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It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

      anyone stan loona???

      • pandaapple

        Yes!! Eclipse and singing in the rain are my fav songs!

      • MomoHirai

        I am waiting until their debut before stanning them but they are great so far.

    • Question of the week: What are your hopes, dreams, and fears for Japanese entertainment in 2018?

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

        Hopes: no artists I like go on sony – Fears: artist I like goes on sony – dreams: sony realizes it’s 2018 and makes all their content available worldwide

      • AoZora

        Hopes: Johnny’s and aki-p get caught by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission

        Dreams: artists and idols can freely work without being controlled by their agencies… Also want their content to be more accessible to international fans

        Fears: The talent agency mafia manage to escape from Japan’s Fair Trade Commission’s clutches

      • hasawa

        More male celebs keeping their d*cks in their pants and less cheating.
        Musically wise : a revival of the J-rock scene and I Don’t Like Mondays not being slept on anymore.

        • MRA

          Lmao. AKFG not relevant? Instead of those many “Non talented”, “face only” so called idols, Bands like AKFG, UVERworld, OOR are the only ones who are keeping pride of Japanese music industry and making it more and more popular. And you want them to disband?? Sometimes you should better think more, if you have something called brain

          • hasawa

            I really don’t get why you brought up idols to compare those rocks bands with when I said approved elsewhere on this thread that the JE scene needed less of them… so much for talking about using your brain lol But I guess I shoudn’t even try to argue any further with someone who consider those bands as the only one to keep up the pride of Japanese music…. *shudders*
            Sstop being so fucking extra and defensive about any random shit said about your fave. They’ve been mine too. I’m just being real

      • Urara Kasugano

        hopes: companies stop being d***heads and start putting Music videos on YouTube.
        dreams: E-girls, happiness, generations, rampage, j soul brothers to get fame worldwide
        fears: groups disbandment

      • Just Tim

        Hopes: Perfume, performing in Madison Square Garden on the girls’ own terms; just straight up cash, no involvement of James Dolan’s house band

        Dreams: AVEX’s US office, becoming active for once (read: releasing material from their artists and more of their own music acts, touring the US). King Records have no official presence in the USA as far as I know, yet Momoiro Clover Z AND AKB48 did visit Los Angeles during this decade alone.

        Perfume concert in 2018.

        Fears: Perfume, getting suckered by OK Go.

        • Bobson Dugnutt

          Hopes: Perfume, performing in Madison Square Garden on the girls’ own terms; just straight up cash, no involvement of James Dolan’s house band

          lol does Dolan impose his band on acts that perform there?

      • Enes Eryigit

        Hopes : less 48/46 groups, exile tribe and johnnys in the spotlight and more bands, singer/songwriters.
        Dream: shin domoto kyoudai coming back. Good comedians coming up and not one tricks also less naked comedy.
        Fears: same type of stuff keeping popular.

        • hasawa

          “Hopes : less 48/46 groups, exile tribe and johnnys in the spotlight and more bands, singer/songwriters.” APPROVED.

        • Bobson Dugnutt

          “Good comedians coming up and not one tricks also less naked comedy.”

          That ain’t ever gonna happen but it’s to dream, isn’t it?

      • King Hide

        just watched this video and this is my true fear for japanese entertainment in 2018, hope they stop with this Kpop wannabe rap, but truly learn from real American rap/hiphop scene

        • yamakita

          That video intro is literally creepy, forget about everything else. If I’m one of those two little kid and a greased up, bare-chested thug with a baseball bat coming toward me, I would pee my pants and cry for my parents. Who in their right mind thinks this image is cool ?!?!

          • King Hide

            they probably thought this was cool then they recreated with another shitty scenes

        • WTF is this?

          • King Hide

            “ELLY has a high sense of Hip-Hop style. Not only his acting fits the concept, but the guest collaboration makes Crazyboy’s identity more appealing. Kenjiro-san’s act reflects his truly hilarious self. Damn! He made it too well. Yurino and Anna are cheerful and confident. They make the PV scenes brighter. I couldn’t love this PV more!”

    • pandaapple

      Where do y’all watch subbed variety or is that nonexistent? I tried going to the old livejournals I used to use for arashi content but most of the links are dead :/

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai


      • Lol

        Arashi on on lj or arashi off at dw

    • Ryuu

      Will there be a live stream from you guys for NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen this year also?

      • Defintely. If the stream dies, we always have a bunch of backups in Discord.

    • I’m literally pulling at my hair in amazement:

      • yamakita

        Is this a cover?

        • It’s a TK original.

    • – the new PV of STU48 got down voted
      – this forced the management to reupload it
      – the reupload got down voted hard too

      • Well does anyone want this? Nobody even wants NGT48. All the 48s minus AKB have been dropped from pretty much every year end show.

      • The song isn’t that bad imo. Why so much hate?

      • King Hide

        i read the comments the dislikes came from international 46 fans, is it true and why? lol

      • monica_monami

        Why the hate though. The song is quite okay.

        • i see that everyone is just guessing or blaming others. :p
          although, there are definitely people out there who are bringing the video down. there must be something.

          Rlirl’s youtube comment is kinda useful, i guess:
          “My only source is Based on it Yes they are surprised, but they a bit more versatile. Aside of sakamichi fans [Nogi/Keyakizaka46] they blame NGT, HKT, foreigners, stu wota, song itself, and even management wwww. But again looks like STU is less popular than I expected so there is not much fuss about it.”
          youtube .com/watch?v=wTHJ_V96lFQ&lc=z22bj3p4sw2itzi05acdp434yvhjv2pvi3ihqo4o3r5w03c010c.1514639792763901

          also, the first version of the PV had the girls riding bikes on the wrong side of the road, or something simple stupid thing like that and apparently some Japanese people didn’t like that. now it’s removed :’)

      • Diego

        I feel they’re trying to push these new 48 groups by giving them songs that sound more like Nogizaka46 and I’m not sure that’s a good idea…

      • CyDo

        Get ur facts right. I’m not even fan and I know this lol. They took down the video because there was a scene where they rode a bicycle. That lane was a one-way street, but they went against the supposed direction, so it’s against the law technically.

        • i’ve already mentioned it in my other comment. read.
          also, this doesn’t explain in anyway why the new version is still getting dislikes and the existence of hate groups.

    • Sally drew on her body parts and it didn’t come off.
      #importantNews lol

    • AkaneHaga

      wondering what you fill in comedian and variety show section on arama pre award

      • Blouson Chiemi

        Her skit went through the j entertainment world in 2017 like a wildfire.
        The best one with Ashida Mana:

        :’D icry