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It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: In light of the m-flo news, are there any other acts you would like to see reunited?

      • Bobson Dugnutt

        They disbanded recently, but REOL.

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai


      • hasawa


      • D&D! (Actually not really true, their short career was perfect the way it was, but still, a reunion show or something would be lovely. But of course it will not happen.)

      • Mr.Taxi™


      • circe154

        Morning Musume circa 2000.

    • Ben_thecoolhobo

      Will Ayu ever regain her popularity?

      • Mr.Taxi™


        • Ialy

          Sad but true

      • circe154

        Nope. Her recent tv appearances and publicizing her personal life have pretty much killed any interest the public has in her as a nostalgia act as well.

    • Asha

      The twitter spat between some BTS fans and JE fans was amusing.

      • Bobson Dugnutt

        Do you have a link?

      • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

        >Implying JE fans get on the internet.

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

        13 year olds on 37 year olds fighting

      • angel223_

        lol! +111111
        I enjoy reading it tho.

      • rshina

        what?what happened?

      • Lol

        The JE fans who got triggered really act immature too lol

      • trufax

        Im on BTS stan twitter 24/7 and i didnt know this happened. Context?

    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

      make an account now so you have it ready for any future stream chats

    • Diego

      What do you guys think about 2017 in the J-pop scene? The year is coming to an end and I feel it’s been one of the weakest years in a long time. There haven’t been many big hits and those few aren’t too memorable…

      • About two years ago I had a feeling that the whole JPop industry might be at the brink of a huge change… and I actually still feel that way, but it is happening way too slowly. Compared to the total JE / AKB (and all-the-other-acts-that-sound-like-something-from-10/20-years-ago) dominance we had a few years ago we have a lot more interesting acts to choose from nowadays, but still, except the LDH acts they don’t really seem to be able to make it really big or at some cases (*cough* FEMM *cough*) the producers don’t really seem to know what to do with the acts.

        Fortunately the rest of the Japanese music scene is alive and well, with an incredible amount of excellent bands and releases, but 2017 for the mainstream JPop was… not bad, but not too good either and definitely less revolutionary than it should have been.

        • hasawa

          What about the Rock or Electronic scene? Both look so dead atm.. :-/

          • Really?

            • hasawa

              I can’t possibly think of any compelling Rock of Electronic act that ever came out these last years

              • You gotta look more into the underground, that’s where the really great things happen.

                • hasawa

                  I actualy did but like I said, didn’t find any compelling artist yet… Matter of taste I guess. I know a lot of people praised DAOKO along with a bunch of other indie electro acts since a while (Izumi Macra, immi, etc) but their music always came off flat for me. The 00s were definitively the golden age of J-Rock and J-Electro imo

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

        I thought 2017 was pretty good

      • This year got better towards the end but I’m still underwhelmed by it all. It’s on par with last year for me.

    • Higuchi Ai
      i’m interested.


    • idol stuff from this year,

      9nine – SunSunSunrise
      the instrumental version of this is really great. produced by Trevor Horn (look him up) so it’s not a typical 9nine release.

      the second half m/

    • hasawa

      A lot of people bitched about the poor-taste Office Kiko micro shorts but I’m very fond of this cropped jacket / mini skirt denim ensemble
      Overall this collection is not as catastrophic as what the basic ass sweatshirts released earlier seemed to foreshadow. The “90s girlism” inspiration reminds me A LOT of UNIF though – I wonder how they feel about that since Kiko was their muse/spokeperson only a few months ago….

    • PigeonPop

      Might as well throw this in here for those that missed it.
      ~Shogi legend Hifumi Kato with Morning Musume ’17 on FNS~

    • i feel like BABYMETAL just disappeared
      – the hype is not there which is good and expected.
      – after their first album, they couldn’t come up with something equally great. they just started producing music fast to have something new for their festival performances, to be able to ride the hype a little longer.

      i don’t think Babymetal was relevant in 2017, i wouldn’t go and try to ask Japanese people about them now but anyways, this video helps to put Babymetal into context.