of cheap grey background” from all of the album art released in 2016.”
                        Did I said they didn’t vote? I said its a meaningless category in a popularity poll. Personally I think none of the cover art are impressive so really, they are free to pick whatever pleases their eyes and that include photo of middle age men.

              • Guest

                Sounds like you’re one of those people that never give time to really let something settle in and reveal itself.

      • McD

        That’s your narrow-minded opinion and it will not change even if you’ve listened to Are You Happy. It’s already set in your mind that Arashi, just because they are top idol, are incapable in producing quality music.

        Widen your mind and savour that 100% beef patty.

    • Ztf

      Mods are so stupid, why they keep putting arashi in every category to later complaint.


      • Arashi

        Does it though? Or do Arashi fans just feel attacked more than they should over every little fucking thing.

    • kashiyuka

      o boy, i really don’t know what to think of Arama lately.
      This isn’t necessarily towards this article per se because it’s obv satirical.
      But usually there’s the perfunctory posts about music shows and charts pierced by the occasional shitpost.
      It’s such a weird line to try and straddle.
      I’d say go all the way on either one or just don’t.
      Arama could try reverting back to something similar to LJ roots where anyone can contribute and we can all shitpost together