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It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: What do you want to see from Arama! Japan in 2017?

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

        more drama and garbage, and hope you mean 2018

      • Could you introduce Japanese dancers/choreographers too?

      • AkaneHaga

        i need coverage from variety show like what happend in mechaike/other show

      • CyDo

        less idols

      • pandaapple

        more gossip posts. maybe even dorama discussion posts

        • circe154

          Seconding this. Maybe articles about stuff from the 80s and 90s, since most of us weren’t around for it but it comes up a lot on variety shows (I think someone did a couple of these last year?).

      • AoZora

        more movie coverage… All the movie related news..

      • guest

        more idols (which does not mean less of anything else)
        generally more of everything that isn’t charts or watching posts

      • hasawa

        Maybe more video games, but the Japanese gaming industry (aside from major (old) series like Mario or Zelda) has been so underwhelming these last few years so I’m not sure if we can do anything about it actually lol

      • AramaJapan Reader

        – Less unfunny, rude jokes about artists and idols;
        – More and better content on funny things trending on Japanese online communities;
        – More and diverse content on less known or less talked about acts or music genres, variety shows, …
        – Profiles of some of the biggest acts – discography, reviews, their achievements, small facts, …

        There’s a blog that reviews new albums by various artists and some less known idol groups, by I don’t remember its name. A collaboration would be awesome.

        Is that page Arama Japan is creating on social media of actors and singers ready?

        I think that the fact that some or even most Japanese music fans here actually seem more informed on Japanese music and entertainment in general is a great way to promote Japanese music better. Cool Japan obviously failed because Japanese music is generally more focus on its own sounds on various genres and not just idol music like S.Korea’s Hallyu Wave. K-Pop fans insult Japanese music to the point they prefer badly pronounced Japanese versions of K-Pop songs.
        I don’t particularly care about the success of a “Cool Japan”, I just prefered to see more and better content.

        • AramaJapan Reader

          I wrote “Japanese music” so many times, but I just wanted to emphasize on how diverse it is. I really like sharing opinions on new artists here.

    • OMG I just finished watching US Nationals… Mirai almost made me cry.

      Ashley needs to retire NOW!

      • SlyMoonFox

        Is she ok?…

        • She was redeemed tonight! She was screwed out of her rightful spot on the 2014 Olympic team. Pretty much everyone gave up on her, but she kept going and she will probably be on the 2018 Olympic team for finishing second at US Nationals.

          • Bubbledin

            Wagner finished fourth place again. Who will be bumped for her this time?

            • Nobody should be bumped! If they bump Mirai or Karen Chen, US Figure Skating has a race problem on its hands for the second Olympics in a row. And it’s especially not a good look seeing as how like half of the girls skating for the US now are Asian. Asian participation is only growing.

              • yamakita
              • PigeonPop

                [Team’s officially Bradie, Mirai, Karen]
                Karen hasn’t been convincing at all this season, though–you follow the GP and other senior Bs like I do Ronald, you should know this all too well. Ashley’s resume this season isn’t as strong as it was during Sochi but she still at least can milk the PCS. Karen has neither–low PCS internationally and her strong jumping (at first glance) is hindered by the constant URs.

                In the end of the day, though, I don’t care for the American skating PR machine. All this artificial buzz over non-medal contenders (save for Nathan and Ice Dance) only during the Olympic season when we all know it’s really about Team Russia, Japan, Canada, and Carolina Kostner. The American ladies are so transition-less with weaker basic skating–I have to side-eye all the casual fans who seriously think that Mirai and Karen have high artistic merit.

                • People thought Karen would rise to the occassion after becoming US champion, but she didn’t. And honestly, what does US champion mean in today’s skating world? Lower end of the top 10 at best.

                  The USFSA couldn’t let Ashley go again despite placing in 4th because it would be a huge PR problem.

                  Mirai’s track record internationally isn’t as bad as Karen’s.

                  Yes, there is only buzz now because of the Olympics. This whole “America going for the gold” thing is really bizarre if you actually follow skating. The only one really going for the gold is Nathan Chen. He should’ve been the only one in the commercials for the Olympics and the only getting endorsements. He’s the only world caliber the skater the US has and this has been the case for years.

                  Are the Russians even going? I don’t see the Japanese ladies coming into play really unless the Russians don’t go. I do see Canada and Carolina in the mix though. Maybe even an American.

