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It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: The Winter Olympics are here, but will Yuzuru Hanyu actually show up?

    • Mika

      Japan is seriously in need of music variety shows, or at least music programs other than M-ste that don’t air during midnight-1 AM. The only real music variety show I can think of is Buzzrhythm, which is fun, but it airs way too late.

      • XOXO

        There was an article I saw about this a few months ago. It’s because there aren’t any well equipped comedians to host music variety shows. There are lots of comedians that are coming out with great *gags*, but none of them have any starpower and lack the comedic skills when it comes to talking. Even Watanabe Naomi whose known to be hilarious and one of the most successful comedians of this generation seems awkward and not as funny on Shibuya Note when she’s talking to lesser known artists and groups who don’t have TV experiences, she’s not used to it. She’s extremely popular but she’s not funny enough to pull in great ratings for a show that comes on maybe 5-10 times a year.

        Ishibashi Takaaki (who used to be on Utaban) just said in an article a day or two ago that a lot of comedians and talents now lack adlib skills and can’t run with things that go off script. And a lot of the older comedians who do have the talk experience aren’t considered as funny as they used to be (even people think Downtown’s Matsumoto who was considered a talk genius in his hey day is considered bitter and not as funny now).

        A lot of music shows constantly book idols for their talk segments of music variety and neglect bands/artists because idols have or are developing the talk experience and producers just expect idols to carry the show and make it interesting. It’s why Hey!Hey!Hey! had Johnny’s and K-POP and lazy VTR segments in its final years, Downtown (especially Matsumoto) wasn’t into it anymore and didn’t engage with their guests, so the show got boring and FujiTV thought it was the perfect opportunity to stuff it with content they *thought* would be interesting.

        It’s also the reason why pretty much all music programs except Music Station come on during the ungodly hours. They’re boring. Most people don’t watch music shows in full now, they’ll just watch a video performance on Twitter/Youtube that will pop up 10 minutes after the show is ending.

        • Yeah, the shows just don’t bring in viewers now. People don’t want to sit through a bunch of acts they don’t care about to watch their fave sing like half their song.

        • yup

          this is so true. i went down a youtube tunnel watching heyx3 clips after i started watching the hikki vs. macchan tetris battle. i never heard a single song from these old singers/bands but the interactions are just so funny lol.

        • PigeonPop

          Hamada has always been the real star of Downtown. There’s a reason why he’s still carrying successful solo gigs (e.g., Purebato), while Matsumoto absolutely needs a supporting crew of other geinin to carry a show as is the case with the vast majority of geinin like Ariyoshi or the incompetent 7 of Shabekuri. These folks can’t create laughter out of natural conversations; they depend on the comedic timing of their guests and/or force them into one-shot gags, so when their guests are shy or austere like Mackenyu the end result is an awkward mess.

          Ideally I would like to see Sanma or Matsuko give it a shot. Like Ishibashi they can carry a show solo, spin funny moments naturally from the flow of the conversation, and have ample experience hosting non-tarento guests. But these two are far too busy–as well as ratings savvy–to even bother considering another show on the plate, I think.

          I personally recommend KanJam, but that’s almost like an “educational variety” one will watch on NHK and lacks the spirit of Utaban or Hey x3 that many are yearning for.

          • XOXO

            What do you mean? Matsumoto was always considered the genius of the two and more popular during their hey day, it’s why Hitori Gottsu got such high ratings with its limited format (Matsumoto in a room by himself) and got so many sequels and is touted to be “kami-level” comedy. Most people prefer Hamada now but to the Japanese Matsumoto was always considered the one who could do dual owarai roles and carry shows on his own.

            Sanma offended a lot of people recently by saying disparaging comments about KABA-chan during her transition (most too awful to even mention here…) and Sanma no Manma was tanking in the ratings in its last couple of years, and his scandals with AV stars wouldn’t make him a big draw for the type of music programs people want. But I completely agree with you that Matsuko would be ideal. I think KanJam is a good show but having full Kanjani8 hosting a music variety show could turn people off. Hina is well liked and Matsuko gets high ratings, I think if they were given a music variety show in a golden slot they’d absolutely bring in great ratings and it’d remind people of the Utaban duo, their show already does really well for its late slot. It’s just a shame Matsuko has voiced her displeasure with music acts that aren’t talented and has openly stated her hatred for AKB related acts and her bias for certain Johnny’s and certain idols, which is another reason it’s unlikely she would accept a job doing music variety.

            • PigeonPop

              I do agree with the observation that many saw Matsumoto to be the genius strictly in terms of owarai, To claim he was the more popular one however is doubtful when Hamada had the greater CM resume like JR’s Ski Ski, side projects like H Jungle with T etc. This is reflected in the lack of disparity in their peak earnings in the 90s and 00s, which was quite often topped by Hamada, and certainly not Matsumoto-dominated. Also, I’m trying to discuss this from a hosting standpoint which Gottsu plays no part in.

