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Hey, Arama! Japan! It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: With that idol scandal, do you think things would be different if the idols were female?

      • more outrage from wotas and there would probably be more backlash? I think it would also be harder to pin down which female idol group it would be. When you think of male idols, basically JE comes to mind, but there’s a lot more for female groups.

      • yourcoffeesucks

        All the scandals. There’s no way a female idol would survive Ohno’s scandal.

      • literally all

        it’s crazy how even a smoking picture can end careers/lives this tweet thread is wild

        • Anata

          Bookmarking that twitter.

          So the last “development” of the orgy-oopsbaby got people fuming but here’s another interesting actual development, Yamada’s ajinomoto cm suddenly disappeared:
          Can you please post this one too?

          I’ll be hella surprise if it’s really yamachan and possibly Keito & Yabu.
          This is giving me ohno3p dejavu but without pictures.

          • rly?


            hes still listed there for JUMP’s cms. just drop it, let arama post something when it’s actually confirmed, it’s starting to look like a witch hunt now.

            • truely?

              He’s also still filming for the Cain and Abel drama. Witch hunt, yeah I think you nailed it. Sad part is, when it all turns out to be false or to have nothing to do with Yamada or HSJ there will still be idiots who will repeat it as fact.

              • rly

                i mean it could be anyone but i just want someone to spill the beans already, it’s dumb to play around like this. i mean, if its true they’re profiting off a minor’s potential trauma, it’s gross.

          • Reileen

            To be fair to Yamada, it’s been ages since there was an Ajinomoto CM and his image was never up at the website in the first place They’d like to pin this on him/ group saying all CMs disappeared on HP and searched thru all their resumes lol. But their image on Kose HP is still up

          • lmao i was out for the day yesterday but let me get on that

      • Ryusei

        Probably, male idols can get away with literally anything and still have tons of fans

        • K.Y.

          Yeah, because:

          smoking or party pics: “bad boy” image
          Pregnanty and marriage: family guy image
          Girlfriend pics: invent an excuse and next
          Misconduct in public: probably he had a bad day so it isn’t his fault

          but girls are bitches and impure so they’re done…and the problem is that it’s not only in idols case, actresses also suffer it.

      • l

        akb yeah, the rest nah.

        but i mean, thats hardly a scandal and more like just an acusation, why is everyone treating like we know who they really are? but really its johnnys that can get away with akanishi troop style scandals and get away with it. i blame this on johnnys for letting their idols run wild.

        • trebletones

          It’s more profitable for the company if the male idols are not committed or married. Instead of having a healthy, stable relationship with a girl, playing around is a safer choice for both the company and the male idol career-wise. They’d be forgiven eventually anyway because they’re boys and it’s a “phase” they have to go through. It’s messed up I know.

          • l

            ” Instead of having a healthy, stable relationship with a girl, playing around is a safer choice for both the company and the male idol career-wise. They’d be forgiven eventually anyway because they’re boys and it’s a “phase” they have to go through. It’s messed up I know”

            a lot of johnny’s have regular, dl type of relationships and they’re pretty normal i’d say. i just don’t approve of stupid akanishi troop style shenanigans, you don’t see this with exile yet they’re not even “idols”, they’re way better behaved. that’s why i’m blaming the jimusho for letting them think they can get away with anything, ie yuto’s case i mean sure the group was punished but barely anything happened to him. i think they’re better off just dating, nothing else.

            • Brandon’s Polezniye Duraki

              Funny thing. I just had a convo with a couple of people about the effects of the restrained lifestyles idols have and this is surprising.

      • anonnn

        well duh

    • Vin

      I’m so psyched about Utada’s new album last week. But this weekend I’m totally losing my shitz to the new Gaga track. She’s totally bringing the 80s back. Again. It gives out such a high…

      Utada’s is probably gonna be filled with her signature ballads based on her inspiration from her mother and motherhood but I hope there are a couple of uptempo tracks thrown into the mix. So excited!

        • hasawa

          is that shade…? lol

          • No, it’s a “Perfect Illusion.”

      • i’m sort of stanning perfect illusion

    • SCANDAL is on their European YELLOW tour in the next two weeks.
      today they will perform in the Nederlands, the first concert of the tour.
      i need the setlist ASAP! i have to be prepared for their concert in Vienna. :O

    • hasawa

      I feel bad for MACO cause they’re trying so hard to make her the new Kana Nishino

      • yacchaitai

        chay too lmao

    • Sakuno chan

      Anyone know how I can buy a digital single if I am not in Japan? I tried recochoku and iTunes but it says it is not available for purchase from outside of Japan.

      • i recommend you to not buy anything because they don’t want to sell us anything obviously. it’s not worth your energy and time.

        • Sakuno chan

          I know, it is frustrating how hard they are making it for us international fans.

      • Get an iTunes Japan gift card and account or use OTOTOY. And there is stuff iTunes internationally.

        • maguro part deux

          Interesting…do they not check your IP location if you’re using a gift card?

    • Reileen

      Anyone saw ‘Train To Busan’?
      It’s popular I’m surprised cinemas are all sold out for this movie. I saw it and I’m still trembling lol

      • iWatson

        I wanna watch that film so bad!!! TT_TT

      • Sou

        I’m super thrilled, I really want to watch it because I love how zombie films always make me feel weak and reflect upon everything! Luckily it seems a nearby film festival here in Spain will screen it, so I’ll try to watch it there!

        • Reileen

          You should! It’s screened in our mainstream cinemas so it’s easier to catch it, tho most screenings are quick to sell out. I had to ride a train after watching it and I was secretly dying inside lmao
          It did make me weak and think of life, etc and I got really scared 😨

    • neko

      Wich is your favorite JE group?

    • jasmine

      How about Sexy Zone? Are they popular in Japan?

      • No9

        I only have anecdotal evidence but my friend likes their show and music and shes not into any of the johnnys so apparently they are doing something right.

    • No9

      What did I just watch…