                  The US media is quite realistic about how an American woman probably won’t make the podium at the Olympics. They see how badly American women do internationally and for the past few years. They’re actually looking into the why as well. Even Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are doing this during their commentary and interviews. They talk about how different the Russian system is compared to the American one. About how the Russians just go for it as soon as they can while the US just wants to do things gradually. But then they also say this is why you have Russian girls burning out after a few season, but you can have an American girl go for a decade. Mirai went to the Olympics in 2010 and Ashley almost did, but the careers of Sochi’s Russian stars, Adelina Sotnikova and Yulia Lipnitskaya, are over.

                  • PigeonPop

                    The general impression I’m getting from the Russian camp is that they are indeed going. If anything, the recent doping scandal is giving their athletes (at least, their skaters anyway) more incentive than usual to prove themselves. The only question mark at this point is whether Evgenia will recover in time.

                    I’m surprised you see an American in the mix but not Satoko or Kaori–both have proven their consistency and have much better average scores internationally.

                    I think I already praised Tara and Johnny for being level-headed compared to past commentators like Scott Hamilton, Sandra Bezic etc. They actually compliment the Russian system and study the IJS instead of complaining about it like most of the American media. The observation of American girls having longevity is one I do not fully agree with, however–Mirai and Ashley’s generation (alongside Caroline Zhang and Rachel Flatt) were special in their own right and had short bursts of international success. I don’t see that motivational drive with the younger American girls who are utterly outclassed on the junior circuit.

                    • And now we have an Ashley Wagner situation on the men’s side! And speaking of the US men, this video so odd:

                      • PigeonPop

                        Adam and his consistent negative GOE 4Lz<< is officially in.

                      • As he should be.

          • SlyMoonFox

            She was so proud of herself it was really touching. Glad she showed everyone what she could do.

    • hasawa

      Just taking out some time to wish everyone (a bit late) a happy new year 2018
      If you could sum up the last year, how would you describe 2017?
      For me, 2017 has been all about H E A L I N G.
      2016 has been in many aspect an EXTREMELY mentally draining and exhausting year to the point of questionning my own willingness to keep on living. Nothing is worse than realizing that something you THOUGHT was meant for you is actually not, and despite your many and constant efforts for doing well and make it right, it will NEVER be enough… You loose are your goals because suddenly, you feel like you can’t even trust yourself anymore (because if what you deeply thought was good for you is actuall not, what do you actually know about yourself?). Failing HARD about something you thought was made for you is probably one of the worst feeling…
      Long story short, I somehow I made it to 2017 and my 3 months volunteering mission in Africa has been a life changing experience that helped healing my mental and emotional struggle, along with developping and brand new outlook in Life. I’m feeling also more comfortable with my Blackness and the feeling with reconnecting with my roots was a feeling that I never exerienced before and healed my Soul on an unexpected level.
      I’m still far from being where I want to be, but I’m so glad for everything 2017 taught me, and more importantly that maybe my existence is not wasted and that I am not useless.
      My key word for this upcoming year is FAITH : regarding all the
      incredible events & magical timing that happened to me that last few
      months (just after coming back from Africa), I am deeply glad for
      staying alive and reaping all the ‘karmic seeds’ of my efforts (that I will make sure to pursue even further this year).
      I joined Arama around 1 year ago (January 2016 – I bumped
      into on old ass post of mine talking about this in my tumblr archive lol) and even though
      I’m far from being the most active contributor, writing for this website
      helped me breaking away from depression, and seeing people enjoying
      reading my articles has been some sort of moral backing since I made me like like maybe I wasn’t a worthless piece of sh*t.
      THANK YOU. (I will do my best to be more active this year!)
      I’m still fighting on a daily basis against all sort of sorts but what I’d like to share is that you can ALL make it. Of all the time I told to myself ‘that’s it. that’s ver. I’ll never make it. My Life is done, wasted and I’m better end it here’ I’m still here and so everyone can.
      Wishing yall the for 2018 Hope, Faith and Love. Happy New Year Everyone.

      • CyDo

        meh. 2016 was better.

      • rshina

        my 2017 was also a nice year. I got a chance to get a nicer work place, and my mother always looks happy. I hope this year will be better than last year 😄😄

      • SlyMoonFox

        2016 was meh for the first half and for the other half it was bad (thanks anxiety). I thought it couldn’t get worse but 2017 was shit. Hopefully I find the courage in 2018 to slap my anxiety out of the way.

      • Hoping this year will be an even greater year for you. ^^; I dont know I had it in me to do such a long months of volunteering work like you but it surely an inspirational to follow the same footstep.

