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Hey, Arama! Japan! It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: Why do you think Daichi Miura is getting a push suddenly? He was on Music Station tonight, for the second time since May, when he debuted on the show after being solo for a decade.

      • One reason I know is that on the “Cry & Fight” video on youtube, someone left a comment encouraging fans to send request to Music Station so that Daichi can be on the show. I think many fans actually sent the requests this time. Also, I think Johnny’s don’t have as much influence over the TV network as they used to. Rising production male artists were never invited to the show for many many years and people thought it’s because of the pressure from Johnny’s. You can easily tell that the seats for Johnny’s artists are secured on that show. Also it may be just because they figured Daichi is no threat to Johnny’s dance vocal groups since he is not very popular after all these years of good performances. Plus his marriage can be a factor.

      • Mou

        The demand from his fans. He was blocked for a longtime thanks to Johnny’s as they did try to block boy bands and male dance artists from appearing alongside their acts for almost two decades. Some of the more obvious ones to slip through are Tohoshinki (because of the deal Johnny’s and SM made in 2002 thanks to Inocchi and Shoo) and DA PUMP in its early years because Vision Factory was more powerful at the time thanks to SPEED and Amuro Namie.

        I won’t be surprised if we see BoysMen on there soon.

        • The Kis-My-Ft2 fans were freaking out when their new single outsold Kis-My-Ft2’s on opening day this week.

          • guest

            Even Matchy would outsell them with so many bonuses, lol. I see their numbers went up again, so I wonder if they’re planning on going all out on getting that weekly no.1 over Kisumai. Idk what are the total sales for both so far, though.

          • Kepo

            How many bonuses did boysmen had vs kisumai?

            • butting in

              From Johnny’s meme:

              12 version plus handshake thing. Also fans can take a photo with one of
              the members for every CD they buy up to five members per event, I think.
              Too lazy to go look up more specific details.

              Kisumai just had 3
              versions: Limited A, Limited B, regular. And I believe that unless fans
              reserved CDs at the last two concert venues, they all just come with
              the same poster. Venue reservations had stickers or cards or something
              small that fans could get.

              Also 2ch says something about it being BoyMen major debut and something about 24hr TV? I’m not sure, sorry. Hopefully there’s someone who can properly answer this.

              • light

                Someone also said that boysmen single was really cheap, not sure though

              • Taima-kun

                something about the proceeds from their goods goes to charity, said to be indicated on their official site according to Cyzo
                idk if they were using 24hr TV, seems they had an event in Nagoya related to it? where they also sold CDs at the side of the stage, also goods such as member pics wearing the charity shirt(?)

    • eplizo

      Not sure if any of y’all know or care, but in the limited edition pop-up version of Frank Ocean’s new album Blonde, he actually featured KOHH for a whole verse at the end of Nikes (his lead single). I was so shocked when I heard about it lol. I think that’s awesome tbh.

      • Did you like the album? It kinda put me to sleep, but then again I had 3 glasses of rose after working for 10 hours.

        • eplizo

          I really love it tbh. Perhaps not as many highlights as his last album that I can put on repeat, but it’s still great imo. I think it might grow on you if you give it another listen. The album I don’t really care for is the visual album. Those songs are quite bland lol. I’m glad he kept them off of Blonde.

      • Jo

        Lol I posted this in last week Open Posts and noone cared :(
        Fader also published a quick introduction of him right after the album released…

        • oh I didn’t check last week Open Post, I would have reacted :(
          That Fader article was nice ! but I lol-ed at that part : When asked for a statement from KOHH, his rep responded, “Sorry… KOHH doesn’t like to talk about himself by himself.”

        • Fader

          Noone cared coz when you posted the open post was no longer on the trending sticky…

      • I was so shocked when I heard that, but then when I heard the track and saw the contributors list I was happy that Kohh (and Loota) got to work with Frank Ocean! But it’s such a shame it’s only available on the pop-up version and not the Apple Music one (I loved both albums Frank released!)

    • SCANDAL’s YELLOW album is nice. recommended. o/

      • Just Tim

        I didn’t go to their concert in Anaheim last year, due to Anaheim’s reputation as “Anacrime”.

        • i will attend their concert in ViennaCrime next month o/
          can’t wait! :D

    • Aalletty

      Hi guys.
      Can you help me please and tell me the latest news about Smap’s disbandment? I know that Takuya returned from Hawaii and that they had/have to record SmapxSmap. I tried to translated some articles with Google Translate but.. you know how it’s the translation.
      From what i saw in many articles Takuya’s wife=devil :))

      • guest

        I only know that SMAP fans throw dog poop at Mary’s house.

      • nope

        you can read the update from smap fan in livejournal: yanie 02 at livejournal

        • Aalletty


      • ft

        “Kudo Shizuka and their daughters arrived at Narita the next day.
        Q. What do you think of SMAP’s disband?
        Kudo: I never interfere his work, so I do not know.
        Q. What do you think about the stories that made him as the bad guy?
        Kudo: I think what really happens is different than what everyone imagines.
        Q. Do you think everything your husband did was to protect SMAP?
        Kudo: There is no other reason.”

        credit Yanie.

        all the other articles about Shizuka Kudo is the witch/devil that killed smap are only speculations.

    • Jo

      Just saw Final Fantasy Kingsglaive! Nyx reminds me of Zack Fair. Can’t give a shit about Noctis anymore…–D2RhJP_i–/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/b9nd7jbpqymfszyspioe.jpg

    • Uniqmiracle

      She kinda reminds me of YUI