              Manma did struggle in its late years, but that’s completely turning a blind eye to the long list of other Sanma shows. Sanma Goten continues to be one of the biggest talk varieties in terms of ratings and Honma Dekka is (sadly) one of the very few Fuji TV shows period that is capable of hitting two digits during specials. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make with the scandals, because not a single one of them had much of an effect, if at all, to Sanma’s domestic likability (it’s still at #1 amongst geinins as it has been for years) and CM clientele. Sanma can make something like the occasional Todai Hoteishiki a ratings draw despite being on Fuji TV and essentially being a 3-hour long open discussion with non-tarento Tokyo University students. No other geinin today can do the same.

          • Bobson Dugnutt

            “the incompetent 7 of Shabekuri” 😂😂😂

    • Jemima Cassandra Suryatenggara

      I wonder if anyone here know Johnnys Junior group Sixtones (if anyone knew Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou dorama/movie)… They just covered SMAP – Battery with full English lyric with awesome pronunciation… Ugh Junior fandom are so interesting 😍 Raw talents everywhere with mostly their selfmade concepts & performances!

      【SixTONES】180209 ザ少年倶楽部-Battery UP主: 马猴烧酒ピピ美w

    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

      Is every writer on arama a male vocalist stan? recent news looks like every female vocalist xept kuu died

      • 773

        Female singers in decline imo

        • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

          this isn’t exactly breaking news, that doesn’t mean they’re all dead

      • Lack of interesting female vocalist news?

        • Not a solo act, but Glim Spanky’s pretty decent and they are doing quite well at the charts as well, still, I think there wasn’t ever a single post about them here.

      • Ryusenkai

        I do tend to prefer male vocalists, but there are a fair number of female singers who I do enjoy. Most of them tend to be older though (Takeuchi Mariya, Matsutoya Yumi, Nakajima Miyuki, etc.), so they release less frequently these days. Means there’s just less news to report on.

        • CyDo

          same lol. Plus, superfly (not that old but rarely releases things nowadays..) , Aikawa Nanase etc

    • airi

      Which is the most interesting jdrama which u guys r watching this season?

      • kunyit

        99.9 se 2

      • CyDo


      • Elodie Genia

        99.9sII and todome no kiss

      • CyDo

        Kimi Tsukami is also very good. Muro Tsuyoshi’s role is so funny

      • skias onar

        Definitely Unnatural.

        Todome no kiss is better than expected, too.

      • eplizo

        I surprisingly like Todome No Kiss lol.

      • Pathologist’s investigations


        MatsuJun’s role in 99.9 is getting really tiring. I don’t know why they give him so many smug and bullying roles. And Nana Eikura is not there anymore to counterbalance this unpleasant taste.

        • airi

          Is it!!!😳even I thought they could have just waited for her,fumino looks dull

          • Pathologist’s investigations

            I agree! I think they were too greedy. :/

      • monffee

        – momikeshite fuyu (cause i’m biased, but the show is good so far xD)
        – todome no kiss
        – kakegurui

    • Reileen

      So, since I’m into watching mystery/suspense movies lately, I just finished watching Ikari. And oh wow Tsumabuki Satoshi is so fab in his role.
      Any other mystery movies worth watching?

    • MomoHirai

      Twice is doing pretty good. Proud of them.

    • Dalooshe

      I rarely listen to Korean music but this has instantly became an obsession!

      • eplizo

        He’s so amazing. I have yet to dislike anything he’s put out. It’s a bless to have him, Crush, and Zion.T as active artists at the same time.

        • Dalooshe

          Have no idea who the other two are but if you say they’re a bless, I shall gladly check them out! Any recommendations?

          • gyunius potato


            Here is Zion T and Crush collab song

            • Dalooshe

              Wooo thanks!!

          • eplizo

            Both Crush and Zion.T were the lone two R&B stars before Dean popped up. Their music is just as amazing, and what I love is that they all have their own unique styles that distinctify themselves from one another. Crush is inspired by a lot of oldschool R&B, so he has the most decorated vocal arrangements. It’s heaven for my ears lol. Zion.T is more on the funk side of things (or was). Nowadays, he makes a lot more of R&B ballads, but his old work was heavily funk and R&B inspired. You MUSTTTTTT take a listen to both of their debut albums. Crush’s Crush On You album and Zion.T’s Red Light album. Both masterpieces. Oh and as Gyunius pointed out, they also collaborated before.



            • Dalooshe

              Exploration time :)) Thanks!

        • Lol

          Those three are my happy they came to my uni last year

    • yamakita

      I just watched Her Love Boils Bathwater. It’s a must-see. Six out of five tissues, although I used almost a box full.