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It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

      What was your favorite song in January?

      • hasawa

        I Don’t Like Mondays – “Shape of Love”

      • 773

      • King Hide

        not fan of them but i’ve been listening to this

    • gus

      ONE OK ROCK just wrapped their third Asia tour ever, they fill mostly 10k and 15k arenas. The Taipei one was even a 20k one.

      Which other current J artist could fill a 10k Arena outside Japan do you think?

      • Welp

        Arashi, maybe? Or 48 and LDH’s groups? OOR didn’t sell out all the venues but they’re probably the only new gen Japanese band who could have an arena tour atm. I’m MAD they didn’t include my country on the list. Ambitions was not great but I’m a Taka trash so idc.

        • King Hide


      • CyDo

        arashi and babymetal? Laruku? B’z?

      • It depends on which countries we talk about. From the ones mentioned by others, some might fill such capacity in Asia, but in EU / US? I think currently only Babymetal can do that nowadays.

        • fern

          Europe are small enough that artist like Arashi can easily fill in 10k arena. I think they can get 10k local audience in US too.

          • I think you have a misconception about the popularity level of Arashi (or Johnny’s groups in general) in Europe. Not a chance that they would fill a 10k place, unless some 5k (or even more) fans travel here for the show from Japan.

    • surfboardt

      Here before Ronald asks the Question of the Week? WELL IN THAT CASE…

      Question of the Week: Do you eat strawberries with condensed milk?

      • Guest

        No, but not because I’m a hateful netizen or a strawberry purist. I just don’t like condensed milk lol.

      • Totokoko

        No, but I want to try it now. It sounds delicious.

      • eplizo

        No. I hate condensed milk with a searing passion lol. They’re good with anything else imo tho like chocolate or even simple sugar. but I prefer them plain really lol.

      • Bobson Dugnutt

        No, I’ve never bought condensed milk before.

      • PigeonPop

        No. Condensed milk is a little too sweet for me so if I do have to add anything to them at all, cream will be my first choice.

      • ppfls

        I eat them with icing sugar.

      • HevRev

        Strawberries and cream while watching the tennis :)

      • BF&B

        I do!!! I have a sweet tooth so strawberries with condensed milk is one of my favorite dessert/snacks. I also eat condensed milk with another fruits and jelly.

      • I haven’t before, but now I want to.

    • AoZora

      Another high profile cheating news –

      I agree to Chiaki’s views that,Toyohara’s family was forced to stay low key and avoid media when Koizumi’s agency spread the false news that Toyohara is a divorcee to protect Koizumi’s image and that Toyohara never wanted to lie but had to succumb to pressure…. Also it seems that Toyohara has invested in Koizumi’s company Asatte….

      • yamakita

        Hmm I like them both. It’s too bad. It’s kinda ironic that Koizumi just wrapped up a drama about a woman scorned and her character was jailed for stabbing the cheating husband…

      • CyDo

        i was about to ask this lmao

    • Guest

      cool story bro: A Yahoo article early this year claimed Kyary was dating a rock band member, and fans of the guy’s band were actually wondering if it’s true.

      Meanwhile I thought he was going out with one of her fellow Asobi models. Their insta posts (/p/BXK48Mnjdp8/?taken-by=yurippa93 & /p/BXNhY5kDIKT/?taken-by=tatsuya_maki) furthered my hunch since you can see his reflection in the middle of her pic (yikes is this kpop-fan-level-analysis? lol).

      tbh this doesn’t prove anything – I’m just surprised I didn’t see his young fans mention anything.

    • CyDo

      Anyone has heard of KyonKyon (Koizumi Kyoko) quitting Burning Agency and admitting her affair with Toyohara Kousuke? What are ur opinions on that?

      • yamakita

        AoZora just posted about this! Too bad is the thought!

      • hasawa

        Like, isn’t getting divorce super easy in Japan? It just makes all those cheating affairs even worse.

        • AoZora

          imao,i think its not about divorce procedure… I think Toyohara has tried his best to get divorce,but there are alimony issues which both the people should agree on…

          here in India,it takes minimum of 6 months to divorce even if both the parties agree on divorce settlement.. The couple have to undergo mandatory counselling and only after 6 months,they can get a divorce… Although there is provision for fast track divorce under special circumstances.. Divorce is still frowned upon in india and re-marriages are not easy.. I think that has to do with religion and cultural belief.. In addition to this,the divorce proceeding/courts are excessively cumbersome..

          • hasawa

            Okay but those are Japanese people and I remember people saying divorce procedures in Japan were actually more smooth there.
            Divorce is NEVER easy anyway. This is something more people should think about before getting married.

            Honestly I don’t get the point of messing up so bad and betraying people just because you couldn’t afford waiting a few months to date someone..

            • AoZora

              Yes,divorce procedures in Japan are pretty smooth and can be obtained in a single day provided both the parties have agreed on alimony etc.. If the spouse is not happy about the settlement money offered,then filing for divorce can get delayed…

              You are right,he should have waited till he divorced his wife,,,,,,,, But then,if the marriage is already dead with legal formalities pending then,I think its ok to start dating … Koizumi is no stranger to such controversies.. She has already dated Kame when he was just 20 yr old while she was 40… At Least this time,she found someone closer to her age to date… I dont follow Toyohara much,not sure about him…

              • hasawa

                “But then,if the marriage is already dead with legal formalities pending then,I think its ok to start dating …”
                ONLY if the spouse (she was divorcing from) knew about the relationship. Is it the case here?

                • AoZora

                  no i think…

                • fern

                  On another case, you think Tokawa should know about Aoi’s affairs when she was already living separately from him?

                  • hasawa

                    Living separately from your spouse ≠ divorcing. In some countries, living with your spouse is not mandatory (ex. Swiss)
                    There’s nothing to excuse cheating (as far as a know, there are vows of fidelity during marriage) on someone just bc you couldn’t stand waiting a few months to finalize the procedure to get it on with someone else.
                    You wanted to get married? now you have to make up with the rules.

                • CyDo

                  Toyohara’s wife actually knew abt it since there were news about Kyonkyon dating Toyohara. The thing is… mass media (under a pressure by Burning as a damage-control) published that Toyohara has already divorced his wife… which isn’t actually the truth. That makes the whole thing even worse for the wife and their children (if they have?), actually. It’s like their presence is not being acknowleded at all. Their children suffers the most thou, we all know how bullying in Japan is like…

              • CyDo

                There are no excuse for affair. Period.

    • Momo

      Is there any news regarding Sota Fukushi dating the fashion blogger Misato? Any news from his camp? I heard the girl had to close her instagram account.

      • yamakita

        Thanks for the tip. Funny I’m watching his I have a Secret drama right now. They look cute together. If anything, his new hairstyle is more bothersome than his dating news.

    • I was wondering has anyone used the “Submit a Post” yet?