        My life has been blessed so far as my work is great and everything seemed to be fine. But this year, I feel like I want to step out from my comfort zone and ask for more work from my boss. I might regret it later but I feel like its better to move on rather than just be happy with how the things are at the moment. I dont know when I will take my PHD though since I still feel like lazying around doing nothing everytime I come back home from work. :P

      • AoZora

        wishing you a happy new year too :)

        @2017 was a better year than 2016… The news around the world was more depressing… Everywhere hate,violence,intolerance and what not,.. Expecting 2018 to be a peaceful year….

    • AoZora
      • yamakita

        The first video: I love how that guy lets himself age gracefully. Have you seen how he used to look like in the 80s? Now he looks like a crazy old man, but I like it! And the song is surprisingly good. I didn’t expect much during the intro, but it got good!

      • light

        Face Down is so good, they should perform it again at least for tv specials. They all look good in this perf, too bad that Nino was actually injured (if it wasn’t for reports maybe i wouldn’t even have noticed).

        • AoZora

          The PV was bland, the dance steps here are good.. Song is catchy :)

        • Bobson Dugnutt

          What was his injury?

          • light

            He hurt his leg during movie filming. The girls in the audience said the other members had to help him doing the few steps up the stage and when they played another song during the cm Aiba was holding him up.
            They changed the part of the choreo where they go down on a knee, Nino and Ohno didn’t do it.

            • Bobson Dugnutt

              Oh wow. I can’t even tell in the performance. I don’t get how dancers and athletes can perform with injuries.

              • light

                The only part where i can kinda see it is at 1:23, in the background, he looks like he is dragging his leg while moving to the front.

        • I love Face Down. This time is such a golden era for Arashi. All of them look super good and Jun is extra like he always has. :P

    • Okay, is anyone here watched Ayase Haruka’s latest drama Okusama wa, Tori Atsukai Chui? I need to discuss the ending with someone lol.

      • yamakita

        Not me… The first episode with her speaking Chinese lost me :D

        I’m watching Prison Princess though. It’s quite good!

        • lol its only that one little scene (luckily!). XD

          But the drama is surprisingly interesting. Esp the relationship between her and the hubby (he is sooooo sweet totally a dream husband lol). And the secret later involving her hubby. And I didnt know Ayase Haruka can fight. Its pretty tame but still, she’s doing all the moves herself.

      • Rose

        I watched it and I enjoyed it among other doramas in that season.
        The ending was like typical japanese dorama, not clear(?) – sorry, I don’t know how to say it in english.
        But I think, it is because they will continue it in movie. So, I think the story will be more clear in movie. Can’t wait to watch the movie!

        • Himi Tsu

          Hope for a movie too!

        • My take on the ending is that while having the last fight against all those bad guys, Nami realised something she never did before. Its not the warm home or someone that she love is waiting for her when she comes back but she realised that she wants something more. We never get to know what is that as she never said it but it was somehow implied with the ending. It is shown that she wants exactly that (warm and happy family) plus the thrill that her husband gave her. That is why she looked sad when the house is empty but turned around with a big smile on her face when she realised that her husband, after all didnt leave home like he said earlier and was waiting for her to come home. And when he hold up the gun and pointed it out at her, she continue to smile since that is exactly that; the thrill and unexpected turn of event that he gave her. That is why she ended the drama with a monologue; ‘As I knew it, I love that person’. Her husband has said earlier that he and her friends are only secondary characters for her but after the fight, she knew it wasnt the case.

          I think the husband is not pointing out the gun to her but instead to the people behind her since after all, he did received the call after she left home and he probably wanted to protect her from his top management who ordered for her to be captured. Cant wait for the movie tho ^^;

    • Eris_03

      I was scanning the year-end charts from 2007,and KAT-TUN was actually in the top 5 of best-selling artists that year. Makes me wonder what would have happened if they stayed together. They had so much potential.

      On another note, who would have that Kanjani8 would become the most popular in the You&J groups (KAT-TUN, NEWS and Kanjani8)? They were basically given the step-sister treatment back then LOL. I can see them going the Tokio route 😂

    • usou

      Can;t believe nobody posted this yet



      • It was was posted in the post about that.

    • AramaJapan Reader

      Happy New Year!
      I hope this year is specially important for everyone to stop bad habits, focus on improving ourselves physically and mentally, forgiveness for our mistakes and understand that you can improve and be a better, healthier person.

      What are the most important features in the artists and/or idols you like, love and/or inspire you? Charismatic features, charming personality, cute, independent, polite, respectful… ? There’s no right answer as long as they aren’t known for bad things.